360° Quest


My mom and dad met here in this chapel room. Papa used to tell me, Mommy had pretty blonde hair and the clearest blue eyes. She looked like an angel, papa didn't believe there was such a woman on earth. They fell in love. And kept meeting each other in the chapel.

Mommy was a kindhearted lady, she loved God more than anything and loved papa just as much. Papa loved her back. Soon enough, they were married in this same chapel. They took their picture in front of their secret place. Grandmother was pleased to have papa as a son, and so was grandfather.

It wasn't the typical Romeo Juliet love story. Papa, even though he was a normal worker, still loved mama and mama's parents accepted him. Mommy was actually a very rich lady. So when they were married, papa was asked to take over their hospitals.

They were married for a few years, and they still didn't have a baby. Mommy prayed and prayed hard to God who she loves so much. And soon enough, I was born. We were all happy together. I had the same beautiful blonde hair as mama's, papa said to me once. But I had papa's proud and gentle face, mama told me as well. I was so happy whenever we had teatime together. Even though papa was always busy with work, he still played with me and mama.

All of us were so happy and when I just turned four, mama was shot. Papa was so sad, and cried when mama died. It was the first time I've seen papa so lost. His eyes were so blank and he stared into space. He couldn't even remember who I was when he saw me.

Mama told me that she was happy. She was going to meet Mama Mary. I tried very hard not to cry when mama left me. Whenever someone asked me if I was sad, I tell them 'no, mama is happy. And so am I'. But at night I cry and pray to God like she tells me to.

Me and papa rarely have teatime anymore. We say hello and tell each other how our days went. We never see each other, but at breakfast and dinner times. I never see him smile either. And when I saw him bring a lady home, I was angry. I slept without blowing the candle off. And the mansion burnt. I went inside to save my picture of mama and papa. But it was so black and dark, I couldn't breathe or see anything and I fell.

I remember seeing a kind lady with wings. Beautiful white wings with soft feathers and a gentle smile. She made me laugh and smile. She led me out of the smoke to a place where I could breathe. And papa and the lady brought me to the hospital. When I woke up, I was holding the picture of mama and papa in my hands.

"Now papa is married to the lady he brought with him that night. She is nice to me and pretty. She has nice smelling brown hair. But she isn't as pretty as mommy is." Laura was sitting beside Maia eating sandwiches she had brought with her. Maia and Laura met everyday since they met and were becoming very good friends, fast.

Maia's two kittens, Sil and Go, followed her everywhere. And they looked forward to playing with Laura everyday. Laura loves kittens and loved Sil and Go very much. Sil was a pretty silver colored kitten, Laura tied a pink ribbon around her neck so she wouldn't get lost. Go was an orange colored kitten with a blue ribbon (similar to Sil's) around his neck.

"Sil looks like a wolf and Go looks like a mini tiger if you ask me." Riche told Maia, he was floating lazily in the air. His hat shading the light from his eyes. "Who asked you anyway." Maia told him. "Hmm?" Laura asked Maia, she was scratching Go who came over to play. "Nothing." Maia told her. "Do you even have time to stay here and chat? Besides, you haven't made any progress at all!" Riche told her, holding up an empty vial in front of her face. Sil and Go were running around the chapel, rolling over each other.

Since Riche is an angel and many ordinary people cannot see angels (and demons) Maia has to pretend she cannot see or hear an annoying teenage French playboy who is floating around her everyday. And it's hard to think when you know he can read your mind easily. Plus the freeloader keeps eating her food. He was a freaky stalker. Even in her sleep Riche was there sleeping in the corner Maia told him to stay in. Every time Maia needed to shower, Riche was to be tied and gaged forcefully.

"Do you like this woman?" Maia asked Laura, not minding Riche. Laura though for a while, "I never actually talked to her yet. She looked friendly, I see her talk with the children at the hospital where papa works. And everyone says she is a nice person." Laura tells her, eating another sandwich. "I don't really want to talk to her. I haven't spoken to papa properly since then." She tells Maia, avoiding her gaze. "Do you miss your mommy?" Maia asked her.

The two were close, almost enough as you could call them sisters. They chatted about the smallest things to the things bothering them most. But this was a bit too touchy. "No." She responded. "If mommy's happy, so am I." Laura's eyes were sad and cloudy, the blue and clear eyes were suddenly filled with mystery like she was in a far and distant place where Maia's arms cannot reach.

"Her eyes." Maia whispered. Sil and Go were walking ahead of them, chasing a butterfly. Riche floated and asked her, "Huh?" "Nothing." She looked away. Thinking about the new friend who held so much sadness in her. Laura's gaze filled the air with tension. Somewhere deep in that stare, she is fighting the force telling her to give up. She's struggling and resisting so much, Maia wants to jump in to save her, but she can't. She couldn't.

"Hello madame Laurence." A big gruff man greeted the small girl in the front door. Laura's dress was pink and frilly, just the way she liked it. "Don't call me madam." She would respond the usual greeting. "Yes madam." The man agreed as if he understood, but clearly didn't. "Where have you been, Laurence. Would you like to join your father and I for some tea?" A lady-like voice greeted Laura. "Good afternoon Mrs. Erra. Thank you for the offer, but I am not very hungry right now. Pardon me please." Laura told her in her most polite manner, and walked up the stairs to her room.

Mrs. Erra was troubled. She loved Richard very much. She was happy to finally be of help to many children. Mrs. Erra had a rough childhood in the orphanage. But when she left for college she returned often to help the children. She loved kids very much. And was excited to finally meet a man like Richard. She wanted to have a family of her own for quite a long time. But was slightly troubled when she found out he had a child. Laura looked very cute and polite, though the little girl was furious when they were introduced to each other. Mrs. Erra was worried when the fire started, she rushed to look for Laura, but she wasn't of much help then. Despite what had happened, Mrs. Erra was determined to be friends with her. And still tries her best.

"So why do you come to the chapel everyday?" Maia asked Laura. This question had been in her mind for a while, like an idea at the tip of your tongue, she just didn't think it was important to ask. "Shouldn't I ask the same thing?" Laura told her, putting Go down. "Answer a question with a question….." Maia trailed off. Laura was used to her friend's strangeness. So it didn't seem too strange for her to say something like that.

"So why are you here?" Maia asked again, more forceful this time. Laura was also used to her stubbornness, it was something they both had in common. She sighed, "Because mommy might come back." She told Maia. "Mommy might remember that papa was waiting for her here, so she might have come by to check." Laura said, avoiding her gaze. Maia stared at her, Maia's face not showing any emotion.

"Her mom is definitely happy in heaven. So what she's saying is that she might have come back down to meet Laura's father." Riche told no one in particular. He liked hearing himself talk. But in truth he was saying this so Maia would realize it sooner. "I know Riche. You don't need to tell me" Maia said. They walked out of the Chapel first.

Maia's mind wandered while her feet led her away. She thought back to her friend she left, waiting for her mother that may never return. Maia bumped into two familiar friends.

"And this Laura girl never told you how rich and powerful her father is?" Leader was walking with Maia around the park. Kai was playing with Sil and Go, the three were getting along famously. Maia shook her head. Leader thought, "Well I guess you never knew that her father is actually the president of about 39 different hospitals all over Europe and Asia. And about a hundred more around the globe." Kai told her in his most annoying know-it-all way he does. Maia hit him in the head.

"No I didn't." She looked at Leader, waiting for his response. "Well, it's nice of you to get along with other people." Alex smiled at her. Maia like it when Leader smiled at her.

Leader was always so kind to everyone, so reliable and he trusted her. Something no one has done for a long time. He pulled her out of the pit of despair where she lived in eternal darkness. She wouldn't admit it openly, but Maia has a small crush on him. But she liked teasing (more of bullying) Martha and Leader. They were the parents of their 'family'.

All these thoughts ran by Maia's head, quick as lightning. She thought Riche hadn't heard her, but ("damn French Playboy") he did. Riche floated over her and Leader while they walked around. He looked at her like he finally found her secret. Riche wore his stupid looking face and followed them, stifling a laugh. Maia gave him a smack on the head, which made Alex worry a little.

Laura was running towards home, rain spluttering out from the gray clouds. Just a few minutes ago, the sun was shinning and the skies were clear. Now the sky cried like it just lost its friend.

She was too worried about getting her picture and new dress wet to notice some strange men following her. These were some drunk men who were kicked out of their apartments because they failed to pay their bills. Their mothers let them freeze in the rain and storm, they stayed at their sister's place. But they were soon kicked out there too.

So all lost and living a life with no roof above their heads, they did dirty deeds and jobs that we're beyond teachings of the Church. Laura's mommy always told Laura to stay away from people who are dangerous. Not to talk to strangers, and to be aware of old men. Laura always listened to her mommy, but she wondered why mommy still helped the old men and children who were out on the streets.

Laura always asked herself why they looked so beautiful and so radiant when they smiled. Whenever mommy helped so others, they looked so happy and at ease. She wanted to make people feel that way. But when she tried giving some of her lunch to an old man, he just glared at her and reached up to her with a burnt and crooked hand, she ran away crying. It was as if mommy had the power to bring out the kindness in people, she loved mommy.

These men had little kindness left in them. All left and abandoned. All hope and dreams lost and gone. Drifting into the endless abyss. The devil has already taken their hearts and demons were already in control of their minds. They were hungry for something to grasp, a dream to live for. Their lives were full of empty promises. And they found their new target. Laura.

"Hey Kai!" Leader was yelling and running around, looking for the trouble making Kai. "Where are you, you little brat!" Martha was yelling in the alley where he usually slept in the afternoon. "Hey Leader! Martha!" he ran towards the two who were starting to wonder where he went.

"Hey Kai! Where've you been? Its your turn to buy the meal today! Did you forget?" Martha was laughing and making fun of him at the same time. "No-" Kai told them, panting hard. Immediately Leader's smile vanished, "What's wrong Kai?" "I just saw the chapel where Maia always goes to." Kai said, his voice almost shaking. "What is it Kai? Spit it out!" Martha said, her hands on her hips. "Maia was kidnapped!" Kai managed to get out.

The three ran as if their lives depended on it. Soon they were in the most crowded part of the city and they took for the alleys and ran on the rooftops. They finally reached the top of the hill and stormed through the chapel doors.

All they saw was a 13-year old brunette who was staring at the statue by the altar. A silver kitten running around and exploring new parts of the chapel. Riche was on guard holding his sword he called for. "Stand back Maia!" He yelled until he saw the people who came through. "Leader." Maia turned to the entry. "Maia." Leader stood there hunched, panting hard. "Mai!" Kai and Martha collapsed on the floor, both gasping for air.

"Maia.." Leader looked up at the girl who stood up. "I'm sorry Mai." Kai looked at Maia, trying to find her eyes. "I didn't know that the girl in the bag was Laura." Kai's voice cracked, trying to find the right words to say. "I-" Martha squeezed his lips shut. "It's alright Kai." Maia walked out of the doors, Riche and Sil running after her.

"Maia are you okay?" Riche asked her worried, "Riche." She said. "Can you track down Laura's home?" Riche smiled. "Leave that up to me!" He flew higher. Riche's wings spread out and he closed his eyes. For the first time, Maia noticed a small gold ring hovering above the head of Riche. The halo glowed and disappeared. "Follow me!" He pointed over and flew above Maia. Maia nodded and ran, carrying Sil in her arms.

"Who is that girl talking to?" Martha crossed her arms a worried look on her face. "Who knows." Alex shrugged. Kai stood there searching at the sky, "No clue."

The three friends found themselves in front of a huge mansion, a huge iron gate blocked their way. "Hey you! No pets allowed." A big guard in a neatly pressed uniform walked up to them pointing to Sil who was lying comfortably in Maia's arms. "Where is she?" Maia grabbed the guards' shirt and looked him in the eye. "Hey hands off! I'm sorry but I need to ask you to leave." He told her, a bit scared. "Laura! Where is she!" Maia yelled again. "Hey I need back up here." The guard talked to his black walkie talkie. "Forget it." She shoved him down.

"HEY! You can't climb up there." He yelled up to Maia who was already at the top of the gate. "Laura's not in there." Riche told, flying beside her. "I know." Her eyes were cold and far off. "Sil. Stay there girl." Maia looked back to her cat who was already through the gate. "Okay, Riche guard Sil." She ordered her angel. "What? So now I'm a cat sitter?" He sighed and picked Sil up who meowed happily.

Maia dodged the guards who came out to meet her. They were dressed in black with dark sunglasses and with a strange earpiece. "We found the kidnapper!" What kidnapper? Maia tackled them and kicked effortlessly. She grabbed one by the shirt and demanded, "Where is Laura!?" Maia's eyes flared red and a chill ran through the guard's spine. "We don't know. She was taken yesterday. We received a ransom note telling madam to prepare 50 million dollars, if we call the police they'll drown Mistress Laura." Maia wasn't satisfied. "We're planning a rescue party now." "Where!" She gripped his shirt tighter. "In the main building! Madam is heading the operation as we speak!"

Maia left him to gasp for air, she dashed straight for the building. "This way!" Riche guided her, flying ahead. Don't worry Laura, I'll save you.

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