360° Quest

"Where is this Madam Erra! Come out now!" Maia kicked down the expensive looking double doors and the whole room was staring at her. "Who are you?" An old man with a mustache stood up from their long desk. "Where is she?" Maia demanded again. "I am sorry, we are in the middle of an important meeting! We must ask you to leave before we call security." Another woman stood up and calmly asked Maia. "Securit-" the old man with the mustache called but was stopped. The man at the head of the table held up his hand.

"Richard." The whole room quieted. Even Maia stood still. He had a gentle face. A face with the lines showing the pain and sadness, hiding for years and years.

"You're Laura's father." She whispered. "That I am, who are you?" He asked her politely. "Why aren't you with your wife! This Erra lady? Why aren't you doing everything in your power to help your daughter!? She's been kidnapped and you act like it's the least interesting thing to happen! You have all the money in the world! You have everything you could possibly want! WHY?" she yelled, angry.

The man's face looked startled. "What Laura is…"

Faces and pictures of all her friends who have died in countless street fights. The sad eyes of her dear mother. The smile of her brother. She never realized. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. "You don't care what happens to Laura? You heartless Bastard!" Hot tears fell and landed quietly on the carpet. Riche dragged her out of the room.

Maia was running, the wind cooling her tears. By the time she kicked down the next door, her eyes were dry.

"You can't keep me in here forever!" Laura sat there, yelling and kicking. She was tied to a chair, Laura was used to people targeting her. So this wasn't anything new. Usually she would end up unscathed. By some great miracle, she was be able to see the next sunrise. Only now, she was wet and her dress was muddy and dirty. Luckily she hid her picture in her pocket so they wouldn't steal it from her. Right now it gave her a hope and comfort.

Laura heard a faint meow behind her. "If you do anything to Go I will murder you!" She glared at the group of thugs who turned to face her. "Oh you mean that stupid cat?" a man who's face looked like a pig, a very ugly pig, laughed. "We think it would enjoy making friends with the dogs." Stick man in the corner answered her. "Shut Up!" Laura could hear Go, he was meowing and wondering why the world was so dark.

"Let him go you stupid idiots! Its animal cruelty! And its kidnapping!" She snapped. "You pathetic bunch of failures! I bet your mommies never wanted you in her house so she kicked you out! Let me out of here you morons!" Laura struggled with all her might. A stupid bastard came and hit Laura in the face. Her eyes started tearing, but she refused to cry.

Another thing Maia and Laura had in common, well until Laura's mom died, was they both had a pretty sharp tongue when they needed it. A purple bruise forming on the small cheek of Laura.

"Quiet down little lady." A scary looking man with black shades that glinted dangerously, crouched down, eye level to Laura. "Once mommy gives us the 50 million dollars, you'll be free to go home." Laura could see a glint of light from the sleeves of the man's 'friend' "And sleep peacefully." He smiled cruelly. Laura gulped and shrank back. "Forever."

Maia ran hard through the doors to the end of the hallway. Riche floated beside her, Sil in his arms. "Where is she?" Maia grabbed the jacket of the big gruff bodyguard who got knocked down. "Where is Laura!" She yelled. A lady was sitting down and listening to a set of headphones connected to a machine device. "Send parties over to Streets A and C. And keep me posted on the street B, make sure to scan every part of it! Not one rock left unturned!" The lady's voice was stern and commanding.

Despite the room being so well furnished and beautifully designed, there were wires and computers everywhere. As if the place was a command center for Nasa. Many geeky looking workers were on computers or connecting to allies opposite of the line. And everyone, like the lady, ignored Maia as if she didn't burst down the doors and threatened to kill them all if she didn't get her answer. She felt insulted. Maia slammed the chair to the floor, one of the three legs broke.

The lady was Mrs. Erra. She was heading the operation to save Laura. "Why doesn't Richard know what's happening to Laura!" She slammed her hands on the table, her cup of tea shook. "Please calm down Laura." The lady sat down and sipped her tea. "Calm down? Calm down? You ask me to calm down! How would you feel if we calmed down when you died! Laura is in trouble! And you prefer to sit down and sip tea!" She curled her hands into a fist and hit back harder. "Where is she!? Where is Laura being kept!" She demanded.

"We cannot tell you Laura. If you do something reckless and jeopardize our mission to bring back Laurence unharm-" "So you prefer to do nothing here and sit while your daughter is in pain? Did you even stop to consider what she might be feeling now?" "I DO KNOW! You think I don't understand what's happened to her! What she's going through! You don't think I want her here with me safe and sound?"

Suddenly a similar big and gruff man in black and shades burst in yelling, "Madam! We found their hideout! It's by the pier at 57th bldg.! I have men stationed ready for action, at your command ma'am." the lady's mouth was wide open, she turned to see the empty chair where Maia sat.

"Maia! This way!" Riche yelled as he flew ahead. Maia ran at top speed, squeezing Sil's soft fur. She turned down an alley. With a boom, jumped on the roof of the shaggy buildings. She skipped as gracefully as ninjas move in the night. Maia could smell the sea and gunpowder nearby. "Here!" Riche floated and pointed down to the ordinary looking warehouse. "Maia don't you dare ju-" Maia kicked the edge of the roof as hard as she could. For a moment it seemed as though Maia had beautiful angelic wings of her own. But as the saying goes: What goes up, must come down.

Maia has that talent of acting amazingly stupid and reckless yet still look good doing it. She landed on a pile of sacks with some sort of powder in it with a thud. Immediately she got up and ran towards the place where they held her friend.

Riche sighed. HE doesn't know how she does it. But she manages to survive. Riche let out another huff and Sil meowed happily in his arms.

Maia peered over the corner and saw a guy in his early twenties holding a huge and scary looking gun. He looked like a 50 year old who just came out of the tattoo parlor. So many piercings hung from his ears to places Maia couldn't even describe. Maia looked at Riche. He opened his mouth wide, "Oh no! You are NOT making me! Nope Not AT ALL!" He stepped back in protest, but Maia grabbed his shirt and threw him at the guy.

Metal boy fell down, "Ouch! What the **** was that?!" He stood up not seeing the pretty playboy who just landed on him. "Maia! What the heck was that for?!" He yelled a bright pink bruise revealing itself on his head. Grab the gun idiot! He read from her thoughts, As if your face isn't hard enough to read! Riche muttered with passionate sarcasm.

He picked up the gun guy's cell phone and wallet and started running farther and farther away from the warehouse. "Hey! What the *** Is going on here! Get back here!" the Tattoo freak ran after Riche, yelling some very interesting words Maia mentally added to her vocabulary. Maia took her chance and snuck in.

On her way inside she couldn't even count how many men she knocked out by then. "Hey! Stop right there!" another equally pierced man fired an endless round of gunshots. Maia dodged, one singed her shoulder. She felt the pain and sting of the bullet tearing her skin and ripping through it. Maia would have doubled over but she continued and punched the man, knocking him out.

This continued for quite some time. God! How long does this warehouse go on? She made another man run home crying for his mommy. By now she's encountered a number of new weapons that she hasn't seen before. Model number 310AD huh? Maybe after this I can ask Leader where I could get one.

There! She saw a steal door guarded by another stupid thug. Easy K.O. Maia kicked them with her combat boots and they went down. "Maia! Get out of here!" Laura was tied to a small chair. Her beautiful blonde hair was covered in grime and dirt, her face was scratched and bruised and Maia was angry. She ran to Laura immediately. But she forgot the first rule in rescue missions: Be Prepared.

She felt a jolt of electricity flow through her body and she screamed. Maia could hear a scream of pure terror, but it all felt like it was a world away. She blacked out.

Maia regained consciousness and saw a blinding light. "Ahh" was all she could manage. "Oh Maia! Are you alright?" Laura asked her, tears forming in her eyes. Maia tried to stand to rub her temples, but found her self tangled in a mess of ropes. "I'm so sorry! I should have warned you that it was a trap! I'm so sorry Maia! I even got you involved in this!" She started crying, letting the tears drip to the cold cement floor. "Hey, its alright. I'll get you out of this. I promise." Maia shushed her silently, her words drying Laura's cheeks. "Are you alright Laura? Did they hit you? Those bastards! I'm going to kill them." Maia's eyes glistened with evil and revenge.

Minutes ticked by and Laura stopped struggling. "Maia! We aren't getting out of this rope by closing your eyes." She told her off. But all she got was a, "Shhh!" Laura sat back, looking offended. Riche! Get me out of here you idiot!

Maia would probably tell you that while she was suffering and bleeding, her wonderful guardian angel was slacking off and probably hitting on some high school girls by now. But Riche would like to clarify. He was just looking at one… no three actually. He was about to pop a bouquet of flowers for one when he heard a familiar meow. Sil glared at him in such a Maia way that he actually believed it was her for a minute.

"Shoo Shoo Sil! I'm sort of busy right now!" He floated back and lazily drifted along. Sil meowed again as if to say Hurry! Maia could be in a hell lot of trouble! "Why Sil! Since when has the precious kitty kat developed a colorful vocabulary?" He laughed teasingly. You're just lazying around! Get Maia and hurry! Sil yelled, pretty sassy for a cat. "I already took care of the gunman for her! What does she want me to do now!" He told the small silver cat who was glaring nonstop. He looked over to the man who was swimming (or trying to swim) for his life. "Help me! I can't swim!" He splashed the water and the tattoos faded and left a trail of black liquid around him. Fine! Sil took off without him.

Distantly he heard the insults and curses of Maia's thoughts from far away. He pulled his hat down to cover his ears. But since he was her guardian, he had no choice but to be connected to her. It was his stupid Senior Angel that assigned him to her. Get your lazy butt down here you idiot Pervert! He could hear her thoughts from so far away. Sighing, he flew slowly…"I'm coming…."

In the warehouse, Maia was being beaten and kicked. 5 on 1.

She looked at them with hard and cold glares. They continued to punch and kick her. She could hear Laura crying in the back. Maia looked back to see why they had started hitting her. One of the drunk bastards came over to Laura. All at once he started hitting Laura for no reason. Maia stood up and hit him with the chair she was tied on. To follow, she threw her insults specially reserved for really ***** morons. A/N You guyz decide what curse word to use ;)

So now she was on the floor, her chair sideways and her body bruised and cut and bleeding.

Just when she thought the final deathblow would come, she had her eyes closed in silence. She saw the most beautiful sight. Sil and Go were running fast and hitting hard. They were chasing each other like they did, back at the church playing tag. But they were running away from the dogs. They barked hard and slammed into the men who was just beating the crap out of Maia. Riche's warm and strong hands grabbed her and lifted her. Not her soul, mind you. She sat up straight and he untied the rope holding her back. "You okay sweetie?" He smiled gaily to Maia, who spit blood on the floor. "Maia. Try to be a bit more feminine." Riche sighed and watch her stand up.

"Maia! I'm so sorry!" Laura was limping. Maia half dragged half supported her injured friend and they escaped the mess of dog vs. man fight. Sil and Go bravely lead the troop while Riche made sure that they were going to a safe destination. "Just shut up and save your strength." Maia coughed and almost staggered. Laura kept silent and for her, that was the nicest thing Maia has said to her yet.

They walked as far as they could and Maia could hear a faint noise of the police sirens. "This is the police! Put your guns down and hands in the air! Come out peacefully! We have you surrounded!" A loud booming mic filled their ears as the 5 friends gazed at the sunlight. They saw the whole warehouse surrounded with policemen and choppers. The men who tied them and kept them hostage was being arrested, every single on of them. Maia saw tattoo man soaking wet and tattooless. Riche grinned at Maia, who smiled back weakly.

Laura ran over to her daddy who was talking to an officer. "Daddy!" She cried and held her father's waist, the highest she could reach. "Laura! I never thought I would see you again!" He hugged her tight. The lines on his face disappeared. Relief and happiness washed his face and Mrs. Erra brightened. "Me too papa! I missed you!" She cried and dug her face into his chest.

"I'm glad you're safe Laurence." Mrs. Erra stroked her messy hair. Laura looked up, Mrs. Erra expected the same sad glare from Laura. Think of the shock and surprise she felt when a small warm body hugged her tight. "Thank you Mrs. Erra." She whispered. Mrs. Erra, with a face of utter astonishment, cried tears of joy. She knelt down and hugged her back. Richard joined the family and soon there was a flood of tears.

Maia smiled and her vision blurred. She could see Riche coming at her. "We got it Maia! 9 drops of tears! Isn't that amazing! His face showed triumph and happiness only to be replaced with worry and tension. He reached in time to catch her fall. "Sleep Maia. You did well." He smiled down at the girl who lay on his lap.

They were back at home, or what might be something similar to home.

Maia rested on her bed. And slept a long and dreamless sleep.

Riche was up, praying to God.

Maybe it came from the hurt she felt when she couldn't protect her brother. She was powerless, and she refused to admit it. She tries to change fate, wishing it was all a dream. But no, she lived in this present. If she can't let go of that past, she may never move to her future. Riche stood there, looking down on his friend who slept peacefully. The drop of happiness contained in the vial around her neck.

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