Rude awakening

By: Michael.F

Chapter 1: Furries

In a far, far away land where there is a lab. Some professors were examining all of the unknown creatures.

Professor 2: But, how do we know which ones the most feral one?

Professor 1: THAT, my friend is a shocking question. It's by the known of eyes, ears and the teeth.

Professor 2: But these are different dangerous creatures. They are not to be made and toyed with! These creatures, are dangerous.

Professor 1: Ahhhhhhhhhhh all the more proof that their feelings are real. These type of creatures are not just original. They are specially delicate and can easily be offended.

?: Excuse me. But this is an illegal place to do an experiment on. And I must know that because I have been studying on illegal laws and procedures.

Professor 1: Right on, uhhhhhhhh.

?: Enex, and yes I am the government of knowledge and the use of experiments and chemicals.

Professor 2: So, Enex. There are two things in life. That's stay back and be a good boy, or you can always face us in court?

Enex: Listen. What you're doing is not supernatural. It is cruelty to the creatures and it's upsetting them. And you're aware about their emotions.

Professor 1: If my calculations are correct, their DNA are combined more than one cell in their entire system. Look. Walks up to the computer and turns on the screen of the computer. Shown the DNA results of the creatures. Look, their cells are amazingly exotic. It's like they have their very own form.

Enex: But what you're doing is cruel. I understand why you're doing this, but it's doing the stuff you want to do the wrong way.

Professor 1: What the hell are you talking about Enex? This isn't scientific.

Enex: You're right, it's an examination of the creatures. But what kind of test do you want to do on them?

Professor 1: Well I read on these creatures. They're fantastical fantasised creatures.

Enex: I am not a know-it-all. But these creatures need to be free. If you say it's true and their emotions are delicate, then let these creatures go.

Professor 1: Let them go? I experimented on the alpha creature, he or she can destroy the entire country. Look, this is what'll happen once you start befriending the creatures. Shows Enex the stuff on the screen. They're viciously strong, and there is no way you can out run these fuckers.

Enex: Listen, chemical reaction or not. These creatures are not going to be experimented on. You do, then I will have to call the fuzz and get the court order to shut down this lab.

Professor 1: Would you rather let them run freely and kill us?

Enex: No. But I know how to make them happy.

Professor 1: You know nothing about these furry creatures!


Professor 1: Calm them down? Preposterous!

Enex: In what way it's impossible?

Professor 1: Well…because…it is.

Enex: HAAA! Says the genius that is drowned out by mere words. See you in court. Walks away.

Next month in court.


Professor 1: Well it's not that we can't, it is when we teach them some manners and get things sorted out.

Enex: Your honour. They're in fact lying. They have told me out of their very own mouth that they did not want to release the creatures just because of one of the creatures.

Professor 1:

Enex: And not only they did tell me that, they have been experimenting them in an unsuitable content. Chemicals, they used. Is called the werewolves tear. The werewolves tear is suppose to show their true colours when combined with the elixir of life and the devil's horn.

Professor 1: No! You knew all along!?

Enex: Oh that's not all. I have things much greater that you've done. You take drugs when nobody is around. And I myself know better with the law that I don't take drugs.

Professor 1: NO, HE'S LYING! Starts biting is nails with a guilty face.

Enex: And…the type class of drugs you took were type B.

Professor 1:

Enex: And you bite your nails proving that you have a guilty conscience. So therefore, I have no evidence but people have reported to me that when they walk past you they smell the drugs on you. Not even though you knew that, you especially hide them in your mattress. Replaces the springs with drugs!


Enex: Why so anxious professor?


Enex: You just said earlier that you don't take drugs. But now you just admitted it. Your honour, that man in front of us is a fraud and cruel!

Judge: By the power infested in me, I will charge the professor with fraud and creature cruelty that has been unexamined. He has been proven guilty and is charged with a sentence of forty five years in jail! Slams the hammer down on to the desk. Take him away, and the lab will get shut down. Guards, arrest the professor! The guards went and arrested the professor and took him away. Looks at Enex when everyone else has left. Enex, I would like a word with you.

Enex: Yes sir.

Judge: That is father to you when I'm not in court.

Enex: Sigh. Yes 'Father'. Walks up to his dad. What do you want dad?

Enex's dad: You have proven everyone professors innocence by mere words. I don't believe it. How did you do that?

Enex: Everyone knows the way they try to confess what they did and didn't do. And the furry creatures can be free now. I shall see you later dad. Walks away and left the building then went and saw the furry creatures walking around. Walks home and his sister came. Sis, what are you doing here?

Enex's sister: Well, I came to check on my brother. What did you do today?

Enex: Well, I had to get rid of our main genius in the entire world. Not only that, he shown how guilty he was.

Enex's sister: That professor guy scares me. He never sleeps at night.

Enex: Well. The lab has been ran down by me and my father. So, any news?

Enex's sister: Our mother has found herself a job.

Enex: A job? What job is that?

Enex's sister: It is a job that is suitable for her.

Enex: Well, glad to see you sis.

Enex's sister: Likewise bro.

Enex: So, did you watch the court earlier on telly?

Enex's sister: …uhhhhhhhh no.

Enex: Arrested the professor by mere words. Therefore if you done something wrong I can use myself as an evident and witness to prove that you failed the lie.

Enex's sister: But it's not that simple.

Enex: It can be if your mind is willing to take the intake of the battle.

Enex's sister: Brother, don't talk like that in front of your sister!

Enex: What? Why?

Enex's sister: Because it's scary.

Enex: In what way is it scary?

Enex's sister: Because it is! The whole law thing is scary.

Enex: Sis, if you just listen then none of this will be a problem for you.

Enex's sister: ENOUGH! The law thing is scary and you promised me to not to mention the 'law' thing again.

Enex: But-.

Enex's sister: AH! I don't want to hear it from you brother. Annnd, where were we? Smiles and blushes.

Enex: Awww come on sis, it's wrong. And it's illegal.

Enex's sister: Awwwwwwww come on bro, your thinking to much.

Enex: I'm not. You even ask father after he finishes job.

Enex's sister: Brother. Come now, you know you want it. Takes off shirt.

Enex: Starts to have a nosebleed.

Enex's sister: See, no need to run anymore brother. You have me all to your little self.

Enex: B-B-But.

Enex's sister: But what brother? Your cuteness has started to turn me on.

Enex: Major nosebleed and faints. Ehhhhhh.

Enex's sister: How cute. You have fallen for your sister.

Enex: Got up and then ran back a bit. SISTER, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO!?

Enex's sister: That I'm greeting my brother. Cute, isn't it?

Enex: Enex's dad came in. DAD! What is my sister trying to do!?

Enex's dad: Looks at Enex's sister then looks at Enex. Well, she's doing the greeting.

Enex: DAD, THE GREETING ISN'T TAKING THEIR CLOTHES OFF! I'm going out. Goes out and saw all the furry people. Arrived at the pub and saw some furry people locked up. Enex's face was shocked by the look of the furry people locked up. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

Bartender 1: Boy, these furries are after my beer! Furry animal people cannot handle the beer like you, me and other people. You should see one when their drunk. Pissed as a faggot I should say.

Enex: But that's not fair on them, set them free! I'm sure they're thirsty.

Bartender 1: Boy, you are a government that should care for us over these peasants!


Bartender 1: And you should know that by now. Look, that court battle was great. But using these furries to be free over the world will cause trouble for everyone.


Bartender 1: Boy, you are doing the right reason in the wrong way. And if you think taking me to court will solve everything, then you have another thing coming.

Enex: I am doing the right thing! They were free for one reason, and that reason is the reason they are free! So I will be seeing you in court! And I'll even report out loud about your private deals with other people!

Bartender 1: Do as you will, but some people do it without getting court. And I'm stating the truth!

Enex: I will be seeing you in court. Walks out of the house and saw his family packing up so Enex ran at his sister and his father. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

Enex's sister: We're leaving now. The reason I came was to sort out some business. And see how you are, looks like you know how to sort out everything in your life.

Enex's dad: And I will be back by Christmas.

Enex: But-?

Enex's dad: She will be back as well by Christmas. There is a visitor in the house. She looks dangerous, you best be careful.

Enex: Will do.

Enex's dad: Well…see you later.

Enex walks into the house and saw no one in the house so he went upstairs and flopped on his bed.

Enex: My life sucks so much. Heard a bath filling up so he slowly got up and slowly walks to the door. He rests his head against the door and hears water filling in the bath. He did say a visitor. Got up and took off a shoe and used it as a weapon, slowly walks up to the door and puts his hand on the door handle. God no, hope it's not my cousin. Slowly pushes down the handle and opens it slowly. He managed to smell wet cat. Cat? Saw a furry girl in the bath playing with the tap. Shocked and slowly walk backwards. Leaves the bathroom slowly and shuts the door. Holy shit! Th-Th-That's a furry. A cat one. And she's in the bath, playing with water. Cats hate water. Slowly walks backwards and heard the tap turned off. She turned off the water, already? Smart girl…uhhhhh furry. Don't know what kind of species they are. But, looks like a snow leopard type. The handle slowly goes down so Enex quickly hides behind the wall and spies on the furry girl. She went and snuggled up onto Enex's bed and went to sleep. She's sleeping…on my bed. There is a girl…on my bed. Oh god. Slowly walks in and had a closer look. She's…a cat. Walks back slowly but fell over his shoe that he dropped behind him and bashed his head on the wall. Ouch! Stops and saw the furry girls eyes opening. EEP! Shocked and puts his hand over his mouth quietly and quickly left the room. Someone knocks on the door so Enex went and answered it. Hello?

Bartender 1: Look, I'm sorry about earlier. But I had to capture them to stop them. I was about to use one to stop them.

Enex: Oh cool. Well, I'll see you later.

Bartender 1: You okay there kid?

Enex: Yeah. Never been better. I was working out. Tensing his muscles. Yep! I'm training my self to leave the government job and work as a bouncer at your pub!

Bartender 1: That's brilliant! Keep it up!

Enex: Yep! Well, would you like to come in for a cuppa?

Bartender 1: No. No. I got to go back to the pub.

Enex: Then see you later. Safe journey! Closes the door. Phew. Went into the kitchen and made himself a cuppa then sits down on the sofa. The furry girl looks at the back of Enex and saw him drinking a cuppa. …My life has sucked down the drain old boy. Poor Enex, bet you are going to waste your life soon enough.

Snow Leopard furry: Nya~?

Enex: Huh? The snow leopard furry quickly ran back up stairs so Enex looks at the banister that was behind him but nobody was there. Eyes playing on you old teenage boy. Turns his head forward and turns on the telly and watches the News.

Reporter: This just came in. There have been a slight possibility that our discovery of the lab found drugs. And the people that have witnessed the smell of drugs and the professor managed to have a nervous breakdown. Now, the weather.

Enex: Perhaps resting my eyes will help. Lies on the sofa and fell asleep. At night he felt whiskers tickling him. HE, HE! Stop that! Opens his eyes slowly and looks at the snow leopard furry that was in his face. Ehhhhhhhhhhh, shit. The snow leopard furry tilted her head and her whiskers started tickling Enex again. STOP THAT! HE, HE! The furry leopard furry backs away a bit. Hi. Got up and turns to her and puts his feet down to the ground and sat down on the sofa. Y-You must be that guest?

Snow leopard furry: Nya~? Goes and ran back upstairs then turned to Enex and hissed at him then continued running up the stairs.

Enex: What, is it something I said? Biiiiitchy. Goes out to the pub. One pint of alcohol please. Original as always.

Bartender 1: Aye sir. Fills the beer glass with alcohol and puts it in front of him. Bad day today?

Enex: No. I have a guest at my house, she went in my face and I got up then she backed away. I asked her "You must be that guest" then she ran away.

Bartender 1: Normal or fur coat type?

Enex: Fur coat type. Snow leopard type.

Bartender 1: Whistles sexually. Someone is into those type!

Enex: I'm so not. Has a swig of alcohol out of his beer glass then puts it back on the table. At least I tried to befriend one unlike you trapping them in cages.

Bartender 1: Okay, okay. But still, they are still acting like an animal.

Enex: Like an animal!? Blame that professor. He's the one that does experiments on a furry person.

Bartender 1: Aye, and so he does. That guy is so smart, he could be on a verge of escaping!

Enex: Or probably worse, world domination.

Bartender 1: You are thinking too much kiddo. After all, you can't be all worried about the professor.

Enex: Yeah. You're right there.

Bartender: It's on the house that drink. Only this once, for not taking me to court.

Enex: Just because you know I was right. Those creatures should not be tampered or make them frightened.

Bartender 1: Listen here kid. You're right on that part, but never again threaten me to take me to court. I has a family and kids.

Enex: Aye, and I am a stupid little dolphin without the costume.

Bartender 1: You may say that now. But I am correct you know. My family loves me for who I am, for why or what I have done. You will understand when you have a wife and kid or kids.

Enex: At least I am right about those furry things.

Bartender 1: Aye. You are mate. But remember, a sacrifice is a cost of life to save the one you love or the one you care about. I maybe wrong about those things, but at least I stopped them going after my beer barrel.

Enex: Aye, so you have.

Bartender 1: Soon, those furry things might come to an end sometime around in the future. Because what they all are and how long they can live for is totally different, right?

Enex: Yeah. I will sort her out soon. And then I will make sure she becomes friendly towards me slowly. At the moment she's being such a coward.

End of Chapter 1.

I know the first chapter has been a bit dodgy, but I can approve on the next one. Happy reading. ^_^