Rude awakening

By: Michael.F

Chapter 2: My furry friend

Enex goes home. He opened the door and goes into the house and closes the door.

Enex: Sigh. This is stupid. Why do I have to look after Ke-? Wow, heh. Don't go too ahead of yourself there old boy. Don't become too rational. I can't name her yet. What would she do if I named her? Enex sits on the sofa. How did all this happen? Can it be she is here for food or whatever? Hears the toilet flush. She's well toilet trained. Ha, Ha. Well, I must go and be brave and if she attacks you must take it like a man. Walks up the stairs slowly and then goes into his bedroom and saw the snow leopard furry sleeping on the bed. Wow. She must really like my bed? Well…you must go and talk to her politely and try to make her a bit more friendly. Slowly walks in the bedroom and saw the furry snow leopard girl nibbling on the pillow. …Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hi. I'm Enex, government of chemicals and knowledge.

Snow leopard furry: Mrr? Looks at Enex.

Enex: Would you like to be friends? I'm so totally better than that bartender, one of the best. And you don't have to go near me but we can become friends. What do you say?

Snow leopard furry:

Enex: And that's not all. I am very friendly.

Snow leopard furry:

Enex kneels down to her level.

Enex: I can help you. Slowly raises up his hand and slowly moves it. …Come on Enex, you can do it. You can t-try to bond with her.

Snow leopard furry: Looks at Enex's hand and attacks it.

Enex: Oi, Cheeky. Heh. Got up and walks away. Feel free to come down whenever you are ready. I'll cook us a meal. Since father isn't here to do it. Enex goes down the stairs. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, what to cook?

Snow Leopard Furry:

Enex: I KNOW! Enex got out the stuff that he wants to cook. YUM! I'm sure she'll love it. If not you can cook something else. Enex starts cooking. Later he finished cooking so he dished up. Meaty surprise, yeah! Took the plate upstairs and puts it in front of the snow leopard furry. Here you go, I hope you like it. It wasn't hard for me to make but feel free to have something else if you don't like it. Well? The snow leopard furry woke up and liked the smell of the dinner. Go on, eat it.

Snow Leopard Furry: Nya~?

Enex: Come on. Put some meat on those bones of yours, BUT not literally!

Snow Leopard Furry:

Enex: Broke off a bit of meat and slowly gave it to her. Go on, you must eat. Unless you're scared of warm food that is so tasty? The snow leopard furry smelled it then took it and ate it. She liked the taste. Glad you like it. But make sure you blow a bit of it if it's to hot.

Snow Leopard Furry: NYA~! Scoffed the whole meat into her mouth and chews on it then swallowed it. AAAAAHHHHHHHH! Smiled.

Enex: Glad you like it. But be warned, not all food can be all hot to eat. Care for a drink? Goes down stairs and the snow leopard furry followed. He got out a cup and filled it up with milk then gave it to the snow leopard furry. Here. The snow leopard furry took the cup and smelled the glass and smelled the milk inside the glass. You drink it, like this. Got himself a cup and filled it up with milk and then showed her how to drink a drink. Does it make sense? The snow leopard furry followed on after Enex asked her. Good! Now, give me the cup. Took the cup off her then puts it in the sink and does the same with his glass then went upstairs and ate his dinner then went downstairs and puts the plates in the sink. There, sorted.

Snow Leopard Furry: Nya~?

Enex: I'm wiped out. You go and play, I'm finished. Goes and flops on the sofa. What have I done to deserve this? The snow leopard furry sits next to Enex. Didn't you hear me, you can go and play? You don't understand English, do you? Damn. It's going to take me weeks to teach you a bit of English.

Snow Leopard Furry: Leans forward towards a bit sideways towards Enex.

Enex: Hm? Looks at the Snow Leopard Furry. What, what do you want?

Snow Leopard Furry: Flickers ears and slowly wags tail.

Enex: Huh? Y-You want me to s-smooth you. But you are not fully-. Fine, just this once. Smoothed the Snow Leopard Furry on the head slowly. She starts purring. Heh.

Snow Leopard Furry: Nya~!

Enex: You're not so bad, are you?

Snow Leopard Furry: Nya~!

Enex: Okay, now that sound is bothering me. Can't you at least say something else? If not I'll teach you some English.

Snow Leopard Furry: Nya~!

Enex: So, do you have a name?

Snow Leopard Furry: Rests her head on Enex's shoulder and looks at Enex. Mrr?

Enex: Name. Points at himself. Enex. Points at the Snow Leopard Furry.

Snow Leopard Furry: Mrr?

Enex: Name. Naaaaaaame. Points at himself. Me…Enex. You? Points at the Furry Leopard Furry.

Snow Leopard Furry: Nya~!

Enex: This is not working well, is it?

Snow Leopard Furry: Nya~?

Enex: This is going to take almost forever to solve, don't you think?

Snow Leopard Furry: Mrr?

Enex: What the hell are you trying to think you are? My sister used to go 'Mrr'. And now you? This is so not working well. Don't you agree?

Snow Leopard Furry:

Enex: I feel lonely still. You can't talk, you can't understand me but you are good with learning. Well, looks like this is going to take some time, don't you think? …This is so not working well! Is it? Looks at the snow leopard.

Snow Leopard Furry: Yawns and dozed off on Enex.

Enex: He-. Looks at the Snow Leopard Furry all curled up and asleep on Enex. Fine. Puts a blanket around her. Enex, you truly succeeded. Now the speech thing is going to be a problem. What would my father and sister say if she stayed here?

What if vision.



A different what if version.

Enex's sister: Awwwwwwwwwww, you got yourself a girlfriend! That must mean that you won't need me to flirt with you anymore.

Enex's dad: That is cute. GOOD JOB ENEX! You have truly made your father proud! WELL DONE MY BOY!

Enex's sister: Awwwwwwwwwwwww, she's licking you! Has she yet? Hm hm hm hm, no kidding.

What if vision ends then Enex's face went bright red.

Enex: …O-Of course not. Huh? Turns his head around and noticed that it was just him and the Snow Leopard furry. Damn, I need to take her out to the bartender and show him how well behaved she is. Not vicious much, are you? Heh. Later on the Snow Leopard Furry woke up and yawned. Awake? The Snow Leopard Furry snuggled Enex again. Hey come on, don't go sleeping on me again. I have got a job later. Or unless I'll have a whole five months to myself and that. Checks the time. Crap! What am I going to do with this girl? Bugger it, from now on I'm calling you Keori. Heh, cute name. Rests Keori's head on the sofa and left the room and got undressed then filled up the bath and then went in it and turns off the taps. Heard someone going upstairs. Awww crap, it must be Keori. Keori entered the bathroom and smiles then she starts purring and tackled Enex which made water splash and some of it going out of the bath. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I'm naked, I don't want us to…what are you doing? She snuggles up to Enex and nibbles his neck. HEHEHE! STOP THAT! I need to wash myself and you need to get out! Heh!

Keori: Nya~! Snuggles up to Enex and purrs and she wags her tail rapidly like a dog. Her tail splashed the water.

Enex: HEY! HEHEHE! You big silly! Stopped her tail from wagging but the tip of the tail was still moving. Stop wagging! Heh! Picks up Keori and sat her on the toilet seat and dries her with the towel he's using. There you go. She starts purring and smiling. …Heh. Cute. Now go run along and play. Keori continues hugging Enex and starts purring again. Awwwwwwwwww. I'm sorry but I must go to work at night. You'll have to be in bed by then. Don't worry, I'll be back before you wake up, hopefully. After he cleaned himself he got out and dried himself then wrapped the towel around his waist then went in the room then Keori followed. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. What should I wear? Keori took the towel off Enex then Enex quickly covered his privates. HEY! That's my favourite towel. Nobody has ever touched it, and now you become the first one to? You're so disobedient. Took the towel off Keori. …It's my towel, you don't touch it. Keori tackles the towel and starts chewing on it and licking the towel. KEORI NO! Took the towel and puts it away. I'm sorry, but it's not for you. It's my towel. It's my

favourite one. You can't have it. I'm sorry.

Keori: Ooooohhhhhhh.

Enex: It's my scent, isn't it? You know someone in the family used it. I think it was my sister. She probably cleaned it after and pretend to not know it was her. I'll have a word with her by sending her a post card soon. I'm sorry. You know what, I'll get you a towel of your own. Okay?

Keori: Nya~

Enex: Good girl. Rubs her cheek and she starts leaning quite sideways and purrs with a smile. Heh. I thought you disliked me. His front door started knocking. I have to go. It went dark. I'm sorry. But I really need to do this. Got up and went downstairs and answered the door. Hello?

Man 1: Enex?

Enex: That's me.

Man 1: I'm here to take you to work since it's dark and there are spooky eyes of furries around.

Enex: Okay. Can you give me five seconds?

Man 1: Of course.

Enex: Closes the door and turned around and saw Keori. Keori, I really need to do this.

Keori: Oooooohhhhhhhh, Nya~ Goes up to Enex and cuddles him.

Enex: I'll see you later. I promise that I'll be home as soon as possible.

Keori: Nya~!

Enex: Left the house and closes the door. Sighs. I'm ready. Walks with the guy.

Man 1: Is that your girlfriend?

Enex: What, the furry snow leopard? Oh no, me and her are friends. She's become quite affectionate as if she's acting like I'm the master.

Man 1: Well, I have a furry fox male. If you want them to mate feel free to talk to me to ask if they can mate.

Enex: MATE!? Oh no, she can't. She can't.

Man 1: Having her all to yourself now, are we? Heh, of course you two must be saving yourselves for each other.

Enex: Ehhhhhh no, it's not like that.

Man 1: Of course. How careless of me? Do you care for her?

Enex: Blushes. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!? I just met her, UHHH I MEAN we're only friends.

Man 1: You're not treating her like a human being, are you?

Enex: UHHHHH, of course not! She's a useless uhhhhhh animal that needs putting uhhhhh to sleep.

Man 1: What!? Looks at Enex. Then how come your face has gone red?

Enex: Because my house was b-boiling hot. Sheesh don't you guys know anything?

Man 1: Yes we do. The fox guy likes me. But he might become gay and turn on me like a horny animal.

Enex: Well, then find him a female friend.

Man 1: No. They will make a lot of noise. Plus the heat thing will make them go all horny. Trust me. Their sexuality will become out of control.

Enex: Out of control, uhhhhh how?

Man 1: I read about these species. When they're in heat, the first furry or person they'll see will make them fall in love at first fight. Well the animal heat type is going to be sometime in two months. I hope things will go as planned. I'm blind folding the fox furry. But he is too affectionate.

Enex: Mine is the same. She just started nibbling my neck, could it be the first sign of the heat on them?

Man 1: Yeah. Things can't be too bad, can it?

Enex: Of course not. We're just thinking outside the box.

Man 1: Of course. You have a court order tonight. We investigated that a guy has killed numerous people. Someone described him and the guy we caught is definitely the one, he's got the exact look as everyone described him.

Enex: What? You sure?

Man 1: Of course. Arrived at the work place. Get yourself ready. You must look at the evidence before going in. Your words are the only thing that can out smart this guy.

Enex: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that time the reason was because professor done something stupid.

Man 1: Of course! But this is our case now, and there is no need to panic about this.

Enex: I'll see first.

Man 1: Thank you. Enex and the guy signed up their names and what time they arrived and got into their suit. Right, I need to show you. Walks into the back room where the evidence are. This is why I need you to come here. The judge is lady Sheela.

Enex: Oh good. She's real strict, we could do with a really and necessary strict judge.

Man 1: To let you know, she has a secret crush on you.

Enex: WHAT!? I don't want to go out with an old ugly person. She's ugly, real ugly.

Man 1: Awwwwwwww come on, she's real kind to you. And she gives you a high pay raise.

Enex: Yeah but, I don't want to go out with her. She's old.

Man 1: Enex, that's not nice. It's not always about looks and personality.

Enex: P-Plus she's mean to everyone else. And she slaps people's butts way to hard.

Man 1: Ooooohhhhhhh, and it makes you horny, doesn't it?

Enex: Just because you like gay people.

Man 1: Enex, that's insulting the gay community.

Enex: Fine. Just because you want to have sex with that male furry fox dude. Sheesh.

Man 1: Naaaaaa, his willy is too small. And I know.

Enex: You like him naked around the house? Gross, why would you want him to do that all day? Doesn't it annoy you?

Man 1: Enex, in my house I don't believe in people fully dressed. In fact between you and me, I have a thing for foxes.

Enex: That's sick.

Man 1: Well, let's go. We don't want Sheela waiting for us.

Enex: Of course. The guy and Enex walked into court and went up to Sheela. I heard the news and I'm prepared ma'am.

Sheela: Of course you are. I'm not retarded. Now go and get your ass stood in front of my desk.

Enex: Of course. Can I just say you look beautiful today?

Sheela: Shut up, I heard you. Now stand right in front of me now or quit!

Enex: I'm really am sorry. I truly am. I will never say such things about you again. I truly promise.

Sheela: That's quite alright. By the way, well done in court and keep up the good work.

Enex: Thank you my lady ship. Stands in front of her and faces the audience.

Sheela: Slams the hammer on the desk three times. Okay, court is now in order. Whoever talks now forever hold your tongue or face imprisonment and a high sentence in jail. Bring in the convicted murderer. The guards came and took him in. His neck and arms were cuffed. They sat him down in front of the audience which made them gasped. Now then, bring in bible. An old man came in with a bible and puts it flat on the table in front of the convicted man. She looks at the man. Put your hands on the bible and don't say anything unless you have been asked a question. Do you understand?

Bartender 1: Yes miss.

Old man 1: Do you suddenly swear to say the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Bartender 1: I do.

Old man 1: And if you lie, what will happen?

Bartender 1: I will have to swallow a thousand needles as an execution sentence just like I chose.

Old man 1: Very well. He's yours miss. Walks off and left.

Sheela: Now, you must be a bartender of the pub. I must not say the name because you don't like the name. That is no excuse to rape a girl. You have the power for self-control, so why didn't you use it?

Bartender 1: I did not rape a woman. I in matter of fact fell over and my hand accidentally slipped.

Sheela: In your language that probably means you attacked her down the ground and lifted the girl's shirt up on purpose. You purposely fell so you can touch her breasts.

Enex: Wrong case, your honour. He is convicted a death that he done apparently.

Sheela: Yes. My apologies. Now, you was convicted for a death you have apparently done. And that death was apparently a man slaughter that you caused. You was in a garage at 9pm last night and then you was testing your guillotine and then her head accidentally went in the hole and you slipped and accidentally let go then her head chopped off. Am I correct?

Bartender 1: NO! It slipped out of my hands and then I slipped and as soon as the blade sliced off her neck I slipped.

Sheela: …I see.

Bartender 1: This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Sheela: Was anyone a witness?

Bartender 1: No. I was asking her to clean the bucket and there is no way to sort the bucket out. And I could've tied it against a handle but it was on a verge of breaking so I kept hold of the rope.


Bartender 1: Yes, I-I mean no. No. Honest. Looks at Sheela. It was only me and the girl.

Sheela: I understand. If you all think that the bartender of a pub is guilty raise up hand. Two people puts up their hand. If the bartender isn't guilty put up their hand. The rest puts up their hand. By the power invested in me, I pronounce the bartender of a pub not guilty. Bangs the hammer on the desk and the audience left.

Bartender 1: Phew.

Sheela: Enex, you can go now! NO WAIT! There's one more case. More people are coming in this time. And please show some appreciation of participating in this time. You was rubbish, never said a word.

Enex: Yes ma'am. More people came in and sat down. A woman came in with a child screaming.


Lady 1: You what!? I can't, there is no baby sitter to look after the baby and his father is at work you stupid cow!

Sheela: DON'T YOU USE THOSE WORDS AGAINST ME! GUARDS, GET THIS WOMAN OUT NOW! The guards escorted the lady out of the court room. People these days, show no respect for a blasted judge. The bartender was gone. Right, time to set this out. This case here will now start right…about… … …now. Bangs on the desk. COURT IS NOW IN ORDER! Bangs on the desk again. Now then, bring in the suspect. Guards took in the suspect and sat him down. Now, if I was correct. You was convicted for a serious murder. And that murder was on her way to do some shopping.

Man 2: She was threatening me. And I'm scared of threats. I admit and I suddenly swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Sheela: I see. And then after that what did you do?

Man 2: I phoned the police and told them what I've done.

Sheela: Good lad. I see. You was scared of a threat so you murdered a woman and then you phoned the police for what you done. You sound like a reasonable person.

Man 2: Oh no. I shouldn't be called that your honour. A-And I'm sorry for what I done and I know that my sorry will not bring the woman back. And I know that she didn't deserved it, and I should've walked away.

Sheela: Yes.

Man 2: I'm going to get a life sentence now, aren't I?

Sheela: For phoning the police and apologising to me and the whole people I'll consider of putting you on a warning.

Man 2: Awwwww I don't deserve that. I deserve to be guilty. She was a nice old woman and it was the people who I hung out with. I was being provoked. Started crying. And…it was about my mother. And I know who I should've walked away, but instead I took it out on a poor defenceless woman. And I admit that hitting woman is wrong. And I must accept my punishment and move on. Am I correct your honour?

Sheela: Yes. I put you on a warning. Slams hammer down onto the desk. You're lucky.

Man 2: And I promise to turn my whole life around. I will promise that I will follow the law.

Sheela: Very well. Rehab is a good place for you, but you showed courage. The man walked away. Now Enex, I'll have a word with you in my office. Now would be good. Everybody left so Enex and Sheela went into a room. You was in this room when you called me ugly and old. And you're lucky that I forgave you. If that was some original guy apologising, I wouldn't care.

Enex: Sorry mistress. Is there a way to forgive me?

Sheela: There is. I want you to…undo my bra. Suck my spine and then…kiss me.

Enex: WHAT!? Crap!

Sheela: I wouldn't run. Smiles and winks. Oh come now. Your sister done this, what's the difference of me doing this? Whose sexier, me or your sister? Slowly walks up to Enex. Come now. I don't care what you do. I can always get you again. Feel free…to run.

Enex: Definitely! Runs out of the room and went and signed out by signing up the name form and then left the place and walks home. Sighs. It's as if everyone wants a piece of me. Cool but no. I won't do that. Honestly, if they think I'm all pervy then they have another thing coming. Now let's see how Keori is. I hope my favourite towel is still in the basket. Arrived home, he unlocks the door and went in. I'M HOME! Closes the door then went upstairs and saw Keori sleeping on his bed. He smiles. That's so cute. Slowly moves her sideways then he took off his shoes and slept next to her. Whispers. Goodnight. Enex fell asleep. The next day Keori woke up and saw Enex sleeping.

Keori: Nya~? Blinks twice then she puts her hand on his face.

Enex: Woke up and looks at Keori then smiles. Hey, morning. You wanted to sleep in my bed, did you? That's alright. I'm here now. Enex gave Keori a hug. There, I'm here now.

Keori: Huh?

Enex: Smoothed Keori then she starts purring. Morning my precious. Got out of bed and yawns. I know what it is? You want something to eat, don't you? Went downstairs and Keori follows. It's nice to cook something again? We'll have…EGGS AND BACON! YIPPEEEE! I love eggs and bacon, it makes you pumped up for the day.

Keori: Nya~!

Enex: Heh. That was such a busy day. Can't believe I had less court duty to do. Carried Keori and puts her on the sofa. Stay! Staaaaaay! Went and started cooking eggs and bacon. She will love this for sure. Nobody can beat a good English breakfast. Well, one of them. Finished cooking and dished up the breakfast after he got some plates out then he served it. You eat it. It tastes good. Went and got his and sat next to Keori. Delicious. Starts eating. NOM!

Keori: Nya~!

Enex: Looks at Keori. Listen, you best eat that before I do. Hehe. Swallows. Keori starts eating the bacon. She liked the taste. Nice, huh? Saw a bit of bacon on the corner of her mouth. Woah-. He, he, he. Took the bit of bacon of and puts his finger by her mouth. Go on, eat it. It's fine. Keori puts Enex's finger in her mouth and accidently bit it. OUCH! Keori lets go and shocked. It's fine. It was just accidental, that's all. Continued eating then Keori continued. Finished eating. That was delicious. Keori was still eating. Take your time Keori. There is no rush. Went and put his plate in the sink and sat next to Keori. Wow. Saw her finished. There was loads on your plate. Wait a minute. Checked the sides of the sofa but there was no food hidden. Wow, you ate it all. Took the plate and went and put it in the sink and sat next to Keori. She snuggled up to Keori and purrs. Keori, do you have to? Gently scratches her ears and picked up the remote and turns on the telly.

News Reporter 1: This is the news. Last night a girl named Sheela gave a guy a warning to a guy that killed a woman that was threatening him.

Enex: Pfft. Bullshit. She was doing it for the greater good for his beg and pitifulness.

Keori: Nya~!

News Reporter 1: And suddenly a woman was beheaded in the local pub. The bartender was pronounced not guilty. Something inside everybody must've snapped from the sake of the guy's side of the story. This is the news reporting to you this morning. Now for the weather. Enex turns off the telly.

Enex: I need a drink. Got up and slowly pushed Keori off himself then went and got himself a beer. A good way to start the day. Went and sat next to Keori and opened up the can that left a hiss. Deliciously out taken and damn good. Took a sip of his beer. Tasty stuff that is. Keori looks at the beer can and swiped it and took a small sip. HEY! Took it. Thief! Heh. Took the beer can back. You little cheeky bugger you are. Ha! Scratched her ear then she purred again. You are soooo naughty. Heh. Keori snuggles up to Enex again. He took another sip of his beer.

Keori: Nya~! Tried to swipe the beer can again but Enex put the beer can high. Oooohhhh.

Enex: You lot shouldn't be having our type of beer. Heh, you're probably drunk a bit already anyway. Heh.

Knock on the front door so Enex got up and Keori followed. Enex walked to the door and Keori followed.

Bartender 1: Hi. I got you a set of six cans of beer. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, who is she? Looks at the snow leopard furry.

Enex: She's my new friend I told you about. The one who hissed at me.

Bartender: I see. Does she bite?

Enex: Well, she is friendly. But don't be cruel to her, she is very reasonable to people and is friendly towards people who are nice to her. I think.

Bartender 1: Yeah well. I have my own furry now. Me and him like the same stuff. Isn't that funny? Well, I got to go. He must of think I have gone all week. See you. Gave Enex the cans of beer and walked off.

Enex: Shuts the door. Wow. Went and put the cans of beer in the fridge. Keori quickly ran for the opened can of beer and has another sip so Enex quickly saw her and took the beer can off her. NO! Heh. This type of beer isn't for you.

Keori: Oooooooohhhhhhhhh.

Enex: I bet you're drunk now.

Keori: Nya~!

Enex: Not nya, how much did you drink anyway. I bet you're going to vomit in a bit.

Keori: Sat down on the sofa and Enex done the same.

Enex: What is with you? You lot should know about the beer business with you furries anyway.


Enex: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder. Smells the can to see if he can smell her breath. It smelled minty. Toothpaste? CRAP I FORGOT TO BRUSH MY TEETH! Ran upstairs and saw his toothbrush in the sink. MY TOOTHBRUSH! She used it. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo! My life is ruined. I must wash it. Washed the toothbrush and then took some paste out of the tube and onto the toothbrush. Brushed his teeth and then swills out his tooth brush then got a glass and filled it with water and then puts it in his mouth and rinsed then spat out the water. Aaaaahhhhhhhh, much better. Went downstairs with his favourite towel and wiping his face with it. …That felt heavenly. Saw her drinking more beer out of the can. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Took the beer off her. No!

Keori: NYA~, NYAAAA~! Tried to reach out for it.

Enex: No! It's mine!

Keori: Nya~! Hiccups.

Enex: Haaaa, you're drunk! I think you should rest for a bit. Took Keori up to bed and then she grabbed his collar and licked his nose. MY NOSE! She cuddles him and accidentally claws his back. MY SPINE! OOOOUUUUUUCH! NO MORE BEER FOR YOU! Tries to back off a bit but she starts purring and tackles him to the ground and hugs him. MY BODY! GET OFF! Carried her into bed and tucks her in but she wasn't tired. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR GGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Keori tackled him to the floor and accidentally bites his neck. OUCH! At night they were both exhausted. Give in? She was sleep on top of Enex. Crap, how am I going to get her off me? Maybe I should give in.

End of Chapter 2.

I hope this is the chapter you was expecting. Well, sort of. ^_^ But happy reading again!