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They call him a heartbreaker.

A stray dog.

Can't stick to one girl.

They call him a junkie.


Parties too hard.

They call him a user.


Can't keep his hands off of anything female.

So why on earth do you fall in love with him every single night?

It's probably the way he sings, feels like his voice is all yours, silky and smooth and fucking Elvis style. Words that are directed at every girl he's broken, and every girl he has yet to break.

Like you.

But you think he's headed that way. You're ready for it. Maybe you'll get a longer run, maybe you two's private makeout party can last just an hour longer than all the others.

You want him to break your heart.

You want to throw yourself at his feet and beg for his mercy and do his bidding, oh god every single ounce of his bidding. Kiss him anywhere, do anything.

He's self obsessed, stuck up and selfish.

And he knows it.

But when he sings, when he cocks his head and winks—that wink is your heaven, your Eden, your every waking moment—that's when he's the most beautiful.

That's when you want him to break you.

It would be an honor, quite honestly.

And you can scream louder than fiction, and you can get down on your knees and you can kiss him there because you're just that desperate.

Every girl is.

He's trouble.

But you feel like maybe your life has been a bit too calm lately.

And you know you are rambling right in this moment, but you're watching him sing about his stray heart, and then he looks at you, right at you and he winks and bam there went your ovaries—you didn't really need them anyways—and he's giving you the look you've seen him give all his other playthings.

He's marking you.

Targeting you like a vampire.

And you are good and ready to have your life sucked away.

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