Resident Evil: Guilty

Chapter 1-3

The taxi driver dropped her off in a rough neighborhood. She walked up to a black man and said, "Darius"

"Well hello Jessica" The black man replied. "Need another ID"

"Yes bt it's not for work" She replied.

"Why's that?" asked Darius.

"come on Darius I know you've seen the news"

"Yeah I've seen it. You were framed werent you?"

"Why do you think that?"

"Jess you live, sleep, and breathe the CIA. No self respecting Marine like you would murder there boss"

"You're right I was framed""

"Well come back to my house and I'll make that ID for you"

Jessica followed Darius to his house. Once inside Darius asked "Want anything to drink?"

"Coffee" She replied.

"Still take yours with cream and sugar"


Darius went into his kitchen and made the coffee. After about ten minutes he returned with two cups of coffee. He handed Jessica her cup and asked "What name do you want?"

"Cameron Kennedy." She replied.

"Using his name I see"

"Darius. Don't. Go. There." Jessica said sternly.

"Ok. Ok. I suggest you change your look for the photo. My neighbor next door can hook you up"

"ok" She said as Darius called his neighbor.

A few minutes later he was off the phone. "Alright let's go"

The two of them then walked next door. The woman opened the door and said" you must be Jessica" She said extending her hand out.

"Yes mame'" Jessica replied shaking her hand.

"My name is Michelle and I'll take good care of you"

"Call me when you're done Michelle" Darius said.

"Darling you know I will" Michelle was an older woman in her early to mid fourtys.

The two went inside and Michelle asked "What color do you want your hair dear"

"What do you suggest?"

"A deep red color to bring out your eyes"

"Alright. Can you trim the split ends off"

"That I can" About an hour later Michelle was done with Jessica and she had called Darius over.

"Wow looks good" Said Darius.

"Thanks and thank you Michelle" Jessica replied.

"You're very welcome dear." Michelle replied.

Later that afternoon Darius had finished Jessica's fake license. "Here you go" He said handing it to Jessica.

"Thanks Darius" She replied.

"You're welcome. Now go clear your name"

"Believe me I will"

"Good luck"

"Thanks I'll need it" She replied walking out the door.