The zombie outbreak started 47 days ago, and yet it feels like years ago. I've always dreamt of this moment, of this disaster… Yeah I know, it's not wishful thinking to hope for a disaster but it's always the thing that is bigged up, either through films or on the internet, or in video games.
I'd like to think of myself as a bit of a Zombie nerd, I've watched basically every zombie film there is… or at least the ones with good reviews anyway. So I thought I would know a lot about them, but oh god was I wrong…

When the outbreak happened, there was panic, and I don't mean the 'oh god the power's going to go out, let's go stock up on food!' kind of panic. I mean the riots, people turning on other people, scared to leave your home for the fear of being shot at, complete chaos kind of panic.
So as I'd been waiting for this to happen, at first I was excited, surprised it's actually happening, but after a week it started to dawn on me how bad this could be, I mean in the films the world kind of… ends. No hope for it all to blow over, only chaos, survival, and death.

3 weeks in, I lost my Mum. Nothing really snaps you out of it than seeing your own Mother being torn apart and eaten like a Happy Meal. When the zombies broke through the barricaded windows, I ran to get my Dad's pistol, I shot as many as I could off of her but it was too late, they already took her.

After that, I didn't know what to do. I'd already lost Jessica, before the breakout happened mind you, that was one hell of a break up… So I sort of just stayed in my room and blocked myself away from it all, which only lasted for 5 days as they started breaking through my door, I guess the chair wasn't enough.

I had to get out, I had to leave.

As soon as the first hand broke through the glass in my door, I quickly pulled myself out the corner I'd inhabited for the past few days, grabbed whatever I thought was important; my Dad's M1911 with only 4 shots left, my rucksack filled with whatever food I could grab from the kitchen, a pillow, and a torch. I headed towards the window, climbed out but now I'm faced with standing on top of the garage roof with that long drop below me, I saw my mums old exercise trampoline so I aimed for that. The drop didn't look so high when I was being chased by ravenous freaks, I seemed to be in mid-air for quite a while, but that all got blown out the window when I hit the trampoline, of course it's old, rusty and also really small, my right foot went right through it and my left hit the metal and buckled. Turns out cartoons aren't very realistic.

I laid there for about 5 minutes just listening to the eerie silence, the zombies must've got distracted by something in my room. Holding back tears I pulled myself to my feet, the pain was almost unbearable, seems I got up just in time as a zombie fell from the roof and landed face first on the drive way, his head exploded and sprayed me with blood. The adrenaline was still pumping through me as I shuffled away from my house, I didn't look back.

I headed towards the alleyway opposite my house, I hid behind a bin, Collected myself and pressed on, hopefully this ankle will heal soon I thought to myself. I went out onto the open street; I've never seen it so empty, it was like the silence you'd hear on a Sunday morning while everybody are still in bed recovering from hangovers. So heading down the street stepping over dead bodies and rubble, I headed for the local shop, it wasn't a small shop like you'd expect it was just shy of being a supermarket so I thought there would still be some food or drink in there, or even just shelter.

20 minutes later, I could see it. Down the long stretch of road I'd walked down so many times to buy my mum shopping. The sign that used to light up like Vegas was now a dark, blackened from smoke sign with letters hanging by threads. It used to read "Donstar" but not anymore, it's almost unreadable due to damage, upon further inspection from the wall I was hiding behind, I saw 4 shady looking people in the entrance, now my first thought was to scrap the idea of going to Donstar and look for somewhere else, I'd never been a people person, I did all I could to avoid people, I hated being social. Being in my room with my Xbox, my TV and laptop was good enough for me, I didn't need alcohol to have a good time, I had my Xbox and all the zombie games I could buy at the time.

But I man'd up and headed towards them, they had done a good job of keeping zombies away from the shop as the street was completely clear of them, so me walking down the middle of the street with my twisted ankle sort of made me look like a zombie I guess, as I instantly heard "WALKER!" followed by a bang and then something fly past my ear. I took cover behind a car in the street WOAH WOAH, DON'T SHOOT I'M NOT A ZOMBIE! I shouted, "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" I heard one of them shout, It was a man, and he didn't sound like the shady person he looked. IT'S THOMAS… TOM! I replied. I heard footsteps moving towards me. There were 3 people that appeared round my side of the car, a hand was offered. I took it and was helped to my feet, "Well Tom, my name's Don and this is Rachel and Khail." Nice to meet you all, and thanks for, you know… not shooting my head off, "Well that'd be my fault, I just presumed 'cause of the way y'all were walking, sorry." said Rachel, her voice was quite high and she spoke with a country accent, she was kinda cute.

Yeah that's my ankle, I said, I twisted it jumping from my roof. "Well why the hell did you do that then?" said Khail with a faint Indian accent, he wore trendy clothing, hell he was like a walking billboard. I was escaping from a bunch of zombies breaking through my bedroom door. I snapped.
"Look you-""Okay that's enough Khail." Dom butted in, "Let's get you inside, there's more of us for you to meet, and we'll get you something to put on that ankle." I nodded and my arm was put around Dom's shoulder as he helped my walk to the store.

We went through the main doors; they were heavily barricaded, much better than my bedroom door anyway. There were more faces to see, and old looking guy; he was dressed in full camouflage with a lot of war ribbons on and an M16A3 hanging from a sling.
A woman and what looked to be her daughter, the woman looked around 30 and the girl looked about 8 or 9.
The last person to see was a biker in his late 30's he was polishing a Harley Davidson and wearing a leather vest with spikes along the shoulders, denim t-shirt and jeans, he had a lot of tattoos and a short Mohawk, and on the back of his vest was what I'm guessing was his name as it read "Connor" but all I could think is Francis from Left 4 Dead 1.

So as Dom took me in to get my ankle bandaged with a pack of ice, the woman and her daughter were the first to come and visit, she came to see if I was alright, she took the bandage off and checked my ankle by moving my foot around and asking what positions hurt the most, "I'm a nurse by the way, I'm not just poking around for the fun of it" she says with a smile, I laugh and say so what's your name? "It's Shauna, and this is Rebecca". Well it's nice to meet you two I say looking at Rebecca smiling, she smiles back and hides behind her mum. "She's just shy" Shauna says laughing, "Your ankle is fine, there's nothing major that I can see, just keep off of it for a week or so." She re-applies the bandage and heads out, Thank you! I say as she heads out, she looks back and smiles with a nod. She had brown curly hair and wore a t-shirt and jeans, and Rebecca wore flowery pyjamas and a beret that looked to be off of the old guy.

The next to arrive was the old person; he walked through the door and stood to attention.
I say at ease with a laugh, but the humour is lost on him. He looks at me for a second or two and then looks to the left and says "son, have you ever used a gun?" Yeah I've used my Dad's M1911 I say, he instantly looks at me with an almost approving look, it must have been because I knew what the pistol was called, I know a lot of guns, so naming them wasn't difficult. "Have you ever killed?" He says with an eyebrow up, Erm if you count zombies then yeah. "Of course you would count zombies! They are the enemy!" he snaps, and then leaves. He had grey military type hair and a moustache you would see on a stereotypical colonel or something, and multiple dog tags hanging from a ball chain, he didn't say his name.

The biker guy, Connor, didn't show so I gave up waiting on him and tried to get some shut eye.
Although quickly awoken by someone shouting "WALKERS!" and Khail barging into my room and saying "Come on, this is your chance to show you're worthy to be in the group." I sit up and jump out of bed, forgetting my ankle and ending up in a heap on the floor, he picks me up and sweeps the dust off my arms, "sorry dude, I forgot about your ankle. Go back to sleep."