The air was thick. The scent that was in the air resembled death. It was strangely colder in my dreams this morning. Nothing seemed like normal as it always was. Of course. This wasent a dream. This was the cruel world. I had awaken to my kidnappers watching me. I slowly sat up. "What do you want!"I said tears were coming. What I thought was all just a nightmare was reality. Id awaken to the same room. The pale yellow walls white carpets. Normally I would have been beyond happy to have escaped my own life in Brownsburg but considering my kidnapper was the one Id always wanted to leave behind it was never possible. He had his 4 friends by his side so of course escaping was most likely impossible. "Dont dare try to make a move to escape Sutton."One of them said to me. His voice was raspy and deep. Im guessing he was the youngest from what Id heard in the hallways.

I would escape."Listen to me whatever your name is You wont get away from this. I will escape when you dont even know it. I'll be gone in a flash. Bet you werent planning that."I yelled."Sutton please dont make this harder than it needs to be. Just take my hand and it will be easy. Just do a little thing for us. This is what you wanted right. All those countless times youd say Id be willing to be kidnapped if they would take you away. You dident think theyd want something in return right? Well thats not how our game works. Just play the game Sutton." He said. This was him. The one id hated my entire life.

"Adrian. Dont do this. What do you even want." I asked." Just wait for me to give you my little signal." Adrian said. I looked in shock. Whatever this was I was already scared. "Untie her boys shes had enough. Get her something to eat try not to make it look like shes kidnapped when Tristian and Charlie get here. Theyd flip. The story is shes Mathias girlfriend. Not Sutton Morgan. She is gonna be Madison Thomas!" Adrian said. He had a gun in his hand.

My heart quickened. I lunged up. Adrian pointed the gun towards me. "Dont you dare. If you do one step and I'll kill you."Adrian said. "No you wont. You aint got enough motive to kill me." I said. Adrian lifted the gun towards the corner of the ceiling. He shot 3 bullets towards the ceiling. "Dont dare test me."Adrian said. "Im hungry."I said. Slade looked towards me. He had enterd the room once he heard Adrian said I'll kill you. "Get her some food. Cant let your hostiage die."Slade said. "Then Go get i dont know mCdonalds or something Slade!"Adrian said. Slade looked scared. "Yes Adrian."He said leaving. Adrian left the room and laid down on the couch one foot over the top one hanging down to the bottom. I looked towards the open window. I had a chance. I heard the door close. Slade just left.

I wiggled my pocket knife from my pocket. Surpised I grabbed it just barely and begain to cut the rope that held me to my death. I was suprised they dident check for a knife. The rope snapped. I sat up. I got up and walked towards the window to inspect how hight up I was. Not so high. I slowly begain to lift the window seal up. I squecked loudly. I shuddred. I looked towards the couch. Adrian was still there. I heard a blunt noise. Adrian had smacked the gun down on the table. I got the window up just enough to climb out. I saw Adrians leg leave the couch. Quickly I panicked. I fell towards the ground.

I closed my eyes to prepare for me fall out but I landed on my feet on a Semi truck. The wind smacked my face as the car moved faster. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Adrian look out the window. He was mad. But I dident care. I looked infront of me. I wonder were this truck is even going.