"Ashley dear," my father asked me, "would you mind showing us a short cut some scientists use to convert the skin sells in the correct material?" I growled. This was my failing part in this part of turning something in to an android. "Remember to use the right amounts of the four acids and two bases, or else it might explode on contact." I gulped. If this was really our way to survive in the future, then why the hell does it have sticky situations such as these? I walked up the front of the classroom, quietly laughing to myself. I looked at the row of bottles laid out in front of my face. My enormous class stared at me with poker faces as I picked up the very first liquid. It was the color of the sun, so I was suspecting that it was about the scale of one. I poured about the beaker about one fourth of the way.

I heard snickering coming from the very back of the classroom, coming from none other than my annoying sister Asaya and her friends. Her own creation, a small fox she named Rubia, was of course sitting there in front of her on the desk, laughing along with Asaya and her two best friends, Shimarai and Kran.

"Do you think she'll actually do it this time Asaya?" Shimarai giggled as she quietly looked down in to her lap and continued texting her boyfriend.

"Of course not, everyone knows that Ashley has yet to learn no matter how hard she tries in everything, not one of her breakthroughs will prevail. It's just a matter of time before the classroom has smoke seeping through the door," Asaya chuckled as she stared at me with such a venomous expression. She was testing me, in order to see if I am smart or not. I'm going to show her, that I am not the push over she knows anymore. I am going to set her straight on how I actually am. The beautiful, wonderful mistress I am! I quickly poured the right amounts of liquid in to the beaker.

"S-She actually did it?" Kran gasped, standing on her chair to stare at the glowing green beaker. I smiled and placed my hands behind my back. I told you I could do it.

"Nice job Ashley, my eldest," my father congratulated me. "Now you may have the honor of pouring the liquid on to the corpse's muscle tissue in order for it to stabilize and turn in to Sezmo (A new type of metal that Mr. Snobell founded)." I slowly picked up the unstable beaker and began to pour it on to the practice corpse my dad has. Asaya glared at me with that same expression as I saw her place her hands under her desk. I began to pour the liquid on, and I gulped worriedly. What was she going to do to make my failure again?

A big gust of light filled the entire room, engulfing it with smoke. I waved my hand in front of my face, clearing the smoke from my breathing space. I knew it. She had a plan after all. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I fell to the floor, crying hysterically.

"I knew it was to good to be true," I heard my father's voice scold as he slapped a ruler in front of my face. "Asaya is the one who will run this family when I am dead. Go to your room, your band from this class!" I did as told, and ran off to my room quickly. He hates me! He really hates me!

I ran down the crystal hallway, passing many of my father's scientists on my way to my room at the very end of the hall. My white dress flowed past me as I ran down the hallway. Everything I did was a screw up, even when I thought it wasn't a screw up for me. I thought I had it back there, I did the correct mixing of the certain amounts and everything!

I stopped in my tracks. No...I did have it. Whatever Asaya was doing down there led to my failure. I have been doing this right all along, Asaya, that she-devil has been messing all of it up on purpose. That...that wench. But if I tell father, everyone knows that he would never believe anything I say. I just kept trotting along to my room, hoping that someone would just kill me, right and then. Maybe if I got lucky some murderer was in here and he'd happen to spot me first. I finally got to my room, and laid on my bed crying softly.