Maido ya Shitsudo

Yuuki's POV

Sometimes, no wait all the time Ren can be a hassle. I was on my way to infirmary number 88,676,878,678? No,no, no! That was demolished decades ago. Now it was #789,893,787,999.

I suggest you not ask about the number. Let's justs say when Ren was little he liked to play terrorist …A LOT. Especially in the infirmaries. 4 year olds carry around toys and juice boxes, but Ren carries around dynamite and military tanks . . . real ones! Let's just say my master was not a normal toddler.

My ITD (Infirmary Tracking Device) started beeping like crazy. The door said Infirmary #789,893,787,999.I opened the door and on the, well on one of the infirmary beds was a red and yellow blob, which I'm guessing was Ren melted and blushing. Someone was examining him like he was a rare species or something. I looked closer at the person and it was Narumi's sister! NO ….Wait… Brother. I totally forgot he was a boy. He really does seem too cute to be a boy. I think his name is Miyaki.

"Is he all right?"I ask. Immediately Miyaki's head turned to me.

"Oh, I didn't see you there."

OH Why can't Ren just man up? I mean what kind of man faints. I was now on my way to Infirmary #49. I suggest




Okay, maybe I shouldn't have used 4 lines to say 3 words,he he(- -:). It actually wasn't much of a surprise Narumi's brother does seem quite the charmer. At this rate he might be starting to attract men. Then again…*Looks at Ren.*

"I think he has fever."I look back at Miyaki and he puts his forehead against Ren's. Okay now this was an OHMYGOD moment. Ren now seemed identifiable. Miyaki stepped two meters back. Then another 2 meters. She kept on doing it until she stuck to the window."It's confirmed. Either he has a fever or he ate the sun. And I'm guessing Fever." What the…. Was Ren that in love? "Anyway, "I said hoping to change the subject."I'll take it from here."

"Then I guess I should be going "He's walks out the door and comes back in." May I ask where the exit…is. Um to this house that is?"

Miyaki's POV

So what… I asked where the exit was. Remember how people say's can show me out the door'. Well in this case I can't show myself the exit. I had a hard time finding the infirmary as it is.*Snicker*I look back at the maid. She was turning purple and then went exploded into hysteria. I have to admit I was pretty annoyed "That's right keep on laughing." I muttered

"I'm sorry." she said calming herself down. "Here you go." She handed me a piece of paper. I unfolded it and it seemed to be a map to the e+li? No the exit. This "map" looked as if it was written by cavemen. Suddenly I Heard Monkey noises. I saw 5 cave men running down the hall with clubs and steamed lobster.

"Reviens ici avec mon homard cochon sauvage !" The chef shouted in a French accent. I popped my head back into the infirmary.

"Umm, Miss?"

"Call me Yuuki." She said giving me a smile.

"Yeah, Yuuki?"

"What is it?"

"Did He just say' Come back here with my lobster, you uncivilized pigs'?" She looked at me with shock.

"You know French?"

"Well, the places I go. . ."

"You've live in Sapporo and been to Tokyo 1 time."

"I'm guessing my brother told you I live in Sapporo."

"Actually, he didn't." She said putting a hand to her cheek. I slowly backed out the door. Um, stalker much?

"Bye" I said, but Yuuki kept on looking back to whatever she was looking back to.

I was too lazy to find the exit. Probably because it took me 3 hours to get to the infirmary .So I just climbed out the window. To be honest I don't think this day can get any weirder.

Ren's Pov

"Told, you he was cute." Yuuki sang. I turned away, my face on fire.

"Maybe." I said.

"T_T. Maybe?" Yuuki asked raising her eyebrows.

"Yes, maybe. Did you not just hear me 5 seconds ago?"

"Miyaki and Ren sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N…"

"Shut Up!"I yelled.

"He's a guy! I mean I'm 3 years older than you. Would you love me?"Yuuki questioned me.


"And why is that?"

"Because love is love and no matter what gender, what age, or what personality, love will always be love."I smirked. I looked back at Yuuki to see her shocked face but instead she was wearing a devious smile.

"If 'love is love no matter what gender. . .' then you should be able to love him, shouldn't you?"

I thought about what Yuuki said and then … Dam! She was right again.

Yuuki's POV

" Curse you philosophy!" Ren yelled.

Philosophy? Who was he yelling at anyway?

"So you do like him?"

"Yeah." He sighed,

"Well if you're going to confess, better hurry Miyaki leaves today."

"Whaaa. ."

"Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Time is slipping away."His face started glowing, which meant he had a idea. Last time he had an "idea" I think it involved Hurricane Katrina and World War 2. Don't ask about how we went back in time.

"I'll just have to hire him." He said snapping his fingers.

"As what?" I asked nervously.

"My butler." I think the days are just going to get weirder. "Anyway who is this Miyaki you speak of?"I snickered. "What?"

"Dude, that is just sad."

"What do you mean?"

"Does Miyaki Shizuki ring a bell?"

"Hey isn't Shizuki Narumi's last naaame . . ."5, 4, 3, 2 . . .


"Um, a stupid one?"

"I must catch up with her, tsk, him." Ren said, jumping up and running out the door.

I decided not to tell him that Miyaki probably climbed out the window unlike our poor other guests who are probably in one of our asylums, raving mad. I knew he was smarter than the rest of the lost souls that are still haunting our mansion today. They are not dead, or at least I think they are. They probably survived.

Anyway I let this one slide because this might the biggest and humorous and dramatic and more humorous love story ever. It's not tragic like Romeo and Juliet. So ha Take that Shakespeare.

Lesson: Don't read Romeo and Juliet. If you read it i'm sorry that you had see those two die. I do NOT mean to offend Shakespeare Lovers. I hate and love anything that has the main characters die. Ex. Death Note and I just spoiled it for You.

Educational Fact for the Day: Sapporo is a place in Hokkaido where the annual Ice Festival is held. A/n: I made live there for a reason.