A Magical Christmas

A Chapter in Ren's POV

"Mommy, mommy,mommy,mommy! This is what I want for christmas!" I yelled as burst into the ballroom where mommy was setting everthing up for our annual Christmas party. I handed her the newest army catalog that came in today. She took it and flipped to the first page.

"Hmm...Toy soldiers," She looked at me and her smile turned upside down."Milatery tanks along with a real live soldier." she said her voice now cracking."I'll think about it honey."I sighed and walked away.'I'll think about it.' What kind of answer was that?"Oh Ren,"She called out.

"Yeah Mom?"She held out a tiny silver smiled and I frowned.

"Tuxedo trying time."

Oh god help me.


"Oh come on you look adorable."My mom insisted. I glared at her, pouting."Well, I'm sorry that the tuxedo is choking you." You're damn right it does!"Ren...Language!"I rolled my eyes. "Ah...Ren. Mommy needs to talk to aunty Karin,Kay'? So you can go play with your freinds !" She walked away in the seperate direction.

I looked over to where a few kids were dancing and being happy. I think mom forgot something.

I had no friends.

I walked over to the balcony and looked at the sky. Millions and millions of stars clustered all together. I wonder if they ever feel crowded.

"Ren." I looked over and saw a 4 year old girl with a white frilly dress and long purple hair. She looked at me with her honey colored eyes."That's your name, right?"I was stunned, but then I regained my senses. I folded my hands and pouted.

"Yeah, Got a problem?"She shook her head.

"No. That's a nice name." She started to walk away.I felt guilty.

"Hey." I said running after her. She turned around. I sratched my head and turned red.

"I'm sorry." For some time I thought she wasn't going to forgive me but then she held out her hand and smiled.

"May I have this dance, Mr. Okaiba?" Oh, man. Now I was getting all teary. I took her hand.

"You may." I said my voice cracking. Then I burst into tears. The girl punched me on the shoulder."Oww! What was that for?!"I looked over and she had a poker face on.

"Man up Soldier." I was still crying. Then I felt someone stretch my cheeks. I looked at her and she smiled. "Cheer up!" And she led me to the dance floor. After a while she left. But even if she left, it was the most best moments out of my entire life.

The next Morning...

I ran downstairs and looked under the christmas tree and of corse all 245,569,129 presents were for me. Wait...


There was 1 present that stood out from all the rest. It was small, and I mean very small but it stood out from all the others. I opened it and in it was a tiny toy soldier. It seemed to be very old. I looked in the box again and found a note. I opened it up.

Dear Ren Okaiba(A.K.A. Crybaby)

What's up? You're a good dancer but not thet good. And you cry a lot. Anyways I know you're not like other spoiled rich brats who likes things new and throw them away after 1 use. This toy soldier was my father's. So...umm...I thought I'd give to you?

Sincerley Miyaki

P.S. I hope we meet again.

Oh dang it! I was crying again! The tears wouldn't stop it. The first time in years I wasn't alone, I wasn't some snobby rich brat... I could be myself thanks to her. I wiped the tears on my pajamas and smiled.

"I hope we meet again too...Miyaki. i really hope so."

"Hello? HELLO?"

"Ahh! Who, What, When, Where, Why, Cupcakes."I looked up and Yuuki was staring at me like I had grown 5 legs. But then her normal face appeared.

"So what were you thinking about?" I smiled at her. She seemed to be shocked. Probably because this was a sincere one.

"Just a magical Christmas."

A/n: First of all... MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know some of yous are celebrating with your family(but what do I care)and some are not like me. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun. In the hardest of times you can always find a little hope. I may be mean and laugh at other people's pain but from the bottom of my heart*Warm Smile* Merry Christmas...