Mary Le Main
Prologue: The Child Of Dreams

They're bodies made of ivory bone. They're faces mere skin.
No one knows where they've came from. No one knows where they've been.
Only the children know where they, themselves, have been. Few children made it there, few children made it back.
Like Mary Le Main. A child of dreams. At the age of seven, she thought this was heaven.
Mary Le Main was never afraid. They're bodies didn't scare her. She really didn't care. They needed her help. They needed a friend. Someone to lend.
Around Mary Le Main, they couldn't feel pain.
In a world called Bland, she was anything but. In their minds, she made the cut.
So let's start off our story, it shouldn't be to gory.

\\\ | | | /

Mary Le Main lived in a world so plain. She was getting tired of the games. Always the same was Mary Le Main.
She tried to change. To turn life's page. But she was stuck in its cage. Forced to age.
The walls all gray. With nothing to say. Like a curtain, never ready for a play. Like the sun never hit them, not a single ray.
The sky never blue. It never had a clue, that it was meant to be blue too.
Mary Le Main's world was just to plain. She was going insane. It was giving her pain. She wanted a new game. It was all like a never ending rain for Mary Le Main.

Mary Le Main wanted this wish. For everything to change, with just one single swish.
As she walked down the lane, our Mary Le Main, she came across an old wooden cane.
The cane glistened and gleamed. Its black finish, polished pristine. The knobs black skeletal hand, finishing the scene.
She stared and stared. This cane could not be compared. It looked like something to never be shared. Something never needing repaired.
This fascinated Mary Le Main. How it stuck straight up in the middle of the lane. It was anything but plain. As beautiful as a crane.
Mary Le Main went and touched the cane. As it was warm, she thought herself insane.
She closed her eyes. She could hear cries. She opened her eyes. What she saw was a surprise. She blinked, it gave no signs.
The sky was purple, despite the time. A man walked by, she could see his spine. Walking in a perfectly straight line. -
Mary Le Main examined the cane. On the skeletal wrist, were the initials engraved. The words read 'DM'. No other name.
At that moment, a person walked by. Then they stopped, and looked to the side. -"That is going to take some time." Said the man to the side. "For that cane looks like it came from the pines." He pointed to a small forest of trees, different from the rest. Looking like pine trees, but not the best.
"The man who owns that cane, he can make one insane. He has caused much pain. Best be tame." The man walked away, his legs seemed lame to Mary Le Main.
Mary Le Main thought for a moment, and then moved on, looking for the owner of the cane. Hoping nothing would go wrong.

Mary Le Main followed a defined trail. The sides guarded by imaginary rails. Keeping her journey stale.
As she continued, she saw interesting sights. A boy, who looked like he should be sleeping. A girl, reaching up, leaping. A woman, sitting there, freezing. A man, forced into thinking.
But nothing scared our Mary Le Main. She couldn't help but feel sad for there pain. It wasn't the same, to Mary Le Main. Not as plain.
The trail led to the pines, like she heard from the man with the distinct spine. Yet the trail seemed like it toke no time.
As she reached the ever so far pines, how they started forming in lines. the other trees thinned,their appearance being crimes.
As our Mary Le Main finished the trail, she reached a opened gate, made of black rails. The rails very fragile. Yet looked as if they would never fail. As she stepped through it, it was as if she passed through a veil.
Mary Le Main knew,this place shouldn't be taken with disdain. A place of no restrain. A sense hard to obtain. surely here, she'd find the man who owned the cane.
As she walked, she saw a womam, redheadedHer neck looked as if she'd been beheaded. Her body made of bones, never covered. On the head and neck was the only skin offered. Black tattered ball gown, creating her hair to be the only thing colored. Just like the man with the spine, both their bodies, in the same way, looked suffered.
The cane couldn't be hers. Her hands looked too fragile as they handled the bushes of furze. It should belong to someone with nerve.
With that thought, her eyes went to a man with a smirk. Compared to this world around him, he was very invert.
He sat in a chair of made of flax. Dressed in all black looking as if a king among saps.
"Little Miss Mary Le Main, I see you are the one who found my cane." said the man, his voice sleek as rain.
With a small nod, she handed it out to him. His pale hands, actually having skin. With his features, she didn't know where to begin.
Once she saw how the cane looked in the mans hands. That was all it toke. Their perfect match, never shook.
The cane was a perfect fit. Its shading, not off a single tint. The man was finally fixed.
"Your world, isn't it Bland, stale as sand? Well, you've found a different type of land. Not as crammed.
"What if I say, that i'd let you stay? Although this land of decay, for you, it would be less of a slay." He smirked once again, "You've already made your pay." He held up and spun the cane. If it was possible, it shinned much more here than it did in the lane.
She looked in wonder. It was nothing to ponder. She wouldn't suffer any longer. This world could be so much fonder. A place she could be stronger.
So she accepted the offer. Hoping she wouldn't be a bother.
She walked back through the gate. This moment was not a second to late. It didn't look great, but she'd give it a good rate.
So now, our real story can begin. Our Mary Le Main, will soon discover, a world filled with sin.