It was a moment.

A small moment, perhaps, but still a moment.

The wind was whispering in her ear

About how nice the weather was

As the girl climbed up the bus steps

To await by the bus window

For a guy

Who made her smile every time he came

Glancing down the busy street

She saw his brown curly hair

Bounce up and down

In the gentle breeze

Grinning like an idiot

She called out his name

And it seemed like a movie

As he scurried across the street

Just to see her

She felt somewhat like Juliette

As she glanced down from her bus seat balcony

Down at her nerdy Romeo with a scarlet gameboy

They chatted and laughed

And smiled and grinned

When the boy held out a piece of paper

As she scrambled to grab a note she wrote for him

They exchanged papers

Both with an amused look on their faces

But the buses roared in fury

And the boy smiled and said a haste goodbye

Needless to say

'Juliette' went home with

A huge grin grin on her face

Simply because a kind deed

Made her day