My heart yearns for you...
With no answer i try to keep strong.
I know love kept me strong,
Even when i was weak i did not wilt.
You were the best thing to ever happen to me...
I hope you know.
I hope i get word about you.
Our hearts are one,

I hope you know.
Even across the distance i knew we were meant to be.
Just as i know things will get harder on us before they get better.
And even now with you not yet here things have been happening.
Something else will happen, i know it.
But as long as i love you,
I can handle anything.

Our souls intwine,
I know its a beautiful sight.
Since i've met you our fates were intwined.
From the start we were meant to be.

Without realizing it i'll find myself smiling,
Without realizing it i'll dream of you,
Without knowing it i've written a thousand poems about you.

And without completely understanding i'm making promises that i intend to keep...