Welcome to my first original story that is mostly original. I had this thing sitting in my hardware for months now. I'm not too good at making story so please bear with me. My english is also not too good and I'm hoping to improve it so that you can enjoy this story to the fullest. If you have any concern, please do contact me. Now sit and enjoy the prologue while I go work on the first chapter.


In a far off land called the Hidden Land by some, there were six major countries that border each other: The Western Commonwealth, Naigoshi, Maizu, The lunar empire, The Kingdom of Darkness, and Aurora Desert. Each country had a monarchy that were to look after the welfare of the people but as time passed on by; the monarchy became corrupted and started to only care about themselves and their family. After so many years of having poor harvest due to too many droughts and other reasons, the people rebelled against the monarchy. After ten long months, the people were successful in overthrowing their tyrant rulers. All of the six leaders who led the rebellion in each of their country were brought to the throne by the people to become their new ruler. Each of the new rulers created an alliance between one another to help each other's country in times of need. Twenty peaceful years had quickly passed. But, it was easily broken when a crime organization called The Shadow-Hands killed an entire city of people. More incidents occurred and each of the countries had to create their own anti-Shadow-Hands group made of leaders of each noble family and came together to discuss how to fix the many problems that the organization created, how to find where their headquarters are located, who their leaders are, and many other things about the organization itself. This is where our story begins, in a time of chaos and turmoil.

Yeah... That's was very short... Hey, prologue are supposed to be short and action grabbing! So, was it action grabbing or was it lacking in something? Please give me some reviews about your thoughts so I can write the story better! Thank you for taking your time to read this story reviewing!