Black and blue shirts

Black and white fuzzy piglet purse

Scrawled letters and index cards

Rottweiler puppies and a promise of hearts

Knotted and broken (ripped/torn) bookmark

A promise of books that never arrived

A lingering wonder of the truth of lies

A heart breaking and mending starting in five

Promises made and broken through time

Loose corset lacings and a guessing game

Frantically-sent mail and a whispered name

Nightmares and dreams and an unseen face

Screams and fights and laughs and pain

A phone, a voice, a movie theater, a day

A birthday, a bet, a dime, a dance

A sea of faces, a second (third/fourth) chance

A waltz, fruit tea, a ten-minute romance

High-speed chases and humble recants

A wad of Cheez-its and unbroken glass

An earthquake, videos, identities, chats

These are the things I remember them by

Lost in memory, faded in time