I look down into a clearing from a tree, who's foliage conceals me. I see my two targets: Prince Xander Lunar and Cicero Espinoza, his stable boy who is teaching the prince how to sword fight on a horse. I know I have to kill them without being caught, but that's easy. Killing them will be easy, it's figuring out how to that's hard.

Being an assassin, I have killed many and felt no remorse for doing it, but rarely do I have to kill two at the same time or at the same place. I have to figure out who to kill first and how. Do I kill one with an arrow and the other with a sword? Or both with arrows? Or both with swords? Perhaps I could use one of my many throwing knifes?

There is always a drawback to any way I would want to kill them. I could kill one and the other get away. I could be kill or captured.

"Cicero, my friend, do you feel some one watching us?" Prince Xander asks. "Or am I just imagining things?"

"No, mi amigo, I feel the stares too," Cicero says in a strange accent that I think is spanish. But then again I've never heard a spanish accent.

"Well do you think we should go back to the castle and send some knights to check the grounds for intruders?"Prince Xander asks.

Cicero nodds and they turn their horses towards the castle. No! I'm going to mis my chance! I yell in my mind. I quickly put an arrow on the bow and aim it at Cicero's head. I realease the arrow and it flies through the air. Right before it hits him, he moves his head out of the way and it lands in his shoulder. He howls in pain and falls off his horse. The terrified horse runs away toward the castle. Prince Xander's horse panics but he calms it down. When the horse was calm he jumped off itand went to help his friend. He pulled the arrow out of Cicero's shoulder and looked at the arrow.

"Mi amigo, I believe that's an assassin's arrow. Look at it, the woods' black and the arrow is shaped differently," Cicero said with pain in his voice, coughing up a little blood.

Prince Xander stands and faces the forest, anger smouldering his grayish-blue eyes.

"Come out you coward! Fight like a man!" He yells, turning and glaring at the bushes and trees.

Well I might not be a man, but if it's a fight he want then it's a fight he'll get. I draw my sword and he looks in my direction. Ijump down from the branch and land on my feet, stabbing the swords into the ground. I stand and I see both anger and confusion in his eyes.

"You're a girl," he says in confusion. "And you're an assassin."

"Yes. And that's a treee, and that's a bush, and that's your friend over there bleeding and in pain. Are we done pointing out the obvious?" I ask grabing the black hood attached to my dark blue tunic and pull it over my head, hiding my face in the shadows. I let him see my face and that was a mistake. He has to be killed now.

He draws his sword and I throw my second sword to the ground. He runs at me with his sword over his head, leaving the rest of his body completely exposed. When he got within striking distance, I bring the sword across his chest and smile in satasfaction when I see his blood. But the cut does'nt stop him and he brings the sword down. I barely had time to move before it was in my shoulder and it had cut all the way down to the bone. I could'nt move my shoulded and the sword fell out of my hand.

Before I can move he kicks it away and holds the tip of his sword to my throat. I take a step back but run into something sharp. I turn my head and see Cicero, still bleeding, holding my sword.

"Alright, put the swords down, I surrender," I say putting my good arm up. "You don't need to hold me a sword point. By the severity of this wound, soon I'll be to weak to even stand."

Prince Xander and Cicero move over to the horses', watching me the whole time. I don't plan on running away, for two reasons. One, that would be too cowardly and two, the wound is as sever as I told them. I try to move my arm but it won't. Now I can tell that my shoulder is broken. And a broken shoulder means that I can't use almost all of my weapons.

They come back with rope and a piece of clothe. Prince Xander put the clothe on my shoulder and Cicero ties it down with the rope. I bite my tounge at the new wave of pain. I feel my legs start to tremble as if I might fall.

"Senorita. maybe you should sit on the horse. You look like you might faint," Cicero says.

Prince Xander brings the horse over and I mount the horse. Prince Xander continues to hold the reigns but I don't try to take them. I look down at my shoulder and see the clothe is completely soaked with blood and the wound is still bleeding. My vision has gone blurry and I'm finding it hard to hold my head up. I hug the horses' neck as my vision goes black