"You stand before the council, accused of treason. What say you in your defense?"

"I admit. I did commit treason against the coven. But what I did was right! He was no more than a child!"

"That child was a monster! And you aided him!"

"That monster was thirteen! And didn't even know what he was!" I said.

"Who gives a damn? You had a job to do! A duty to your family! You were this coven's best executioner, and you went and threw it all away. For what? To help some child you don't even know?"

"What sort of man would kill an innocent child? A child who never even knew what he was, even."

"A man who knows his place. A man who respects the word of his elders. A man who cares about the survival of his race."

"Our race? Our race is in no danger! The only danger is men like you! Men who would see our race turned into soulless, bloodthirsty monsters!"

Another councilmember cut in. "Danger or no, you have been accused of, and admitted to, treason. In our way, there is only one punishment. Death."

And there we are. Where my story ends. Oh, did you just join us? Oh wait, I just started. I should probably explain how I came to this horrible end…


My name is John Conner Scott, and I am a vampire.

There's the bombshell. Yep, we exist. Though not in the way you expect. We don't sleep in coffins, we don't "vant to suck your blood!". We don't live in castles, or mansions in the woods, we aren't rich, and we sure as hell don't sparkle.

We live in small communities, four, five families. Forty people at the most, living in large caves carved into mountains, large hills, or even right under your own town. Hell, I could be under your house right now.

Now, back to where I was heading. My name is John Conner Scott, and I am a vampire. I am twenty (in human years, at least). I live with my father, Jacob Scott, my sister, Emma (she's fifteen), and my brother, Jason (he's 13). We live in small community under New York City. Right under the Empire State Building, actually. Five families, about twenty people total.

My father's the leader, and is one of the members of the local, and high, council. I am the lead executioner of the coven, which means any prisoners who are sentenced to death are killed by me. My sister's a scholar, and my brother's the apprentice of a blacksmith.

Quite the odd combination. Then again, you probably never thought that vampires could actually exist! So what the hell do you know?

Anyways, with each generation of new vampires, there's a select group called "The Circle". The circle is a thing of superstition, because nobody knows who they are. Not even the members. There was a prophecy, way back during the time of the first vampires, that said that one day, The Circle will rise from the ashes of the world, and this generation will unite the vampires, werewolves, and sorcerers into one common people, and remake the world in their image.

Yes, werewolves are real too. And so is magic. That's where the sorcerers come in. The Circle isn't just vampires. It's a member of each race. It is said that one day, when the humans destroy each other, and supposedly the world, that the only the strongest will survive.

With that magic date December 21st, 2012 rapidly approaching, our coven is contemplating the possibility that this could be real. That the humans will launch their nuclear weapons and plunge the whole world into war, and eventually kill off most of the population. Then, The Circle will arise, and take over.

Now, The Circle is said to be stronger, smarter, and more evolved then the rest of their people, and that they will usher in a new era, the era of night.

That's where my story begins.