Chapter One:

Some pretty weird things have been happening lately. Over the course of one summer vacation, I went from the shortest, scrawniest, most un-athletic kid in my grade, to the biggest, strongest, fastest, tallest, and all-around best-looking kid in the whole school!

My dad said "it's only natural". I've heard the whole "birds and the bees" and "there comes a time in a young man's life" things at least twenty times. I know about all that. But this just isn't right. I mean, one friggen summer? That doesn't happen. Especially to people like me.

Usually, I'm the kid getting shoved against lockers and having their stuff knocked onto the floor. Up until a few days ago )when school started), all the cheerleaders thought I didn't exist. I mean, I don't even need glasses anymore! I went to the eye doctor a few weeks ago, and he said "Sir, you went from being almost legally blind, to having perfect vision. It's a miracle."

Now, I've got every girl breathing down my neck, and all the team coaches are trying to get me out for sports. Track, cross-country, football, basketball, even the cheerleaders want me (personally, I think the cheerleaders just wanna see me in tight clothing)!

Oh yeah, I'm Liam. Liam Payne. I live in a nice apartment, with a view of the ocean. I live with my father, Jon, my mother, Janet, my twin sister, Thea, and my older sister, Anna. We're a close family. My dad's a biologist, my mom's an anthropologist, and Anna just went off to college.

Did I mention I have a twin sister? You know how every school has that one girl that every guy wants? The one with the perfect smile, perfect body, and all that? Yeah, according to all of my friends, that's my sister.

The first day of school, I walk in with my messenger bag slung over my shoulder, a pair of white cargo shorts, and a plain grey shirt that sorta hugged the new muscles on my chest and abdomen. Thea was next to me, wearing a red, tight, low-cut shirt, a kinda short white skirt, knee high red socks, and a pair of sparkly gold shoes.

So, the two of us go to first period together, and take seats next to each other. At this point, everyone's like, "Who's the kid that Thea's hangin out with?"

The bell rings after awhile, and the teacher starts going through the roll call.

After awhile, she calls, "Liam Payne?"

I raise my hand, and say in my new deep voice "Here."

That's when the whispers start. The girls behind me talking to Thea, the jocks in the corner, and the "geeks".

"Wow, Thea. I never thought that your brother would ever be this hot. What's his number?"

"Dude, no way. Scrawny little Liam? No way in hell."

"Looks like no one's messing with us this year!"

After a grueling two and a half classes, we finally go to lunch. Ah, where to sit. So many choices right? Well I get my food, and start to walk to my normal table, you know, the loser-slash-nerd table, when Thea grabs my arm.

"Come on Liam, you're sitting with us this year."

Now, by "us" she means all the mega-hot cheerleaders, the hot-headed jocks, and the all-around cool people.

No one says anything when I sit down between Thea and her best friend. Probably cuz my newly formed chest looks like I could crush their skulls with my massive pecs.

One of the football players looks at me. "Yo Liam, you tryin out for the team this year?"

"Do I look like the kind of guy to play football?"

One of the cheerleaders smiles at me. "You do now, honey."

I think that's enough to explain how things have gotten weird. We're about two weeks into school, and Thea's friends have forced me into going to football tryouts today. I don't imagine that this will go well…

We get onto the field, and the coach lines us up and start sorting us out into groups. He sends the bigger guys over to a group for lineman and blockers, the fast-looking people to for running backs, and the rest of us, about ten in total, for quarter back, half back, full back, wide receiver, and kicker.

After two hours of grueling throwing, catching, running, and sweating, he blows the whistle. "Alright boys. Head home, and be out here tomorrow. I'll have the team list up outside the locker room."

I start to head off towards home, when the star-quarter back from last year, Trey Nickels, runs over to me. "Yo Liam!"

I turn around, "Yeah?"

"Meet us back here in two hours. A few of us are going out to eat."

This is where my story begins.