Whisper words of inconsistency

Bullets to the heart

Run up and down the boulevard

Right back to the start.

Whisper to me sweet nothings

Full of lies and indecencies

I want to hear your vulgar cries

Missing you like excstacy.

I missed you most when you were here

Ignoring me, abandonment

But had you never walked away

I'd be drunk on your intoxication.

The life you have running through your veins

It's like chasing the dragon

Making love to the emotion

To the lust

To the vague nonsense

Fool's love.

Is that the only love you know?

The kind of love that doesn't truly love at all?

You broke my heart in abandonment,

Cold-hearted bastard

Could you never dance again

I'd pull you in and keep you there

Love you like I always have

And leave you at the door.

Take care, beast

Take your primalities elsewhere

Waste your pity-fuck on some woman of the night

And let me rest in peace.