Two hundred years. Believe it or not, that's still childhood for a vampire. Though, those two hundred years can either make or break a vampire. I'm still trying to figure out which happened to me. My name is Kyle Bloodvial, originally known as Kyle Willman, back when I was human at least. I was given that name by my maker, taking her last name as my own when she "adopted" me in to her coven. Lisa Bloodvial was her name, a name she had taken from her maker, and so forth for centuries since the beginning of vampire civilization she told me. A name, she once said, that held great power, and great respect in the unnatural community. That's what humans call us. We are unnatural's, a disease among the living.

Vampires do no sparkle, nor do they burn in the sunlight - annoying idealism's that the humans created to further insult our existence. But we do get migraines borderline blood frenzy when we are exposed without proper protection, ie. UV protective sunglasses. Simple tinted plastics and metal frames are what keep us from killing everyone around us. Some of us do have powers of sorts, but for the most part, we are just like humans, only cold, more arrogant, and altogether better at everything, especially looks. I for one, do have an ability I can control things with my mind. Be it starting a car with need of keys nor fuel to simply changing the temperature around me. Minor power compared to some other ones like future sight or teleportation.

I was eighteen when I was turned. I was at a party that I didn't want to be at, having been dragged there by a couple of friends, and was sitting in a corner watching everyone getting drunk or high. I was normally very antisocial, spending most of my time indoors staring at a TV screen with an Xbox controller in my hands, yelling at people who had just crouched over top of my face repeatedly. But this night was different. My friends decided that they actually wanted to go out and meet some people, maybe hook up, ad get laid. While I did want to meet a girl, and have some fun, I had my priorities straight.

So there I was, sitting in the corner, drinking a Mountain Dew, praying to god that one of my friends would come find me, and say it was time to go. Instead, one of them was outside sucking some blonde chicks face who was clearly wasted, while the other was have a salt snorting contest at the kitchen table and was winning. Then I saw her. She was beautiful, tall, dark haired. She had an energy about her that screamed control. I stared at her, unable to look away. She looked towards me, I could feel her strong, controlling stare pulling me in. Before I knew it, I was walking towards her, unable to control my body any longer. It was like she was pulling me with her stare. I stopped in front of her, unable to move nor speak.

"Hey" She said, "why don't we get out of here."

We were moving before I even realized what was happening. We were out the door and heading down the street when I was finally able to speak.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Somewhere we can't be seen. I want you all to myself."

Strange how one can be so easily manipulated. Humans were supposed to be top of the food chain, unmatched by any creƤture. Man was I wrong.

Sure, being bit hurts. When anything bites, be it child or animal, it hurts. But being bit by a vampire is rather painless. It's what comes afterwards that kills. After talking with other vampires, many of them being women who bore children before their turning, most of them compared the turning to having twin come out at the same time, then someone cauterizing the wound right afterwards. The pain is enough to make even the strongest of minds shatter, rendering one to fall comatose for one week.

After the week is up, you are born anew. Your body is built up, your health is perfect. Anything that was "wrong" before, vision problems, hearing, they are all gone. Eyesight becomes better than an eagles, hearing becomes better than hounds, scent is increased. The list could go on for miles. Long story short, you become godlike.

When I awoke, I felt awesome. Mind you I was buried six feet deep in the ground but I digress. The coffin was black yet I could see every detail. My family must have spent a fortune on ita being first-born had its perks. Then I heard her voice. Lisa spoke to me in my mind.

"Wake my son, your new life is about to begin."

Suddenly, my coffin was opened up and I gazed up at the light of the full moon. Lisa was standing over me wearing all black clothing and a 3/4, black trench coat. She held out her hand and I took it, being pulled up out of my grave.

"What happened to me? Who are you?" There were too many questions going around in my head, but those were the most important ones to come out.

"My name is Lisa Bloodvial. I am your new mother, your maker, and your leader in this new life. You have been dead for seven days. Welcome back." she said.

She handed me a black bag.

"Put these on, then we will get out of here and start introducing you to the family."

I did as she asked. Turns out, my parents even got me a tailor made suit for my death. I took it off then opened up the bag. In it was clothing, gothic looking and all very, very black. I pulled out some jeans and put them on. They were a perfect fit, and very comfortable. I reached in to the bag and pulled out a black dress shirt and a red tie then put them on as well. I folded up my suit and put it in the bag. Lisa then handed me some black boots that went up to mid shin on me. Then she passed me a full length trench coat and a pair of slick, black sunglasses.

"Wear these in the sun unless you want to get migraines. Otherwise, always keep them on your persons, or near you. Out coats have specially designed pockets meant to carry sunglasses without damaging them."

Lastly, she gave me a sterling silver chain necklace with a small glass vial pendant.

"This pendant is of great importance to us. It is what identifies us within our kind. Wear it with pride and honour. From this point on, you shall be a Bloodvial."

Thus began my life as a vampire. I became Kyle Bloodvial then.

We left the cemetery soon afterwards and headed in to the small city of Kingston, Ontario. Lisa said that this was where the Bloodvial clan currently had residence, and that we needed to go somewhere close by or I might go in to new-born feeding frenzy. We drove by car through the dark city. Kingston was a tourist city, being the first capital of Canada, and was inhabited mostly of old people and settling families. Very few people were on the streets. We arrived at a larger house in one of the many suburban sectors of the city. The garage door opened and Lisa pulled the car in. The door closed as we exited the car and entered the house. Inside wasn't what I expected to say the least.

Where normal suburban houses are small and sectioned, this one was large and open, as if the walls had all been torn down creating one big room. The only things left from the earlier walls were random support beams to hold to ceiling up. The main floor was empty save for a couple of chairs and a couch that looked like they had never been used. There was a staircase leading to the second floor where I assumed was the same as the first floor.

Lisa led me toward a door which I assumed was the basement. The stairwell was dark, but as like before in my coffin, I could see even better than I could have had the stairwell been lit. The basement was rather surprising. Where normal basements in suburbia are either unfinished or had small rooms, this basement was huge. There looked to be rooms for at least twenty people, as well as a sub basement staircase. The place was lit by candles though it didn't need to be.

I followed Lisa down the hall stopping to look inside rooms that had their doors open. There was quite the coven here. In some rooms, people were sitting by fireplaces reading, in others, children played. I even spotted one room with bats hanging upside down. Things were starting to get unbelievable now. I figured now would be a good time to start questions.

"How many of us are there down here?" I asked.

"Around twenty-five or so. Fifteen adults and about ten children. All Bloodvials, some are even originals." Lisa responded like a tour guide who knew her stuff inside and out and could go through blind and tied up.

"Are those bats actually vampires?" I didn't understand why this of all questions came out. I mean, I could have asked why I had been turned or even what was going to happen next.

Lisa laughed a little, as if having been questioned by an ignorant child.

"Yes, those were vampires. We all have that ability, but it doesn't come for quite a while."

We continued down the hallway and stopped in front of an empty room. Lisa opened the door then walked in. I followed and looked around. It seemed to be a bedroom. Or the vampire equivalent. Crypt, maybe? It was also lit by candle light.

"This is where you shall be staying for the time being. You have the basic necessities, a brand new, custom coffin, a cold storage for blood when you can't control a sudden urge, closet full of clothing and a dressing table. There are spare sunglasses in the top drawer of your dressing table. Any more questions?"

I couldn't get my mouth to move with my mind. I shook my head no.

"Oh, the sub-basement level is where we store our fresh "produce". Feel free to grab a snack at any time. Now if you'll excuse me, I must be off to tell the coven leader of your arrival. Feel free to get acquainted with your new brothers and sisters. I will send someone for you when the lord is ready to see you."

Lisa then walked out of my room, leaving me to my thoughts. I didn't leave my room to meet anybody, nor did I leave to eat. I wandered my room, checking things out. The coffin looked nice. Stainless steel outside, memory foam inside. Comfy enough. The closet was interesting to say the least. Everything was black. Black jeans, black shirts in various styles ranging from dress to t - shirts, shoes and boots, jackets though those were mostly trench coats. The only colours were of red ties and even those were dark, blood reds.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes, originally blue, had turned red, and my canines could slowly lengthen or retract on my cue. My skin had paled, and my teenage male complexion had been cleared completely, leaving flawless, ghost white skin. My hair had even darkened from a light brown with natural gold streaks to nearly black.

I took off my trench coat and draped it over the back of the chair in form of my dressing table. The sunglasses slipped out on to the floor. I picked them up and examined them more closely. They looked like cheap dollar store glasses. I put them on the table, then opened the drawer. As Lisa had said, there were many more glasses in there. I picked out a couple of pairs, some sports ones and some aviators, then put the aviators in the trench coat pocket. An hour passed by before I heard a knock on the door. Lisa opened it and walked in with a tall, burly man behind her.

"Kyle, The Coven Leader would like to see you now."