Intro :

This is the world of "Libertas" . Well , actually it used to be called "Somnium" , so "Somnium" used to be ruled by 2 emperor . emperor of darkness , Dator De Fata , and emperor of light , Dator The Spe . Darkness and light maintain the balance of this world . Dator The Fata uses DeathCalibur to control the night while Dator The Spe uses Excalibur to control the day . Emperor of darkness and emperor of light used to be one being called dominus chaos who control the world and wield vetitum lamina . Until one day , when the human personality divided into good and bad , same thing happened to dominus chaos and his sword . Dominus Chaos Divided into a dark shard and light shard , and when the human realized about that , they began to panicked . They say it was a terrible time . Nobody can controlled the day or night . But then , 1 man changes everything , his name , was qui "Savior" salvum . I guess you can say that "Savior" is how people call him now . Everybody else also have their own nickname , but Savior was the one who started this kind of thing .

So , back to my story , Savior actually found the 2 shards , and somehow put it together , although , nobody knew how . When he saved the world , the humanity became normal again . But 2 years later , he disappeared and somehow the shards divided again and became the emperor of darkness and light . Before he disappeared , he made a guild where I'm stayin right now , and it's called Libertas . And that's how guilds began to appeared all over the place . Well , I guess that will cover some of your curiousity about this world , well enjoy the rest of my story .

Oh yeah , I forgot , my name is ens "Knightwalker" electi .