Chapter 1

The Brute And The Fool

One Normal Morning in Libertas

Knightwalker : "Hoaaaaaaaaaaaam"

Swift : "Yo knight , still feeling sleepy ?"

This is Venus "Swift" Regulus , my friend from childhood , when Savior took me to this guild , Swift was my first friend . He used to be a very polite boy , but now he is a playboy

Knightwalker : "Yeah , I'm so bored right now , there are no jobs that is good enough for me"

Swift : "I know , since the guild "Vincere" beated us during the last guild tournament , all the good jobs goes to their place"

Knightwalker : "They didn't beat us , they cheated , I know they did . I mean , even their weapons wasn't normal"

Oh yeah , I forgot to tell you , In this world , magic comes out from weapons . For example , I use a large sword that use the property of earth . Swift use 2 daggers that use the property of wind

Swift :"How about we take the job I just picked for the both of us ?" #while giving knightwalker a paper job

Knightwalker :"Let's see , hmmmm … a job to defeat a rampaging minotaur that has caused a lot of problem . Wow , I didn't think that you would choose a job that doesn't involve a woman in it . Usually , you would choose a job like save a girl or something".

Swift :"Oh come on , I'm not that low you know . Beside , it's been a long time since we teamed up . You know what they used to call our team right ?"

Knightwalker :"Yup , the brute and the fool"

Swift :"No ! The Charming duo , they used to call us that"

Knightwalker :"Yes , they "used" to call us that , until you broke every woman's heart on this region . Thanks to your "charm" , now they called us The brute and the fool"

Swift :"Right…. , anyway , do you want to do the job now ?"

Knightwalker :"Sure , but before that , is it just me or some part of the paper is missing"

Swift :"M-must be your imagination , let's get going"

Knightwalker :"Alright – alright . sheesh , I know your nickname is swift , but that doesn't mean you have to be so hasty"

Swift :"Lets's go !" #running to the door

So then , me and swift go to the requester house to ask for the detail about this job

#Swift knock the door gently

Swift :"Hello ! we are from the Libertas come here for the request . anyone home ?"

#A beautiful woman opened the door
Woman :"Are you here for the quest , thank you so much"

Knightwalker :"Now I understand , you are still the lowest man I know swift"

Swift :"I don't mind being the lowest , as long I get to meet beautiful ladies"#laughing so hard

Woman :"Oh my , you are quite the charmer , my boy , but I'm afraid I'm too old for you"

Swift :"I don't mind my angel , as long you keep the promise in this request"

Knightwalker :"Promise ? what promise , I didn't see any promise in this paper ?"

Woman :"The promise about whoever killed the minotaur , will marry my daughter"

Knightwalker :"What ?"

Swift :"Oh come on now knight , be a gentleman , and let this lady explained about the detail about this job"

Woman :"All right , please listen , 2 months ago , a minotaur just came into this farmland and started destroying the crops and even the villagers house , I need both of you to destroy the minotaur that is residing in the Belminu cave right now , here is the location"#the woman give knight a piece of paper

Swift :"All right , let's go knight !"#running like crazy to the location

Knightwalker :"Wait for me!"#Run after Swift

Woman :"Oh my , what a charming 2 boys , don't you like them Valde ?

Valde :"….. #come out from her room

So me and Swift run like crazy to the Belminu Cave

Swift :"We're here , yay !#jumping around

Knightwalker :"Calm down , come on , let's get this job over with"#walking inside

Swift :"Oh come on knighty , don't be mad"#pulling knight cheek

Knightwalker :"Don't do that ! and after this job is done , nobody gonna marry that woman's daughter"

Swift :"What ? why , that's the reason I picked this job"

Knightwalker :"Then next time , maybe you should let me picked a job for both of us"

Swift :"Fine… I'm sorry knighty"

Knightwalker :"Don't call me that you pervert sicko"

Swift :"What ? I may be a pervert . but I'm not a sicko"

Knightwalker :"Don't shout , maybe the minotaur will hear us"

Swift :"I don't care !"

And suddenly , a minotaur just jump in from above


Knightwalker :"Told ya"

Swift : "Nah , this kind of thing is a piece of cake for The Charming Duo"

Knightwalker :"…. Watch out!"

Minotaur :"Graaaaaaaaaaaa"#While directing its punch to swift"

Swift :"Oh please , Dixeritis"

Suddenly Swift is running like the wind

Swift :"Hah , is that all"

Knightwalker :"Terra Undo"

A wave of ground hit the minotaur

Minotaur :"Graaaaaaaaaa"#screaming painfully

Swift :"Let's finish this together knight"

Knightwalker :"Let's go"

Two of them preparing their weapon

Knightwalker :"With a slash of my sword…"

Swift :"By the pain of my daggers….."

Knight & Swift :"You shall taste the overwhelming power of Libertas ! Ferreus Ventus

The Earth mixed with the winds and creating a hard impact to the minotaur

Minotaur :"Graaaaaaaaaaaaaa"#Fall to the ground

Knightwalker :"Well , that was easy"

Swift :"I told you right"

Knightwalker :"Oh well , since the minotaur is dead , let's go and take "only" the reward money "

Swift :"Wan't to hear something funny ?"

Knightwalker :"What ?"

Swift :"The only reward for this job is actually the woman's daughter"

Knightwalker :"You fool !"#Punch swift in the head

Swift :"Sorry … Then let's go and take the woman's daughter"

Knightwalker :"No , we'll just have to ask for different reward"

Swift :"Sigh … fine"

Knightwalker :"Let's go to the woman's house"

Swift :"Okay"