A/N Leppy here, I was thinking of maybe making this into a type of journal fic. Basically, Alter's getting crazier and crazier until something snaps. The journal will show you all how she gets worse over time and what she'll do in the end...

Alter: I'm not this crazy in real life... Or is it in her head? She's just doing this because she wants to continue this but has no idea how!

Me: SHADDUP! No one needs to know that. I hope someone likes this

Alter: coughcommentcough

Hiyo, I'm Alter. I'm Leppy's Alter ego, Reflection, the crazy side of her and the slightly disturbed one.

I would like you all to know that we are not completley crazy. I just have a liking towards dark things. That is why I'm not allowed to type in the middle of the night; that's when Leppy is sleeping and I have free reign! I came up with some pretty disturbing fics... You will never find them!

Basically, I'm having some problems. More people have been bashing Leppy and she wont listen to me. I do my best to help, but it's hard.

Why does someone need to always put on a fake smile? Why do we need to censor what we say? It's not fair.

Bloods always red

My feelings are blue

Someone needs to be taught a lesson

That person is you