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Chapter 7

"Brother!?" Jason asked, confused, feeling betrayed. He had known Jayden for a long time, and he thought that maybe this was something that needed to be mentioned. The Dark Prince was only one of the most evil beings in the universe!

Jayden sighed and motioned for them to follow him back to the tea party. They followed. I was holding my stomach, still in slight pain. When would it go away? That freaking dickwad. Picking on me just because I was human. The next time I saw him, I was going to shove a tree up his ass!

"Tommy are you okay?" Jason asked, leaning down so our eyes were level. I nodded slowly. The pain was going away now. Apparently though he didn't believe me, because he suddenly picked me up in his arms.

"Hey!" I shouted in shock. "Put me down!"

"But you're in pain, right?" he asked, looking over his shoulder so we saw each other again. I sighed.

"Yes, but it's not so bad that I can't walk! I'm not a child!"

"No, you're a Princess." he said, smirking. Why the hell did he keep calling me that? I flicked the back of his head, and he muttered a quiet, "Ouch."

William was watching us, smiling, but then he looked at Jayden again, and his face grew serious. Jayden's music was sad now, and I wondered if he was aware of it. He sat down in his big ass chair, and took a sip of his tea. Jason put me down, and we all sat around him, waiting for an explanation.

"My parents found The Dark Prince, wandering alone in the forest when he was but a child. He had no memories of who he was, or why he was there. We took him in. He seemed normal until a few years ago, when the strain of not knowing his past broke him."

William looked in the direction that The Dark Prince had gone. "He's that mad, just because he remembers nothing?"

Jayden nodded.

"I mean, yeah, it's sad, but no reason to go around learning black magic and stuff."

"Who is it he's looking for?" I asked. I mean, he seemed pretty determined to find this boy, so he must have been important.

"Tyler." Jayden said, and he sighed. "He is The Memory Keeper. He can bring back any lost memories."

That made sense. If he was mad because he couldn't remember his past, then Tyler sounded like the guy to find. The Memory Keeper. Another character that I did not remember being in the book.

"What should we do?" William asked Jayden, and Jayden thought about it.

"I need to warn the cards, and Tyler, that he is on his way. That way they can flee."

"Why is it so bad that he finds Tyler?" I asked, and they all gave me a look like I'd just asked a dumb ass question.

"Because he is evil." Jayden said simply, and okay sure, I guess that's a pretty good reason. I didn't want him to hurt The Memory Keeper or anything, so I guess I could see where they were coming from.

"We must leave right away." Jayden said, standing up. William jumped up, nodding. Jason stood up too. I sighed and looked longingly at Jayden's mansion. "So I'm guessing we won't be spending the night here?" I asked, and Jason laughed.

"Sorry. We have to help Tyler."

I was so tired though. I so didn't want to keep walking.

"How long will this take?" I asked. and William thought it over in his head.

"To get to the cards? It will take us about a day."

I sighed again and slumped down in the chair, putting my head in my arms. Maybe I could fall asleep here if I was lucky. And then maybe Jason could carry me. I hid my sudden blush at the thought, putting my head further in my arms.

Not that I wanted him to carry me or anything.

"Hmm." Jayden said. "I suppose we could always take my short cut. We would be there and back in a few short seconds."

I looked up at him. "Seriously? You didn't think of that first?"

He simply shrugged and motioned for us to follow him into his mansion. We did so, and when I went in, my mouth dropped open. Everything was upside down! The tables, the chairs, the doors, everything! Jayden walked over to a set of stairs that was going up, and went up them. We followed after, but when we reached the top, I suddenly found myself in a dark room.

"Where are we?" I asked. I couldn't see anyone, but I knew Jason was behind me, because he put his hand on my shoulder to show me he was.

Jayden's voice came from my left. "The basement."

"Basement?" I asked, surprised. "But we went up those stairs!"

"Light!" William randomly shouted, and the next thing I knew, the room was lite up with a purple glow. The glow was coming from William, but he wasn't holding anything. He was just glowing.

"Thank you." Jayden said, digging through boxes. After a second, he pulled a black hole from the box, and dropped it onto the ground.

"Follow me." he said, and then he stepped onto the hole, and instantly vanished, dropping through it. William jumped in after him without hesitation. Jason went over and started to step in, but then looked back and saw that I hadn't moved from my spot.

"I'm not going in there." I said. "What if I go someplace else?"

"All you have to do is imagine the place you want to go." he told me, and I rolled my eyes.

"I've never been there. I don't know what it looks like."

He nodded, and said, "Well then come over here. I'll hold onto you."

I went over, staring down at the dark hole. I didn't see anything at the bottom. I didn't protest when he wrapped his arms around me. After all, this was the third time we'd done this. He jumped down, and even though I thought we'd fall forever, a second later, we were standing in a garden. Jayden and William were there, looking around the garden.

"Pepper, Salty!" William called, jumping into the air to get a better view. I wanted to help look, but I had no idea who we were looking for.

"William!" I heard a voice shout from a small house up on a hill. A second later, a girl appeared from the house. She had blond hair, and was wearing a white dress a dress that went down to her knees with a picture of a heart in the middle. On her cheek was a tatoo of a heart.

"Pepper!" William shouted back, jumping down from his air. She smiled and they hugged. When she saw the rest of us she said, "Oh, Jayden, Jason! And um...I don't know you." she said to me.

"This is Tommy." Jason said. "I'm bringing him with me to the Queen's. He's a seer."

The girl came over to shake my hand. "I'm Pepper Hearts, but everyone calls me Katy."

Oh, this girl represented those card soldiers, didn't she? So why wasn't she over there?

"Aren't cards soldiers for the Queen?" I asked. "Shouldn't you be over there?"

Katy gave me a surprised look. "How did you-"

I just smiled. "I'm a seer, remember?"

"Oh yes." she said, and then she sighed. "Me and Spade did work for the Queen, until only a year ago. But we ran away, because she's so..." she got quiet, trying to think of a word, I guess to describe what the Queen was. She nodded her head, and rubbed her chin, thinking, and then finally said, "Mean!"

"Where is Spade?" Jayden asked. "I have to tell you guys something."

"Oh, okay." she said, and then she pulled out a whistle from her pocket and blew on it. I didn't hear anything, but a second later, another girl was coming out of the house. She had dark skin, dark hair, and was wearing a dress like Katy's, but instead of a heart on it, it was a spade. And her tatoo on her cheek was of a spade too.

"Jayden!" she called down. "William, Jason!"

"Hey!" Jason called to her, and she came running down. When she saw me, she asked, "Who are you?"

"Tommy." I said, forgetting.

I remembered a second later when she was kissing me.

"I'm Salty Spade. But call me Abby." she said, and I was too stunned to reply. I'd just been kissed by a girl. Not a little girl. A girl my age. Ew. Gross. Nasty. I wanted to wipe my lips, but was afraid it would be considered rude. In my shock, I thought about how funny and ironic it was that she was salty, when she was black, and Katy was pepper. Wonderland did have a sense of humor, I guess.

"Yeah, okay." I said, looking at the two girls. The were holding hands now, so I wondered if they were lesbians. Was everyone in this place gay? How did they even reproduce?

"Abby, where is Tyler?" Jayden asked, getting down to business, and his tone of voice and the music he was playing in the background made her frown.

"Why?" she asked. He sighed.

"The Dark Prince is coming for him."

The two girls gasped. "How did he find out where he was?" Katy asked, and I hid my face guiltily. It was kind of my fault, after all.

"I told him." Jayden answered simply. "He was hurting Tommy."

"Oh, I see." Abby said, and she sighed in what seemed like relief.

"Lucky for us, Tyler left us a few days ago. He said he wanted some time alone, and that he wouldn't be back for at least a month."

They all sighed in matching relief. I joined them. I'm not sure why, I just felt like I should be glad too.

"That's good." Jayden said, pulling the black hole from his pocket. How did he even put it in there in the first place? He put it on the ground and said, "Well, I'm going home. If you want to join me, feel free."

And then he jumped in, William going with him instantly. Jason opened his arms for me to go into, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see Katy and Abby giggling and whispering to each other. Their laughter only intensified when Jason said, "Hold on, Princess."


That night, I was alone in one of Jayden's large rooms. Next door, I could hear William talking nonstop to who I figured was Jayden, since I could hear music playing softly. Abby and Katy had joined us here, and had a room of their own.

Jason was in a different room, and I wondered why he hadn't chosen to sleep with me. Was it out of respect to me? Or did he not like me?

Not that I cared.

I fell asleep quickly, all the walking, falling, and magical pain having exhausted me. I just wanted to sleep dreamlessly. But that was not the case. My dreams were filled with nightmares I'd been having off and on since my parents died.

It was a dream where the babies my mother had been carrying were lying in the street, crying, screaming, so helpless.

I was standing upstairs, in my room, looking down at them, unable to speak, or move, or do anything to help them.

My parents were on the yard, running over to them, and when they stepped onto the street, I could see a huge truck bearing down on them. I wanted to scream and tell them to run, but they were focused on the babies. They always reached the babies, always bended down to pick them up.

And that's when I'd close my eyes, because I didn't want to see what happened next.

I woke from nightmare quietly. No screaming, or sweating, or crying, like in the movies and books. But I never could go back to bed after that nightmare, so I sat up in my bed staring at the wall.

I'd had so much.

A great home, with loving, accepting parents. Two baby siblings on the way.

And it had all been taken from me.

There was a knock on my bedroom door. Without even waiting for me to answer, Jason came in, peeking over at me.

"Are you alright?" he asked, and I nodded.

"Yeah. Why?"

"I could feel bad energy coming from your room." he said, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"I just had a bad dream." I said. He stared at me, silent, and then asked, "Do you want me to stay in here, with you?"

I did. Even before I'd had the nightmare I wanted him too, and now I was practically shaking. I wanted comfort. But I shook my head, too prideful.

"No. I'm okay."

His eyes flooded with some emotion, but I didn't bother to see what it was. I just sat there, silent, until he shut the door and was gone. The second he was, I started to cry. I wasn't even sure why. I guess it was all of everything. I was so lost, and confused, and had no idea what was going on.

I missed my mom and dad. I missed my unborn siblings. And I was overcome with the feelings that I belonged with these people, and it made me realize how lonely I'd been growing up, without any real friends.

I don't even remember getting up. I don't know how I knew which room to go too.

But a minute later, I was standing by Jason's bedside, looking down at him. He sensed me, opening his eyes and taking in my tear-stained face. Without saying anything he just scooted over, making room for me, and I took the spot. He wrapped his arms around me and I shut my eyes, trying to stifle my sobs.

I abruptly stopped when Jason kissed the top of my head. I mean, we'd already kissed, on the lips, but that was a form of greeting. This was something else.

But I didn't want to think about it. It made me happy, and that's all I needed.

I went to sleep.

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