"Ugh... my head... it's throbbing..." a voice muttered. The owner of the voice was a 15-year-old girl, Misa Crescrent. She had emerald-green eyes and long chestnut-brown hair, wearing nothing but a long pair of olive drab pants. The icy breezes blew across her bare chest, shivers running up her spine. Confusion was quickly replaced by anger and she found the strength to demand, "Which pervert took my top!? When I get my hands on you, I'll-" it then dawned on her that she couldn't move her arms. Her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, and she saw that she was in a dank, dark room; the walls smeared in blood, on the floor were different coloured liquids, mostly dirty water. She was bound by two chains tying her hands together (But not her legs) to the ceiling. The chains suspended her above the ground, leaving her helplessly suspended in the air.

Somewhere in the room, a silky, voice said, "Good morning."

Misa jerked her head in alertness, before replying, "G-good morning..."

Blinking, the girl could see two more people, both of them female. The first was a tall woman wearing a green tight-fitting tank top and long pants. She appeared to be middle-aged; however she had short brown hair, similar to that of a male. The second was a young, 14-year-old girl, wearing a pink shirt and skirt. She had her long, blond hair tied into a ponytail, and her ocean-blue eyes displayed pity and sorrow for the girl. "Did you enjoy your sleep?" The older woman asked.

"Sleep?" the girl asked. "I don't remember sleeping. Who are you anyways?"

"Insolent little bitch…" The older woman muttered. "I still can't believe that I have to mold my baby after her…"

"Hello?" The captive called. "You haven't answered my question! Who are you? Why am I here? And where the hell is my top!?"

Silence held in the room, before the older woman said, "Ciel, get the shock rods and the fuse box." The younger girl, Ciel, nodded, shuffling off and returning with two rods connected to a fuse box. She placed the fuse box on the floor, connecting it to a wire socket.

The box humming to life, Ciel bent down and asked, "What level of voltage do you want, Dr. Clark?"

"Medium." Came the reply. Ciel nodded, and turned the dial. Electric currents appeared on the rods, which were picked up by the older woman, Dr. Clark. "Maybe this would jolt you into place…" she muttered as she slammed the rods into the girl.

Misa screamed in pain and anguish as hundreds of volts coursed through her body. Writhing, she tried to swing away from the rods, but her body failed her, it was impossible for her to do so as her torture went on. However, it ended as soon as it started. The pain stopped abruptly, and the girl slumped, beads of sweat dripping off her forehead. "Still want to question me?" she asked.

Misa nodded vehemently, asking, "Yes! Why did you jolt me? Why am I here, and where the hell is my top!?"

"Don't say that...!" Ciel muttered, before biting her lip.

"Perhaps I didn't make my point well enough." Dr. Clark muttered. Turning the dial on the fuse box a little higher, she again shocked Misa with the rods. Again she cried out in pain, tears streaming down her face as she dealt with the pain coursing her body. She had no clue why she was being tortured. It took longer before Dr. Clark removed the rods. "Why won't you behave?" She demanded.

Misa, in pain, answered back, "Why can't you answer my questions first? And for the last time, where the hell is my top!?"

"Little whelp!" Dr. Clark roared as she kicked Misa in the stomach. She lurched forward, a trickle of blood flying from her mouth. "I am going to take your brainwaves, and there's nothing that you can do to stop me!"

"So you've been torturing me this whole time just to get information on my brainwaves!?" Misa asked, more disappointed than angry. "Then why didn't you say so in the first place, I would have gladly answered your questions!" Dr. Clark's jaw dropped while Misa thought for a while. Then, she continued, "Well, I'll answer your questions after you return my top, that is."

Ciel shivered in fear as she saw Dr. Clark grit her teeth, then she said quietly, "I'm maxing the voltage. This one may kill you." And with a horrible shriek, the doctor forced them onto the poor girl, eliciting a terrible cry of pain. Ciel would be unable to forget such a yell as Dr. Clark continued to inflict pain on Misa. The ear-piercing noises continued to buffet Ciel, until the voltage suddenly dropped, smoke emitting from the rods as Misa fell unconscious. "She's passed out…" Dr. Clark muttered. "It matters not. Ciel, send her to her cell. Keep her there until I'm done with the programming."

"Ugh... everything hurts..." Misa groaned as she blinked open her eyes. She was lying on a hard bunk bed in a small jail cell. This cell had a toilet bowl, a sink, a mirror and the bed. To her satisfaction, there was finally a black camisole top draped over her chest. "It's about time somebody gave me this," Misa muttered as she pulled it on. "After all that crap I went through, I sure as hell deserve it."

"Don't be getting any ideas, girly." A cruel voice said. Misa's attention was drawn to the cell's bars. Outside was a guard wearing the same long olive drab pants as her and a white T-shirt. He held an M16A1 assault rifle in his hands and he seemed to be snarling at her. The realization that perhaps he had been watching her all along struck Misa instantly.

"Wha-! I should be the one saying that!" she yelled, a blush forming on her cheeks. The guard snarled once more, and then skulked off. Misa huffed, and then sat down on her bed, trying to think. Why was she here? To be interrogated on something. The woman, Dr. Clark, wanted to take her brainwaves… but how would torturing her help with that? Second, where was she? Misa stood on her bed to try and look out of the non-existent window, before she realized why. "Hey! Guard!" Misa called. "Are we underground?"

"If you must know, yes. Don't think it'll help you get out of here, so that's why I'm telling you this." He scoffed. Misa took the quick opportunity to observe him, systematically guessing what he was carrying. The guard had a rifle, no doubt. Against that, she stood no chance in the state she was in now. She guessed that he should be carrying at least six more ammo clips for the rifle, judging by the state of his cargo pants. Also, holstered by his belt was a Mk. 23 SOCOM handgun. It was quite large for a mere handgun, definitely larger than the bars of her cell. Even if it was small enough to fit through, the sheer weight of the gun would be enough to tip the guard off if she stole it. Come to think of it, a little voice in her head asked, how on earth did these guys get their hands on this gun in the first place? I thought Soruki said they stopped production of these guns in 2010.

"The prisoner? Ok, I'll bring her in." Misa could hear the guard call. Quickly, she tried to find a way to escape the cell, but she knew it was all in vain when she heard the rusty grating of the cell bars. "You're coming with me." She heard him say. Her head hung down, Misa let the man grab her arm and force her along. Dammit, she thought. I doubt I can survive this torture much longer…

Ciel stood in front of her, completely speechless. "You want me to help you… defect?"

Emma nodded, saying, "It's much more complicated than that. I need you to give Android M1 Astray sentience. I know that you must be shocked with the idea of me defecting, but I don't see any other choice." Seeing her colleague was still shocked, Emma gave her a warm smile, and petted the little girl on the head, saying, "Look, I'm sorry I have to abandon you here, but where I'm going… it's too dangerous for you to go."

A heavy silence hung over the two, before Ciel said, "Ok. I'll give M1 sentience, but on one condition."

"State it."

"Take this with you." Ciel said, giving her a bright red toolbox.

"What's this?" Emma asked, intrigued. "Tools? I'm pretty sure I have all the tools I need. "

"No, it's not tools." Ciel said. "Watch." She took out a similar toolbox, and quickly dismantled the box itself, leaving the contents outside. It slowly began to rotate, the rectangular shape beginning to unfold before their very eyes. It slowly gathered speed as it completely revealed itself to be a longer rectangular shaped object. Ciel took Emma's toolbox, and opened it to reveal a similar-looking device. With both machines opened, they both emitted a reddish-yellow glow. Ciel stepped on one, and Emma watched as it began to gather speed. The machines gave a flash of light, and Ciel teleported to stand on the other object. "They are portals that allows one to teleport from one place to another. I want you to take it so you can come back and visit me."

"Ciel…" Emma started, before a warm smile, like the one she used to give to her baby brother, appeared on her face. "Thank you." She gave Ciel a quick peck on the cheek, and left her in her room, blushing wildly.

Misa coughed herself awake, rising her face from the dried pool of her crimson blood. Her top was completely soaked, and parts of her skin now held gashes of varying depth. She was in another torture room, one that had a basin of water. Dr. Clark had been forcing her head in and out of the water before she decided that beating the crap out of Misa was a better alternative. "Ready to talk?" Dr. Clark snarled.

"I've told you all I know. I'm pretty sure you've got my brainwaves down pat." Misa coughed, some blood trickling out of her mouth.

"Don't give me that crap!" The doctor yelled, driving her foot into her back. Misa spurted more blood. "I know you have a connection to that boy, Soruki Crescent! Tell me about him!"

"I've already said that he's just my brother," Misa said lazily, despite being half-drowned in her own blood. "Besides, what's so important about him? What, do you have a crush on him? Is that why you're torturing me?"

Misa swore she could have seen a vein popping on the doctor's forehead, before a third voice called out, "Dr. Clark?" Both women turned to see the intruder. "Ciel told me that you were having a hard time extracting information from the prisoner. I would like to take over. We need you to finish the programming." Emma said.

Dr. Clark visibly calmed down, and said, "You're right, Emma. Please take over and ensure she suffers horribly." With that, she walked out, leaving only Emma and Misa in the room.

"So," Misa started. "Are you going to abuse me further, or what?"

"No." Emma said, already patching up Misa. "I'm here to get you out of here."

"Sweet. Did Soruki send you?"

"…I don't know who that person is. Just don't question me further, and you'll be out sooner." Emma removed a black, skin-tight suit from her bag, saying, "Wear this. It's a sneaking suit we designed. It'll help you move about as if your injuries were nothing. It would also increase the speed of your recovery, and it silences your footsteps."

"Cool. Do I get any weapons?"

"Yeah. Take these." From her satchel, the scientist removed a suppressed G18 pistol and a suppressed MP5 submachine gun. "For reasons I can't comprehend, you can scavenge extra ammunition from the guards. Apparently they've decided to carry ammunition for even your special guns."

"Do I get a map?"

"No, I cannot provide you with a map. All that matters is that you get away from here, as fast as you can. Got it?" Misa nodded, and ran off into the wilderness, leaving Emma behind. She turned round to face the compound, and uttered, "Let the chaos begin." With that, she disappeared into the shadows.