Chapter 2

After 2 months – pass 1 week – Scarlet's parents finally allowed her to come down from the attic. Scarlet apologies and thanked her parents multiple times. Even after seeing poor, skinny Scarlet, her parents still showed no concern nor sympathy towards Scarlet. Still, Scarlet felt really glad that her parents allowed her to get down from that attic.

When Scarlet was locked in that attic, her parents lied to her school, saying that Scarlet have been skipping school and threatens them if they ever dare spill it out to anyone, which earned Scarlet a whole month of detention once she's returned back to school.

They also lied to Aunty Rosella, saying that Scarlet was over at a friend's house, and they would give her present once she's back, though they never did.

Ever since then, Scarlet have learned to keep her mouth shut and not saying much things to her parents – and sooner to everyone around her (except the animals, they were her only friends). And because of that, Scarlet has less friends each day, until she has absolutely none. Even the nerds didn't liked her. Scarlet had always been all alone ever since.

6 years have passed ever since Scarlet's very first time being send to the attic. Even though Scarlet have never done anything wrong ever since, her parents still sends her to the attic every once in a while.

That day, Scarlet woke up from bed because a sound of something falling down on the attic. Scarlet groans and then turn towards her table to look at her alarm clock. The clock shows that it's exactly 5 o'clock in the morning. Scarlet groans again and closes her eyes for a few second. Then, she opens her eyes and got out of her bed. After that, she took some of her clothes and crept to the bathroom.

After taking a quick shower, Scarlet crept back to her room with her dirty clothes in her hand. Then, she puts the dirty clothes into a plastic bag (that's where she kept all her dirty outfits). Scarlet was wearing a white T-shirt and a red cardigan, and black jeans. She combed her hair a little before putting her books in her bag.
Then, she tidies her bed and walks downstairs to make herself a quick breakfast: 2 slice of sandwich and an apple juice. After that, Scarlet hurries back to her room. Scarlet eats her breakfast while reading a novel she just bought the other day.

By the time she finished her breakfast, it was already 5.30 A.M. Scarlet hurries and crept downstairs with the dirty dishes and hurries and wash it. After that, Scarlet crept back up to her room.

Once in her room, she shuts the door and pulled her chair towards her closet. Then, Scarlet pulled a secret rope that's glued to the ceiling. And then, the ceiling opened, making a square large enough for Scarlet to climb in. She got down her chair and took a flashlight from her desk. After that, Scarlet got back on her chair and climbs her closet and got into the secret door to the attic.

Once she's in the attic, Scarlet tuns on her flashlight.

"Timothy! Mr. Gaspard! Mrs. Hilda! Where are you guys?" Scarlet asks, wandering here and there in the attic.

"Scarlet! Happy birthday!" Timothy says.

Scarlet sines her flashlight towards Timothy, who's standing on top of a lamp.

"Ouch! Too bright, Scarlet! Too bright!" Timothy says.

Scarlet lowers her flashlight a little. "Sorry."

"So, what was that this morning?" Scarlet asks, walking towards Timothy.

"What was what?" Timothy asks.

Scarlet sighs. "You know what I mean. What did you guys dropped?" Scarlet asks.

"Uhh..." Timothy says, nervously.

"Never mind. I'll find out myself." Scarlet says, walking past Timothy.

"Wait! Scarlet! No! It's not ready yet!" Timothy says, jumping down from the couch and follows Scarlet.

Scarlet looks at Timothy and then fasten her pace.

"No! Don't! Don't go there, Scar! Wait!" Timothy says.

Scarlet made a little jog. Suddenly, she stopped in front of the old and rusty sofa. She froze there. Mr. Gaspard and Mrs. Hilda turns around. They both gasped.

"S-Scarlet!" Mr. Gaspard says.

"Um, surprise...?" Timothy says once he had reached Scarlet.

Mrs. Hilda looks at Timothy that was standing next to Scarlet. She stood on 2 feet and put her hands on her hip. "Timothy!" She says. "Weren't you supposed to distract Scarlet? You weren't supposed to lead her here!" Mrs. Hilda says.

"Sorry, mom." Timothy says, looking down.

Scarlet shook her head. "What on earth?" Scarlet says, crouching down to a basket with an almost made ribbon, covered with a piece of blanket.

The blanket seems to have something underneath it. Scarlet looks at the Mice-Aloft family. Then, slowly, she lift the blanket. Scarlet gasps.

"It's... It's a little kitty!" Scarlet says, picking up the kitty.

The little kitty was so small and so soft. She had pure black fur and a light pink nose and also a lime green eye color.

"She's pretty!" Scarlet says. "Where did you get it?" She asks, looking at the family of mice.

"I found it near the trash can the other day. Well, it was at the door step, actually. But then your dad took it and put it near the trash can before he left. So, after your dad left for work, I climbed down the pipe to check it out. After that, I climbed back up here and told my mom and dad about it. They agreed to give it to you as a birthday present! So, I climbed back down the pipe and tied a rope on the basket. Then, the 3 of us pulled it together. Took us quite a while, though. But then we've finally managed to pull it up here. And then we—" Timothy answers.

"Wait, so you're saying that my dad was trying to throw this poor kitty away?" Scarlet cuts. Timothy nods.

"Why? And more importantly, who left this kitty on the door way?" Scarlet mumbles to herself.

Suddenly, her alarm clock rings. Scarlet gasps.

"It's 6! I've got to school, you guys! Do you mind looking after her until I get back from school?" Scaret asks.

"Well, we don't mind, but we're mouse, remember? And that's a cat! And cats eat mouse," Mrs. Hilda says.

"Don't worry about her. She's still just a kitty. She wouldn't know much. And besides, I'm sure she won't hurt any of you guys. On purpose." Scarlet says.

"True." Mr. Gaspard agrees. "I think it'll be okay."

"Great! Thanks you guys!" Scarlet says, putting the cat back on the basket.

Just as she was about to run off, Timothy stops her. "Wait, Scarlet!"

"What is it?"

"You haven't named her yet."

"Oh yeah!" Scarlet agrees. She thought for a while.

The cat meows. And then Scarlet snaps her finger. "Fang! I'll call her Fang!" she exclaims.

"Fang?" Timothy repeats.

"Yes, Fang! Just look at those cute fangs she have!" Scarlet says.

The cat meows again, showing pearly white fangs.

"Oh yeah! They seem sharp." Timothy says.

"Don't worry, little Fang won't hurt you! She's innocent!" Scarlet says while running off to the secret door.

Then, she slowly climbs down the secret door and stood on top of her closet. After that, Scarlet carefully closes the secret door and climbs down the closet. After climbing down her closet, Scarlet puts her chair back to where it was. Then, she turn off her alarm and grab her bag.

Scarlet then walks out of her room, lock the door, and slowly walking down the stairs to the kitchen. She made herself 4 piece of sandwich for lunch and then hurries to the front door. Scarlet slowly and carefully open and then close the door again. Scarlet then walks to her school.

When she arrived at school, there were only a few students there.

An hour have passed since Scarlet arrives at school. When the school bus arrives, the whole school just became noisier. Scarlet, who was listening to music and reading a novel under a tree, looks over to the crowd that just got off the bus. She spotted her brother, Leon, walking with some of his friends. Lots of girls were watching him, mostly blushing and giggling. Scarlet shook her head and got up. She bookmarks the page she was reading and put the novel into her bag. She also took her headphone off of her head and carefully put it in her bag.

She walks towards the school. Scarlet walks to her locker and get some books out from it and then walks to her classroom. There were already quite a lot of kids in her classroom. Scarlet walks to her seat that's in the back of the classroom. She took out her novel and continues reading it.

Not long after that, the school bell rings. The popular kids enter the classroom. The whole classroom became noisy in just a matter of second. They were talking, laughing, texting, and other stuff that popular kids do.

Scarlet tries her best to not pay any attention towards them and more attention to the book she's reading. But she couldn't help but notice that some of the kids were pointing at her. Scarlet sighs and try to concentrate on her book.

"Hey there, Scarlet!" Chloe, the most popular kid says. She has long wavy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes.

"Hi."Scarlet answers, paying no attention towards Chloe and her friends.

"Ugh! Rude, much?" Chloe says, dramatizing her sentence.

Scarlet sighs and closes her book. "What do you want?" She asks, looking at Chloe, irritated.

"I just wanted to talk to you." Chloe answers, acting cute.

Scarlet rolls her eyes.

"Have you heard that there's a new transfer kid coming here today?" Chloe asks.

Scarlet was silent. 'A new transfer student?' She thought.

"Yeah, I don't think so." Chloe says, shaking her head. Then, she smirks. "Let's make a deal. If you can't be 'friends' with the new transfer student, then you'll have to do our homework for a whole semester!" Chloe says.

"And if I do become 'friends' with the new transfer student, you and your friends promise not to annoy me for the whole semester!" Scarlet says.

Chloe looked at Scarlet for a few minutes. "Fine." She says, handing her hand out for Scarlet to shake.

Scarlet smirks and then shakes Chloe's hand. "It's a deal then!" she says while shaking Chloe's hand.

"Yeah. I'll give you 2 weeks to befriend that new transfer student. If in 2 weeks you don't become 'friends' with the transfer student, then get ready to do my homework!" Chloe says as she flips her hair and walks away.

Scarlet sighs. 'At least if I win, the bet, then they won't annoy me any longer.'

A few minutes later, their homeroom teacher came in. "Morning, students!" the teacher says. "Well, as some of you've know already, there's a new transfer student coming here today. So I'd like all of you to become good friends." She continues and then gives a nod to the door.

Then, a boy with dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes enter the classroom. He was wearing jeans and a black T-shirt and was carrying a brown sling bag. Her looked around the classroom, and then his eyes met Scarlet's.
Scarlet gasps and hurries and looks away. The boy took a deep breath. "Uh, hi!" He began. Just as he spoke, some of the girls giggled and blushes.

"My name's Luke Jackson. Call me Luke. I'll be joining you starting from today. I hope we can all be good friends."

"Alright, thank you Luke. You can take the seat next to Scarlet Fox in the back," their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Anderson says, pointing to the empty seat to Scarlet's right.

"No!" Chloe says, suddenly standing up. Everyone looks at her.

"Is there anything wrong, Miss Johnson?" Mrs. Anderson asks.

"Uh, well, not exactly. But Luke, why don't you just sit in Nicole's seat?" Chloe suggest.

"What?!" Nicole shouts.

"You don't mind, right, Nicole?" Chloe says, gritting her teeth.

"Ugh! Yeah, whatever!" Nicole says, picking up her bag. Just as Nicole stood up and was about to walk to the empty seat next to Scarlet, Luke stops him.

"No, you don't have to move! I don't mind sitting at the back. That's what I get from transferring schools; all the best seats are taken." Luke says and walks towards the seat next to Scarlet.

"Um, okay. Thanks!" Nicole says, sitting back down.

Chloe gave an annoyed look as Luke sits on the seat next to Scarlet.

"Alright, let's begin our class now." Mrs. Anderson says, turning to the white board and writes some stuff there.

"Hi. So you're Scarlet?" Luke whispers to Scarlet.

Scarlet looks at him for a while, slightly blushing and then gives a little nod. "Um, w-why didn't you want to seat next to Chloe?" Scarlet asks, shyly.

Luke chuckles a little. "I'd prefer to sit in the back and catch less attention from the teachers."

Scarlet gave a faint smile. "So do I." She says.

"Say, do mind introducing me to other peoples later? Let's start with your best friends! If you don't mind," Luke asks.

Scarlet couldn't say a thing. She just sat there and looked at her table. "Um, you should just ask Chloe for that." Scarlet answers.

"What? Why?" Luke asks, surprised and a bit disappointed.

Scarlet looks even deeper to her table, making some of her hair cover her face. "That's because I don't really have any friends here," she mumbled.

"I'm sorry, what did you say? You don't have any friends? How's that even possible?" Luke asks.

Scarlet shook her head. Then, Scarlet decided to pay less attention to Luke and more attention to the lesson.

The lunch bell rings, the teacher dismissed the class. As Scarlet was just gathering her books, Chloe and her friends walk up to Luke. Chloe gave Scarlet a disgusted look before she reached Luke's table.

"Hey, there, Luke! I'm Chloe. Me and Nicole were wondering, why didn't you want to take Nicole's seat?" Chloe asks. Then, she snorts. "Don't tell me that you want to seat next to this looser!" Chloe says, pointing at Scarlet in her back.

"Um, what if I do?" Luke asks.

"If you do, then that means that you're insane! Anyway, let us show you around! Come on!" Chloe says, grabbing Luke's hand.

"Uh, thanks, but no thanks. Scarlet already promised me to show me around, right Scar?" Luke says, shaking of Chloe's hand from him.

"What?" Scarlet asks, nearly shouting. She was so surprised that she dropped her books. Luke chuckles.

"What's so funny?" Scarlet asks, while picking up her books.

"Nothing." Luke answers. "Come on, let's go. I really wanna see the cafeteria and the foods there!" he continues.

Scarlet rolls her eyes as she puts her books in her bag and walks out of the classroom.

"I'm gonna win this bet!" Scarlet whispers to Chloe as she walks past her.

"Ugh!" Chloe says, with a bit of sarcasm.

Scarlet smiles to herself. 'No Chloe for a whole semester! Woohoo! This is gonna be so awesome!' she thought.

Scarlet suddenly stopped walking not after they left the classroom. Luke, who was walking a bit in front of Scarlet stops and turns around.

"Is something wrong?" he asks. Scarlet shakes her head.

"I just noticed something. Back in the class, you called me Scar!" Scarlet says, starting to walk again.

"Yes, I called you 'Scar'. Was it like, wrong to call you that or something?" Luke asks, confused.

Scarlet walks up to Luke and punches his arm.

"Ouch!" he yelled. "What was that for?"

"That's for calling me that. Only friends are allowed to call me 'Scar'." Scarlet says, walking past Luke.

"I'm sorry, but I thought that we were already friends." Luke says, following Scarlet from behind.

"No we're not. We just met. We barely even know each other! And you expect us to be 'friends'?" Scarlet says, almost shouting.

"Fine. Then I'll tell you all about myself. But after I finish, you'll tell me all about yourself!" Luke says. Scarlet sighs. Then, she smiles a little.


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