Silence Before Death

As death approaches,

I already know,

We are all to die,

And so I am silent.

As the body of Death wisps into the room,

I can sense our doom.

My father attacks with no prevail,

As Death weilds a weapon.

With a slash of a blade,

the floor is covered in a red shade,

his crimson blood but a pool beneath his feet. My father is dead.

But I am silent.

Death turns to my mother,

holding my baby brother,

as she sets him down,

on the barren ground, Death smiles.

He rips the clothing from her chest,

and thrusts the blood soaked blade under her breast.

Her heart is forever severed. My mother is dead.

But I am silent.

He looks down at my brother,

whose eyes were closed as he cried,

until the boot of Death crushed him,

who relished as he died.

My brother is dead.

But I am silent.

Death turns to me now,

his eyes like deep pools of hate,

He lifts his blade up to strike,

But I am silent.

A sadistic smile overtakes his formless face,

Something similar to his daemonic race.

With a glint of his teeth he retreats, leaving me with the bodies of his defeats.

He has allowed me to live, while my family has been slaughtered.

And at last, I scream.

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