Smoke rose from one of the houses in the hidden valley. Sirens were going off and alert alarms were blaring. Fire quickly spread to most of the houses in the valley.

The villagers ran around screaming, trying to escape an unseen enemy. The knights rushed around, swinging their swords skillfully.

A baby was crying in a nearby house as they seemed to be preparing to leave. They handed the baby to her youngest aunt.

They started to shoo her out the back exit when the front door slammed open and fell off its hinges. A man with dark hair and even darker eyes, surveyed them. He wore a black suit that was torn in a few places probably from the fight outside. His dark black eyes landed on the baby and he smirked, revealing sharp fangs. He took a step towards them but the family got in front of him.

The aunt clung to her niece and ran out the back door just as blood splattered the walls. She ran towards the forest fearing that there was no going back.

She ran through the night, stumbling over roots.

She had been running for a while and could no longer see the burning city but she could head the footsteps, she was definitely being followed.

She sat down beside a tree to catch her breath. Trying to stay silent as she unfolded her map. There was a white castle circles on the map. It was a ways away from here but she had to get the baby there or all was lost.

The footsteps got closer and she head the sound of sniffing. Were they going to sniff her out?

She held the baby and started to climb the tree. It wouldn't save her from them if they found her but she somehow felt safer.

She heard a low growl as a huge wolf walked towards the tree and sniffed around it. It looked up at her, its wolf-like eyes gleaming dangerously in the moonlight.

It then tilted its head back and howled. Soon the tree was surrounded by these strange wolves. They got up on their hind legs and pushed against the tree. It wobbled and the girl tried to hold on to the branches with her free hand.

The tree shook as the wolves tried knocking her down from it. They eventually quit and curled up around the tree, clearly waiting out their prey.

The rocking of the tree seemed to rock the baby to sleep. She laid down among the branches and looked up at the full moon.

She slowly closed her eyes, drifting off into a dream about her burning village.

She opened her eyes and lifted her hand in front of her eyes to try to block out the light of the sun. Her hand fell down next to her and landed in the grass. It tickled at her skin, making it slightly itchy.

Her eyes flew open and she desperately searched for the baby. Suddenly, a man knelt beside her holding the baby. He held it out to her and she took it. She cradled the baby close.

He watched her for a while before saying, "Hello, I'm Logan. Who're you?"

She looked up from the baby for the first time, her blue eyes landing on him. "I'm Anna and this," she looked down at the baby, "is Baylee."

Anna looked up at Logan. He was wearing nothing but torn up pants. Anna would expect nothing more. She supposed all her clothes would be ripped if she turned into a werewolf and lived out in the forest.

Behind him were a couple of ladies and a few men. Most of the guys wore ripped up pants and the women wore leather-like bras with a leather slitted skirt.

Some of the ladies were still tying their clothes on so Anna guessed that they must've went back to their cave to get dressed before she woke up.

A woman walked over to Anna and Logan. She had long black hair and was evenly tanned. She looked very well toned like the rest of the pack and had a very nice figure also. Her eyes looked over at Anna. Her eyes as dark as coal. She then looked at Logan and said, "Who is she and what do we do with her?"

Logan stood tall and it caused the other werewolf to back down a little. He stayed quiet for a second before saying, "Diane, I'll take the girl and the child out of the forest to keep them safe. I'll leave you in charge of the pack until I get back."

Suddenly, Diane's eyes filled with defiance. "I want to come with you. The pack will protect her." Logan seemed to think about it but then looked down at Anna. His look softened as he said, "What do you say, Anna?"

Anna blinked nervously and she said, "I can take care of myself. I really don't need any help." He smirked at her, his green eyes twinkling dangerously.

He turned to his pack and shouted to get their attention. He yelled, "We're taking Anna and Baylee out of this forest. Be on the alert you saw that burned down village."

They all nodded and were ready within seconds. Logan turned around towards Anna, who was gaping. He smiled and said, "So where are you heading?" Her awestruck look was immediately replaced with a glare. "Like it's any of your business."

His smirk returned as he snatched the map from her. She tried to grab it back but he held it out of her reach and read it. He looked at her. "The White Castle, the one of purity? The castle that's supposedly holding the chosen witch child that's supposed to save the world from the vampires who have taken over everywhere else."

Anna became almost instantly suspicious. Anna looked at him and said, "What do you know about that child?" Logan shrugged and replied, "Nothing much, just the things we overheard from some guy from the burned down village. He was telling the vampire how the child really wasn't at the white castle."

Anna immediately glared. "That traitor. Who is he? I wish to talk to him at once," she said. Logan looked at her and said, "I think it'll be tough to talk to someone who's buried six feet in the ground."

She blinked, taken aback. He smiled and said, "You never told me why you were heading there." She glared but it softened, slightly. "The baby is supposedly there. She isn't she's right here." Anna looked down at the baby.

Diane stepped forward and said, "The parents are supposed to be dead and besides that's just a story mother's tell their pups to give them hope."

"You're right and wrong. Her parents are dead and so are mind. I'm her aunt. You're wrong because the story is true," she held Baylee up, "this is your savior."

It became silent and then Logan smirked. "Does she have an uncle?" Anna pulled Baylee back into a cuddle and punched his shoulder. "Watch it you!"

He laughed as he picked up her bag and threw it over his shoulder. "I can carry it," Anna protested. He shook his head and whispered, "No, you watch our baby."

She blushed dark red and was glaring at him but he ignored it. He held out the map and looked around before heading in the general direction.

They followed him, quietly. Stopping only when Baylee needed something. It took a couple days to get there but when it came into view everyone was relieved. No one had been eating or sleeping since they began traveling. It was a miracle they were all still alive.

They walked up to the pearly white gate. There was a black brick set in the center of the doors. There was a circle in the middle of the brick.

Anna turned to Logan and the baby. The werewolves looked around curiously as Anna lifted up her right hand. Her ring finger held a beautiful blood red ring in the shape of an orb.

She set the red orb into the circular dent in the black brick. There were a lot of clicking noises and the brick split in half as the door opened.

A man was standing there holding a staff. He smiled at Anna. "I heard a witch was bringing the savior child but the stories do your beauty a great injustice."

Logan's eyes narrowed at him when Anna blushed. The other man bowed and took Anna's hand, gently kissing it. "Come on in. A feast will be prepared for you and your wolf friends."

The man held out his arm to her and she took it. He lead her inside followed by Logan, who was carrying Baylee.

"By the way, I'm Nathan. What's your name?"

Anna blushed. "I'm Anna and the baby is Baylee."

The Werewolves, Anna and Baylee got sent into guest rooms to rest and get ready for the feast. Logan had told Anna that he planned on staying and lending his werewolves as troops to the war against vampires.

After the feast they would get real rooms in the castle and its surrounding little town.

But the real adventure wouldn't start until sixteen years later.