My Life

um... hi my name is Emily and this is the story of my really strange life.

on the 6th of January 2000 at 9:27pm in Trafford general hospital in Manchester, England I was born with talipese -a disease meaning the ins side edge of my feet were touching my inner legs. This meant I needed casts on my feet. I would need the casts for two years. When I was finally taken home my mum sat me on her knee in the living room while my then two year old brother harry was asking why I had such big socks on. My mum explained that I had talipese but he didnt understand so he said the one thing we would tease him about for many years to come...

"'old it"

my mum handed me to him once he was sat on the sofa.

he smiled down proudly with love in his eyes at me.

"hello little sista"

all I did was look at him as I couldn't talk yet.

after me and Harry fell asleep my mum and dad put us in our beds and I was soundly asleep in no time.