My life

chapter 5

when I was 11 I took the test for a high school called urmston grammar and I passed the exam. I was the only girl in my class as Olerato hadn't passed. About a year later I was having my first day at the school and this is how it went.

i walked into my new form room and sat at the desk with my name on it I got out my book and read it until the teacher came in and took the register. When we got to the first class (maths) we were told to sit pin certain places and we were given our books. We were working on symmetry . At the end of the lesson a girl called Fairuz and me started talking and we became good friends as well as a girl called Chloe and a boy called George. We all went to a gardening club together.

after we had been at the fav hook do a while we went on a trip to lakeside. On the trip I had loads of fun because one boy got possessed by a swan (pm me for full story) and another girl got attacked by a tree.

Anyway a while after we got back people didn't want to be my friend because I was to talkative and too loud so I never got picked to bee in groups of to do tasks for the class and I got bullied. Then it was the anniversary of my nanas death and I was like a zombie.

i had to go to bareevement councilling to help me get over her. I still go now.

My life isn't that much better now as you can tell.

in the next few chapters I will talk about little anecdotes from my life okay.

loving you guys.

keep reading!