In Australia, between the years 2003 and 2004, two hundred and eighty-eight incidents of homicide were reported. Three hundred and five people were victims of those homicides.

Studies undertaken have shown that female victims were most likely killed due to domestic issues, whereas the male victims were more likely than women to have been killed because of drug or money related issues.

Murder is a very common thing in life; too common, in my opinion.

No one really knows how one person can take another's life. No matter what the circumstances are, or what the situation is, murder should never be the answer.

There are countless reasons that have been unravelled as to why people feel the need to resort to homicide.

The most common are domestic disputes, such as jealousy and the determination of a relationship, revenge, alcohol related incidents, drug and money related incidents and then there are some homicides that are committed for no reason at all.

Perhaps it is the power that one feels when they know that they hold someone's life in the palm of their hands; killing for no reason at all other than the strong feeling of control that they receive.

I once had a case where a man was abused for his entire childhood by his mother. Due to this, every time he got to know any blonde woman in her thirties, he would murder them, for the simple reason that they reminded him of his mother.

There aren't many people who are willing to sit down with these murderers and actually attempt to discover what makes them tick; to find out exactly why they decided to commit this horrid crime.

I, Dr. Sharpe, Psychologist and Criminologist, am one of the few people who are willing to. I aid the Criminal Justice System in finding out about these killers, why they felt the need to take someone's life.

It's not an easy job to do, and it's only made worse by the fact that I am not allowed to speak of the things that I hear to anyone, not even my wife. Then again, it wouldn't be a pleasant dinner conversation anyway.

At times it can be frightening, sitting metres away from someone who had committed a homicide or multiple homicides but they need someone to listen to them; someone who won't judge them straight away.

As I sit here and read the reports for my next case, or patient, as I like to refer them as, I'm more horrified than I've ever been. The extreme lengths this person went to, to kill these people is beyond belief. They would have to be the most creative killings that I've ever known about.

It's also one of the longest reports I've ever read. The detective on this case was very thorough and detailed, which always helps me in the long run.

I slowly take off my thin, wiry glasses and stare into the pale, empty eyes of the person sitting across from me.

How they could have murdered an entire family is beyond me but it was my job to find out. What really troubled me was the fact that they didn't look at all the sort to be homicidal.

I guess it's never who we expect it to be.