A meeting is a part of our life, an encounter predestined by fate, a time when the destiny of two people was entwined to each other. Even though parting was inevitable, each of them will give a meaning to our life, whether it was happiness or sadness, and no matter how painful the goodbye is, it will always remains in our heart as a memory we should treasured dearly.

At that time, the image of us waving to each other would never come to my mind. I was so naïve to think that it would go on forever. And now, what left of it was nothing but a distant memory; the time we shared, the place we walked in together, the laughter we sincerely voiced. Still, I was wondering if I wait long enough, would fate once again let us to be brought together?

"So you were still waiting after all…" said Kouya, bringing his tray of fast foods and lurched them on the table.

"No, I wasn't, really." I denied them as quick as he get on the chair.

"All the more reason to join then. C'mon, we're just one man short, we really need you to fill it up" He pleaded to me, desperately hoping for a different answer. Nevertheless, I rejected him with resolute answer once again.

Once the talk is over, the atmosphere has been completely silent, though the rumbling of the people around would still rung inside our ear. I set my eyes on Kouya who is munching his french fries grumpily. He is indeed a good, caring friend of mine. In less than a year, we have become a best friend, a relationship which seems to be deeper than any friend I had before.

Piqued by my stare, he stopped for a while and in return gave me an inquisitive look.

"What is it? Something wrong in my face?" I asked him because it seems he was on to something.

"Say, are you some kind of…..uhhh… " Unlike his usual direct question, this time he seems to be somewhat reluctant.

"What is it? Just stop beating around the bush and say it."

"Well, you know, this has been the third time I asked you to join a group date and you always refused it without even thinking about it…" True, I never interested in doing something open such as group date, but I don't get what confusing of that point. "… well, you know, someone who doesn't like the opposite sex?"

Pffft! Startled by his question, I blurted out my coke "No! Of course not… why would it come to that?"

"Just some thought you know. There are no other reasons to refuse a group date when you're a college student…"

"Of course, there is, such as…" I started to search for some reasons. "Such as…." I pushed myself to think harder, however, it is weird for a college student to refuse a group date invitation and no matter how; there isn't any explanation behind my refusal." That doesn't matter; it's just that I don't like that kind of thing."

"See, there is no reason for you to decline them in the first place. Although, I do hear some rumors from the girls…" Rumors? Meh, that kind of thing are always a completely blatant nonsense especially when girls are the one who spreads them. I don't believe on them, however, this one seems to be sucessfully catched my attention. It's normal when the rumours were about someone who is popular but me? What kind of thing that can actually be of any interest for them?"…It was something about you being traumatized by a girl."

"That's completely a joke. Traumatized by a girl? What a joke!" My tone was clear and calm as to finish the misunderstanding brought by the rumors.

"But I do somehow find them convincing. I mean you never told me about your high school life as if there is something that you don't want me to know. They also said that after being left out by the girl you started to behave strangely, like you were waiting for her or something." That last line seems to put my entire mind in a state of jeopardy. Something in high school, eh..? That kind of thing does happen and my mind was avoiding to be reminded of them.

"Well, It was…" My eyes rolled down trying to pick the right words."Don't you have an errand to do? I'll tell you later on."

That seems to be able to divert Kouya's attention as his eyes drew wider. "Oh crap! It's this late already. My mom is going to be mad for sure!" He said while hastily packing his things and with a single whoop he bolted out of his chair. "Whatever it is, call me after when you change your mind about the group date." After that, he hurriedly leaves the shop. My eyes followed him only before his figure vanishes, blending perfectly with the teeming crowd of people going home. Doube checking his presence, soon I also leave the place.

My mind has been wandered off, resenting itself towards a certain something as I walked around the orange-dyed road. It was about those rumors, a little truth behind them and the rest was mostly being exxagerated. When I was in high school, I met a certain someone. It was a meeting I would not ever forget, one that has a meaning for me.

My mind urging me to go there, and without resist, I let my feet dragging me towards that place. Before I realised, I was here, in the place where we first exchange our name, a place which vexing my very consciousness from within. Much to my knowledge, the place hasn't change at all; the setting sun, the ever-moving sky, the light that illuminates the memory of that time. My once vagued memory, trickled by its existence, has slowly become vividly clear as I recall for those days…

My heart was filled with anxiety as I wait idly in this desserted rooftop. Maybe she really won't come after all, well, it's not like I care anyway. However, it does feel a bit protruding feeling was dispelled as soon as it stepped its presence. Right, there's no way I was waiting for her. Not a chance.

Regaining back my senses, I fixed my gaze upon the endless sky. As I gazed… *patter-patter-patter*… Gazed…*patter-patter-patter*. "I'm sorry, I'm late." A long-haired girl came in rushing, breaking off the silence with the clamour of her coming. "Ah, no one is here." She continued, looking perturbed by the emptiness of the rooftop.

Glancing sideways, she finally noticed my presence. "Ah, Shimoto-kun, you came…" Her brown-eyes sparkled as she speaks. "I'm glad. I thought nobody was coming." She puts her hand in her chest, expressing on how relieved she was. Truth is I didn't come for the club like she thought but I suppose it would be better if I kept quiet about it.

I found myself puzzled on how one intruder could change the entire atmosphere. Since she came to this rooftop, it has become quite lively as she speaks unrelentingly about the club. I can barely understand what she was babbling about though as I was busily gazing at the sky.

I was awoken from my deep slumber of daydreaming when my shoulder was gently shoved. "Ah what is it?" I asked, finally back to my sense.

"I was asking why they won't come to the club meeting?" She asked, wearing a smile in her face.

"Surely because you write that absence were not going to be taken on the notice." I answered her nonchalantly.

"I wonder if I should change the regulations so that they will actually come for once…" She mumbles, halfly to herself.

"In that case, all of them would quit the club for sure."

"Ehh, why would they? I mean this is a lot of fun…" It's another side of her that left me 's the first time I met someone who could actually say something like the sky gazing club, which most of the people considered as a do-nothing club, was fun. If not for the school regulations that forced its student to join a club, and of course for the non-attendace needed for the club, I was pretty sure that this club would not even have a single member.

As for me, I was a third grader stuck with the club because of my utterly no attendance in my previous club year. Unlucky as I can be, that club, also all of the other club, has a minimum requirements in order for you to be exempted as people who should join the club in your senior year. They wouldn't let you graduate until you do so. A weird regulation if you asked me.

This club has its own previlege though. No attendance and you will still be able to pass your senior year without being pushed for a club. That itself has won the heart of 25 half-assed people to join (including me). What I can't really think of myself is how the heck this school actually approved some crappy bunch of idea, even more so giving a special previllege for it? No, letting this girl as a club president was wrong in the first place. Something does seem to be peculiar.

The sun has set deeper to its slumber and the sky has grow darker. We left the rooftop and went towards the school gate. Our home was located in the same direction, so every now and then we would walk partways before taking a different route on our own.

"See you tommorow then." She said wearing the same smile she always gived.

"Ow, see you."

Taking my time leisurely, I walked slowly towards my home.