"What did you do with it?" Andrew asked before slapping me. "N-nothing. I d-don't know what y- your t-talking about." He slapped me again. "Don't lie to me, you idiot!"

Andrew left after punching me, leaving me on the floor writhing in pain. I could do nothing but lie there waiting for the blackness to claim me. Sure enough, a few seconds later I blacked out.

I wished to never wake up and someone or something to save me for having to face my husband again. He was ruthless, cold-hearted and downright torturous.

When I got up, someone was pouring cold water on my face. Choking, I managed to cough out, "Stop!" I felt the water all over my back and body. The person didn't stop. Now soaking wet, I saw that Andrew had a large bucket filled with ice water and was pouring it all over me. "Get up!" he yelled. Startled, I jumped up, cold. I started to go to my bedroom to change when he pulled me back, hard. I shrieked in pain.

"Go make me my dinner. And don't bother changing! You're already late with my food." Shivering, I went and made my husband's dinner quickly.

After complaining about the food, and hitting me, he started choking me saying, "If you ever decide to pull a fast one on me, I will not hesitate to kill you. I want to know what you did with it in the morning." He abruptly let me go. I coughed, trying to breathe properly. "I'm going to bed. I'm too tired of dealing with your emotional drama." With that he roughly shoved me against the wall and left.

I blacked out in pain and cold to my bones.