Just finished my homework for the night - R.E. It's not all that good actually. We were given different bible passages that describes the peoples' image of God. We have to write down which one describes God most for us. The images were:

• A mother
• A shepherd
• A king
• An eagle
• A lion

And a tree.

Here's what I wrote (scribbled) into my book:

I think all of these images describe God correctly. He is the overlord of all and he protects his people like a king.
God is like a mother because he loves us unconditionally and listens to our prayers.
God is like a lion prowling in the shadows and he will punish the evildoers when they least expect it.
God is like an eagle because he teaches us to be ambitious and soar the highest.
God is like a shepherd because he guides us all on a path to righteousness.
Finally, God is like a tree because he shades and shelters us from the heat of our pain.


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