Back from school.

Despite what I said this morning, I might not be able to mooch around the shops as Mummy is ill. Sigh. And we haven't got a lot of money.


I can't pay for Pokemon White 2 if I want to get my ears pierced, (I think. I have to find out how much it costs first), which I do.


I keep being told I'm in top class for Spanish. It must be true, I'm in a class with Spanish speakers. Yes! I'm the queen of Fajita Land language! Me llamo Señorita Shanahan, cómo estas? (My name is Miss Shanahan, how are you?)


Ryan and I are having tacos for dinner tonight. Delicious!


School was alright. Let me talk you through my lessons.
Dance - I fought so much against doing dance, and to what end? I still end up dancing in a smelly disabled toilet. (Don't ask. I'll tell you later. Maybe).
R.E - We basically did what we did for homework last night in class.
English - It was a skills lesson on homophones. A homophone is two or more words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. E.G: To, too and two, there and their and they're.


Have to stop right there. Mum just dropped something and it broke. SMASH! And, "Oh shit!"


I'll ask what it was later.


I love writing stories. I do it a lot after school.


I want to play Phoenix Wright, but I lost my DS.
Go figure(!)



First world problems. I'm not that upset. I have books here I can read. Like, "It's OK, I'm wearing really big knickers!" Or as it is in the American version, "On the bright side I'm now the girlfriend of a Sex God."

I have another book here as well. I took it out from my school library today. It's called, "My Secret Diary", and it's the diary of Jaqueline Wilson from her teen years.


When I got in from school, I saw a great big birthday prezzie on the desk. I was so tempted to rip it open immediately. But I must control myself like a mature, sophisticated women should and wait.


Oh my god, I'm so excited!