Zammie349 - So do I! :)

18 November


Long day yesterday. I got my hair cut and now it's short (waaaaaah, no more plaits or ponytails)! And I got my nails painted. Then Mum and I went to Clare's to get my ears pierced. It was so painful! Ouchy ouch ouch! They did them both at the same time, but one didn't go in at first because I have 'thick ear lobes'. So they had to do it again.

I ended up crying a little bit. So they gave me a lollipop (strawberry, my favourite!) and TWO discounts!


I'm not kidding, they charged Mum less money for the piercings AND gave me a discount on my next shop!


Then Mum and I had a snoop around Superdrug. We had to get shampoo and stuff. I wondered where the perfumes were, I wanted to see if they sold one of my faves (Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears). So we went to the perfumes.

I noticed that Rihanna had a perfume, so I asked to test it. There was two different ones (the black one was the most gorgey).

Mum, stubbornly (as always), offered to buy it for me. I said, "Muuuuuuum, you've wasted enough money on me already!" I felt bad.

She scoffed. "It's not a waste, Yas! And it's for your birthday! Come on, come onnnnnnnn..."

I gave in eventually.

And that was before my birthday (which is on a school day, unfortunately), imagine what's next!


My life has gone beyond The Valley of the Fab in one day.


I am very hair and ear conscious now though...