A/N: Since I didn't have enough room to give a complete summary in the preview-thingy, I have a full summary here. I apologize I'd you don't like when an author does this in a story, but this "chapter" will just be for the summary and such. I hope the story sounds interesting to you!

Story Title: Impersonation

Author: KeiMeansStyle, otherwise known as Kei

Genre: Sci-fi/drama

Rating: T

Summary: Alexa Peterson's boss transfers her mind to the body of a famous actress to retrieve a wish-granting ring. Being too lazy to walk back to the rendezvous point after retrieving it, she makes a wish that lands her in an alternate universe where she's still in high school. The most worrying part, however, is the fact that she's a boy! Realizing she's back in high school again, she decides to make some changes to her life, starting with her grades...

Main Characters: Alexa Peterson, Sebastian Peterson (male Alexa)

Other Characters: Mia Langley, Alexa's boss, Alexa's parents

Warnings: Slight homophobia later in the story, accompanied by homosexual relationships.

So there you go. Hope it seems interesting! It may be a couple of days before I get the first real chapter up, because I'm terrible at writing long chapters, even though I really try to. But when I do get it up, please read it! Thank you!