How could a single life be the cause of so much damage and destruction? It was as if I had been created to start the war that would inevitably end the world.

I remember it all as if it happened yesterday, but there are things that linger in the back of my conscious like a ghost lingers in this world. There are things I should have remembered that were forgotten, just as there are things that I've remembered that should have been forgotten. And there's the things that other's know that I don't. Though it may be my story, I'm not the only one who was significant in the building of it, nor can I be the only one who tells it.

But what was the reason of this whole ordeal to begin with?

Was it the greed of having the world at their disposal, or was it simply the idea that the human's time on this planet was done? Whatever the reason the fact that you're reading this now means you were one of the few who were lucky enough to survive the 'Apocalypse'. Whether it was worth it or not, I don't know; this planet is ruined beyond what is sustainable.

But you have to know.

You have to know how this all came to be and prevent it from ever happening again. You are the new and improved; a race of extremely advanced Human beings that have inherented this ruined and scared planet. This story is only one of many that describe the horrors that took place back then. Can you handle it, or should you put this book down and never pick it up again? If you chose to continue, I implore you, DO NOT STOP.

I didn't spend endless days and sleepless nights writing these words so you could pass it off as another science-fiction novel. The future of your world depends on the words written here. Read it, learn of it, and do something, or relive the nightmare.