Death March

Death Row, like men on Death Row we acted,

Dull eyes, broken faces, bleak expressions

Our heavy hearts been extracted

I was living my own death, horror killing me

Insanity was gripping, life choking me

A never-ending horror show was my wretched life

These sodden holes in which we live are my grave

My sweetheart, won't set sorry eyes on my bonny wife

No longer will I pledge myself, help myself, no longer will I lie

I am too young to perish; I am too young to die

Death was no longer an obstacle, I never could escape

Resistance is the key, resist it all you can boys

But eventually, you cannot escape

The death rattle of machine guns, artillery shells

Never would I escape this Hell or those crippling shells

Many a great man had fallen; I'd lost so many brothers

Lost to gas, fallen to bullets, blown to shells

Artillery bombardment last a lifetime, creeping in our covers

'Over the top!' I hear the call; my death warrant has been signed

I say my silent farewells, my prayers

I then fall from the line