Hey, this probably won't make sense to anyone, but it's a fanfiction of my Tumblr roleplay, and I was bored in school.

Written on my school laptop, so it's pretty innocent in the wording, but the context is not so safe.


A ray of sunshine upon the sleeping eyelids of Felix Copeland, causing the boy to flinch slightly and realize that he was awoken. He hated days like that. Didn't the universe know to never wake up a sleeping cat? They aren't the friendliest of sleepers. Retracting his cat ears back into his shaggy chocolate-colored hair, he uncurled himself from the ball he slept in, pushed himself up, and squeezed his eyes in retaliation of the sun. With a yawn from his early morning awakening, he opened his eyes, expecting to see the familiar sight of his blue comforter and grey pillow cases, the same ones he saw every morning facing him, but was instead greeted by a vibrant orange and yellow print. Groggy, he made a small note of it and turned over on his other side, facing away from the window that let in the interrupting light.

Wait… he didn't have a window by his bed.

As he started to truly wake up, his eyes followed the bumps in his blanket on the other side of the bed. It didn't look like pillows to the boy. Cautiously, he reached for the middle in between him and whatever was under the other side and lifted it up. A wave of light brown hair fell down into the sheets over a white top. At first, he thought of the worst, but then his mind went over everything: the window, the bedding, the hair. He darted up to a sitting position and looked around the room. He was in Micah's room.

His swift movement must have woken up his bed companion, as he heard her stir from her side of the bed. She let out a small moan and slowly sat up, rubbing the back of her head. Despite the early morning hours, Felix couldn't help but notice the light brown wave bounce withe each hand stroke. He took notice of small things like that and could do nothing else but watch. In his eyes, Micah Taylor was the most gorgeous person he had ever seen.

The history of the two went back far, going back to when they were babies. Micah's dad, one of them at least, was an angel who created Micah on accident one night. Felix was conceived shortly after at his mother's sixteenth birthday party after his parents had known each other for two weeks. Her dad, Rune, and his mom, Marlow, had a brother-sister relationship, thanks to Rune's protective nature. The two kids were destined to be best friends. Through their early childhood, they were attached at the hip, until Micah's power got in the way. Both Micah and Felix had a power, as did their parents, sans Micah's other father, Ian. Coming from an angel, Micah was blessed with phoenix physiology, while Felix, the son of a vampire and a zodiac empowerer, was a cat with feline physiology. A bird and cat: a pairing their parents found humorous. Micah's power, however, sped up her aging process. While the two were actually only a few months apart in age, mentally and physically, Micah was years older. All Felix could say was that he had nine live; well, eight after the old phrase "Cats always land on their feet" failed when it came to jumping from playground sets. Despite those circumstances, Micah honestly didn't look much older than Felix, so he took that as a gift. It might have been a little awkward to befriend someone who looked to be and inappropriate amount of years older.

Felix always thought that they worked so well together because they were balances. The cat was always the one goofing off and not really knowing what to do with himself. The bird, on the other hand, knew everything. The saying that older someone is, the wiser they were was true when it came to the two of them. Felix would get them into trouble and Micah would figure a way out. That was how they worked. He always thought that she was his better half. Whenever he messed something up, she could bring it back to normal. However, that didn't mean that Micah was an angel by any means of the word. Probably to combat Rune's overprotective nature, she had a rebellious streak to her, something Felix got a rush from feeding. He loved seeing the other side of Micah, the side that made her throw caution to the wind and live a little.

Which was probably why they woke up together that morning.

Micah flopped her hand down on blanket they were sharing and bit her lower lip, giving Felix a small smirk. "Some party last night, huh?" she whispered.

The actions that occurred the previous night rushed over the boy's mind in an instant. Rune and Ian were out on a trip and Marlow and Nolan, Felix's dad, thought that Felix and his little sister, Anais, were over at other friend's houses. With Micah's younger brother, Michael, the four threw an amazing party. Everything else was a blur, the alcohol ruining the other memories. Before Felix could say anything, a small scoff escaped the girl as she said, "Hey, nice tramp stamp."

He contorted his body to try to see it, knowing that even being part cat, he wouldn't be able to. From being in there so many times, he knew Micah had a full length mirror. He threw the cover off of him and onto Micah before jumping out of her bed and over to the mirror, turning around to get a look at the ink drawn on him. "Purrrrfect," read the stamp, the irony and cliché of it making him groan. Besides that something else caught his eyes: his lack of clothing. The shirt and jeans he had on the night before had disappeared from him, the only thing left was his pair of red and black plaid boxers. He noticed his cheeks turn a darker shade of red as he noticed Micah watching from the mirror. The pull of his cat ears started to form, a sure sign that he was either embarrassed or horny, though the latter probably was not the answer. It wasn't the first time he had been almost naked in front of her. He had been streaking in front of her a few summers back. Why was he embarrassed now? With a few headache-inducing shakes, he fixed his bed head and turned back towards Micah. "What happened last night?"

Micah let out a small, flirtatious giggle, bitting her index finger. "Oh, a party," she answered, pushing the blanket off of her. Felix rolled his eyes at her answer, until his eyes caught sight of her bare legs. It wasn't something new, but based on his lack of memory of the situation, it concerned him. "You know, the usual. Over-invited, someone brought beer, and the rest," her head turned to look at her room, filled with clothes and random party items, "seems to be pretty obvious."

Felix placed a hand on his head and ruffled his hair. With everything that appeared to happen, he couldn't help but wonder the obvious. "Did we…" he pointed his finger between the two of them, "you know?"

Micah laughed and grabbed a pair of sweatpants from the top draw her nearby dresser. "Uh, duh," she answered, like it was obvious. "Get a few drinks in you and you turn into a frisky kitty."

Felix noticed her wink her eye, which caused a mix of emotion to flow into the boy. While being the more irresponsible of the two, he did have some worries when it came to their sexual lives. He had a bit of caution when it came to not remembering something like that. Of course, the action of it happening was not a surprise to him. It wasn't the first time the two had done something of that manner. It wasn't a rare occurrence, one that they tried to hide from her father, but not unusual in the least. "Did we at least use anything?"

Micah scrunched up one cheek in confusion as she threw the sweatpants on. "How am I supposed to know?"

The boy took a seat on the bed and placed his head in his hands. "No, no, no. This is not good."

Noticing his aggravation, she took a seat next to him and his confused look turn to concern. "Felix, why are you so worried? It's not like this hasn't happened before."

"I have legit reasons to be concerned," he nervously shouted, pulling his head up from his hands, but then remembered that, hopefully, his sister and Michael were somewhere in the house. The look his saw in Micah's eyes made him regret snapping, but he couldn't help but worry. Calming down, he turned away and explained. "I was conceived at a party. My parents had met a week before and they both got drunk. I know what impact I had on them and…" he looked up at her, giving her a concerned, scared look, "I don't want that to happen to us." Once he was told the story, he never really saw himself as a normal child to his parents, but more of a burden, not that he would admit that to his parents, or anyone else for that matter. He had grown up thinking that he was supposed to be there, like his existence had been planned out, but questions started to pop up when he started school. "Why are you guys so much younger than all the other mommies and daddies?" he would ask, not understanding his birth. But as he got older and received more information on what had happened with not only him, but also the school system education on teenage pregnancies, he came to see his birth and himself as more of a bother than anything. He knew that without him, his parents could have been normal teenagers, like he was. Why should he be able to have fun when the people who brought him into the world couldn't.

Micah shook her head at his reasoning, brushing a brown strand from her eyes. "It is way too early for this, Felix," she groaned, causing the boy's facade to darken. Catching on, she scooted closer to him and gave him a friendly smile. "Hey, there," she whispered, nudging him. "I promise nothing like that will happen. With my creation, I don't even know if my dad got anything right for that." She scoffed, grabbing his hand. "He probably made sure that something like that wouldn't happen."

Felix had to laugh at her attempt to comfort him. Being just awoken, he knew that all of the think he had done probably wasn't for the best, but the thoughts still worried him. "I could see him doing that," he agreed, knowing Rune's displeasure of any male with the last name Copeland. "It just… bugs me, okay?"

Micah nodded, wrapping her arms around his and placing her head on his shoulder. "I know, but it shouldn't," she persuaded. "You were told the story. You could have died at birth. Imagine how that would have made your parents feel?"

He knew she was right. With his mother's power, he had almost died before he would be born. His parents have told him how he was a little fighter before he was born, but to him, he always thought it was his cat side, taking his first life, though that's another thing he wouldn't tell his parents. There was a lot of things he kept to himself for the sake of others, which was quite unlike him. Even with that thought of his birth, he still held a depressed question on the subject. "Of course, that would have devastated them. I know that. It's been drilled into my head by just about everyone. But…" The thought of elaborating snuck into his head, about going into detail of if he had never been conceived, but he thought better of it. Being so early, he figured that he would save that for another time. He looked over at her and gave her a smile. "Never mind. It doesn't matter now."

Micah's facial expression was saddened and unsure, but she didn't press on. If he wanted to tell her, he would eventually. With that, she placed a kiss on his cheek and reset her on his shoulder. It was a comforting place and the silence around them added to the effect. From not remembering anything from the night before to waking up to a dark talk, the silence was more of a comfort than anything. Felix pulled his arm out of Micah's grip and placed his arm around her waist, letting her wrap hers around him. He pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head as thank you for being there. Like he always said, Micah kept him grounded and that was what the boy needed sometimes, otherwise his thoughts would overcrowd his mind.

Micah nudged him and pointed to the ground on near the dresser she pulled her sweatpants out of. "Felix, look," she whispered.

His eyes followed her finger as he discovered what she was pointing at: a small square wrapper. His mind started to click things together and he reached for his jeans on the ground. In the back pocket, he pulled out his wallet and opened it, noticing his protection inside was gone. Putting the two connections together, he gave her a wide smile and whispered, "Thank god," before pulling her in for another kiss, feeling his cat ears pop out from the cover of his hair.

It took a turn for the dark, but merp.

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