Titanic, Wishful Thinking

There is a time when you, Need to face all facts. Whether your going to die, Or whatever the facts are.

That's what most of the people, On the Titanic did. Well, not everyone feels the same.

Some had a harder time excepting, That they only had a few hours, Left to live.

Some stood by as women, And children got into the, Mere twenty lifeboats. Some tried to get in those lifeboats.

The ones who stood by, Were gentlemen. The ones who tried to, Get into the boats were, Cowards and they got their, Punishment.

But the gentlemen deserved, To live and couldn't. Like Thomas Andrews, The poor man, Felt it was his fault.

He had built the ship, But it was no more, His fault than Murdock.

So who's fault was it? No one's and, Everyone's!

No one could have, Guessed what would happen. And then they should, Have taken more, Precautions and, Not have believed their, Own lies.

If only she hadn't, Went down... What would have happened? No one knows for sure. But one thing we're for sure, Of is that the Coastal Guard, Wouldn't exist now.

And it has saved many lives. Like Bob Ballard, Who ironically found, The Titanic seventy-three years, After she sank.

Almost everything about, The Titanic is ironic.