A/N: Sorry we haven't posted anything in a while, guys. We're planning on doing a little story for the Winter Holidays, but no guarantees yet.

Anyway, here's a little something I wrote on my own a while back. I'd post it on my account, but it has both of our characters.

Warnings: Yaoi/Slash/boyxboy/SMUT-this is PURE SMUT, guys/language/role-playing. I think there was a little violence in there, too. I read and reread this so many times to make sure I got all the mistakes out, but I think there are still times when I switched between calling them men and calling them boys. ^^; So sorry about that.

Otherwise, enjoy!


It stung.

Oh, shit, it stung!

It was painful.

That man was the devil and this was torture from him.

They pried and twisted in ways that made him cry out in pain as he tried to arch away from it - but it was no use; there was a wall in front of him and the owner of those fingers pressed against his back and it hurt.

Salty tears threatened to spill out of his eyes when a third digit was shoved into his hole, but before he could protest, it happened.

They twisted just There.

He was a God, a glorious higher being, and Seth would worship him for the rest of his days.

There, right there, damn it!

He couldn't find his voice to make himself speak, but the point managed to get its way across anyway.

Suddenly, those three fingers just weren't enough. He wanted more; he wanted Claude. He needed him like he needed air to breathe.

He couldn't admit to that, could he? No, Claude still didn't love him. To let the man know that Seth lusted for him would only complicate things more.

The raven haired boy's hips jerked involuntarily when that special spot inside of him was touched again, sending all coherent thoughts scattering, drifting away, disappearing from his mind completely as he made a sound from deep in his throat.

He didn't recognize it as a keening sound, nor as a jumble of incoherent sounds put together, for to Seth, he knew it was Claude's name he was saying.

For Claude, it sounded something more along the lines of


Seth heard the familiar chuckle of the blond man near his ear and instinctively cocked his head to the side. He wouldn't admit it, the embarrassment would be too much, but he wanted to feel those teeth there again. There, right there, in that same spot they'd been so many times since that first fateful night.

The smaller man's eyes fluttered closed as he rested his forehead against the stone wall for just a moment before leaning back against that shoulder for support, and he was so glad when Claude didn't push him away.

"Fuck," he hissed, another involuntary noise escaping him when those tantalizing digits were suddenly gone from him, leaving him feeling empty and cold and lustful and needy and -

- and desperate.

"I need you, now," he whispered softly before a very welcomed pair of lips were pressing against his own. It was a mash of tongue and teeth and saliva, and even though he didn't try to fight back, there was still that dominance over him that he could practically bathe in. A foreign tongue probed the inside of his mouth, mapping every little detail to memory, and Seth's own muscle rubbed shyly against it. He couldn't stop himself, when his own tongue was pulled into the connecting warm cavern to be nibbled on and sucked at, from moaning and pressing his body flush against the other man's.

Hips ground together and nails dug into flesh as the pair welded together.

A soft whimper from the younger as Claude's cock slid inside of him seemed to remind them both of how long it had been since they'd last done this.

There was barely a moment to catch his breath before Seth was being pounded against the wall. His own body reacted readily to the contact and pushed back against it, causing the man to slide deeper, causing Seth to cry out happily.

There it was, that moment where he could feel it. He could feel every 'thuh-dump' of Claude's heartbeat, every suppressed shiver that ran through him, every breath he took, line and pulse and throb of his cock, bead of sweat running over his body. Everything that made Claude his, and made him Claude's.

He didn't feel the teeth sink into that forever-present scar or hear Claude's muffled cry of release. He didn't feel the hot liquid rush through him, either, but he wasn't stupid, he knew what just happened when his eyes had finally snapped shut.

As he was calming from his magnificent climax, he couldn't even hear his own gasping as he clung to the older man.

He felt, rather than heard, the chuckle that came from his lover, "Are you tired all ready?"

The raven smiled and shook his head, "No. I was thinking about how much I love you is all."

Clause blinked, then smiled as well. It was that same rare smile that he seemed to think Seth never saw, but he always did, and it made the smaller boy's heart melt.

"I love you, too, Seth."

"Mmm, I know..." He purred, suddenly smirking, "Now, about that mirror fantasy we talked about..."