The Ghost That Never Lived

In am sure you've all heard the tale

Of the Ghost That Never Lived

A whining widow that never had a husband

A weeping mother that had no children

In case you be in darkness my child

In case you be naïve

I shall enlighten you with this tale

This tale of a soul that had no keeper

This is the tale of The Ghost That Never Lived

She stands alone, sorrowed, hurt

With all her frozen heart she begs

She begs for her soul to be set free

Though there is nothing set free to be

A paid debt to a non-existing friend

A God never once believed in

She desires death, but what death is there?

When she never lived, no-place, no-where

Her empty eyes seek release

Though what release is there?

Who has she to be there with?

She is just The Ghost That Never Lived

You may feel sorrow for her my child

Though naught do be fooled

Her trickery, her rage, they know no limit

You will be destroyed if you fall for it

She will crush your form still you breathe

Steal your soul to fill her gaping heart

Her eyes will burn like embers from Hell's fire

She will hang your head from a church spire

Though do not fret my love

'Tis only a legend

But legend has it child, if you enter the castle up yonder you give

Right of way to the Ghost That Never Lived