Here we go, Chapter 2. This chapter is in 2nd point of view. Leai's father is introduced into the story in this chapter.

Chapter 2

It was hot out, and complaint were a sure must. "Shut up Theo." came the shriek of a girl. "Cant you see this is a very emotional time for him!" her voice became a bit high-pitched. "This is very boring though.." The boy, Theo commented after the girl yelled in his ear, he held a bored expression on his face. The two teens had been arguing over the emotions of their older companion, whom had dragged them from their beds to accompany him. They had been rushed so quickly, that they didn't have time to dress properly for the occasion.

They were attending a Funeral, of a woman Theo knew nothing about. He had only heard the mention of her name while growing up from Leon, their older companion. Theo's eye looked down at the scene, looking at all of the faces present at the funeral. From his position, he could see a woman that looked exactly like the one in the casket. "Hey…the dead one is right there." Theo pointed to the standing woman. Moments later, his head was flying forward with a jerk as a hand was pulled back. "Idiot!" the girl shrieked again. "They are twins." She claimed. "And don't point it's rude." she said through her teeth.

"Christina, Theo." the two's names were called as they went silent. "Sorry Leon." Chris stated. Whenever someone called her Christina, it meant trouble of some sort. Chris sent a scolding glare over at Theo before looking down at the funeral once more. Her eye's resting on a girl. "She doesn't look sad at all.." Chris stated lowly. Theo joined her, staring down at the brunette girl. At that girls side, was a girl who looked similar, the only difference were the hair and eye color. The second girls hair was blonde, with a tint of red mixed into lines. "Are they twins?" He lifted his hand to point between the two teens. "Chris?" he questioned her.

"How am I suppose to know, I don't know any of these people." She lifted her hands into the air with a shrug of her shoulders, then let them fall to her hips. "The brunette has cool grey eyes, the blonde has blue." Chris started pointing out facts. "They could be sisters, or twins like you asked. But I'm not exactly sure." she replied. "Why are you asking me questions, ask Leon, he knows them." She stated to Theo.

His eyes traveled over to Leon, whose face was had a saddened expression to it, he didn't want to ask, but couldn't help his curiosity. He didn't like the silence from him either. "Leon, are those two girls sisters, or twins?" The questioned. "No.." Leon answered as his eyes traveled to the brunette girl. "The dark haired one. Leai. Is my daughter." Chris blinked, and was slightly surprised by the information. "I..didn't know you had a daughter.." She blinked at him.

"So that's her." A voice spoke as he appeared behind them. "She's grown a lot since the last time I saw her." The voice similar to that of Leon's. "L-lance..I didn't know you were coming." Chris flushed as she looked away from him. Theo rolled his eyes. "Always late." Theo mumbled. Lance ignored Theo's comment as he walked closer. "Her eyes," Lance examined as he too watched the scene below. "Are like yours, father." Leon kept his eyes glued to the casket, occasionally they would switch over to view Leai.

"I scanned the area," Lance took a breath between his words. "Nothing is breaking my barrier." He spoke again. "You don't look so good Lance." Chris stated in a worried fashion. She had attempted to put up a barrier around herself once, and she remembered how much it took out of her, and here was Lance, putting up a barrier around the whole cemetery. She raised a hand to him, but he pushed it away. "I'm fine." he stated briskly as he faced his father. "Will we be making contact?" he questioned. Chris had always secretly loved Lance, and sometimes she wanted to tell him, she even thought he knew, but just plainly ignored her feelings. He was always determined and focused on the task at hand, and right now, his task was focused on another woman, his sister.

"No. We will wait, to give her time." Leon replied as he glanced back to the faces with him. He didn't really want to bring Chris and Theo with him, but he didn't want to leave them at the academy alone, especially with the way the two argued. He would have come back to the academy in ruins with those two. "Time for what?" Theo asked, he wasn't too accustomed to the way others felt. "Time to mourn." Lance spoke as he mumbled something after. Theo glared at him. "L-" he was cut off by Leon, his face turning to anger as his eyes shifted around the area. Chris and Theo both watched as Lance joined him. "What's going on?" Theo asked, looking he straightened up his body from his former leaning position "My barrier's been broken." Lance said alarmed. "Are they here for us, or for the girl?" Chris asked as she glanced around.

It was a dozen, twelve men in hoods were standing a distance, various weapons ling within their grasp. "Doesn't matter who they are after, we need to find and destroy them." Lance replied as he jolted off. "Arcessere" as the word was spoken, a blade appeared within his hand. Lance always seemed to enjoy a good fight, a good battle. "Leon, let me help." Theo replied. "No, your not strong enough." Chris stated but she was ignored again. "Leon, I've gotten far better with my words, I can help." Theo's eyes were pleading.

Leon watched as his son attacked the nearest hooded man. His son was very skilled at fighting, as he was, and still is. "Stay here with Chris." Leon stated as he turned his back to Theo, facing the fight. He held his hand out, "Arcessere" a sword appeared in his hand. "No fair, Leon I can hel-" Theo stopped talking as Leon disappeared from his sight, repapering behind Lance, the two held their backs together. "Lance does everything!" Theo cried in frustration as he kicked one of the headstones. "At least your allowed to do things, at least your not ignored." Chris replied as she watched the fight.

"He trusts Lance more than anyone." Theo replied. "Of course he does…it's his son." Chris's eye's peered down at the funeral, seeing everyone crying as they walked to their cars. "Soon he'll have his daughter." Chris mumbled. "And I'll be forgotten." her words were so low that she could barely be heard. "Did you say something Chris?" Theo asked, though his attention was drawn to the fight, he was anxious to join it, anxious to prove to Leon that he too could be a warrior like Lance, that he was strong.

Leon locked blades with one of them men. "They don't seem to be aiming her, if they are this intent on fighting us." Leon called to his son, whom was holding off three of the men, while Leon was holding off four. Lance listened to his father, but he was focused on fighting the three men. The remaining five stood and watched, one speaking to the others. The four nodded as they stepped away from the one who seemed to be the leader. In a flash, they darted off. Leon tried to free himself from those he was fighting to chase after, but the leader joined in, knocking him back.

Theo watched, licking his lips as it was his chance to actually partake in combat. "Theo, Don't." Chris voice was strict in a warning. "They are coming right at us, we have no choice." he replied. "Chris, don't chicken out on me. Stay close so I can protect you." Theo called as his stance was stern, his hand holding out before him. "Arcessere" A spear appeared in his hand. Theo glanced behind him slightly, not getting a answer from Chris, she looked frightened. Her eye's widened as Theo turned back around, holding the spear out as his blocked a attack from one of the men.

Theo was able to hold this for a matter of seconds before another came and swiped at his head, Theo ducked low and kicked one with all his might, only to be pushed back. "T-Theo" his name was called in a stressed manor and he looked up, one of the men got his way to Chris, holding her body off the ground by her throat. Her eyes clamed shut as the pain thrilled her body, her airway slowly getting blocked by the strength of the hand. Theo glared. "Chris!" He got up and turned towards the man, only to get a painful stab to his side, one of the men grazed his side with his blade, he fell to one knee, still moving forwards in a attempt to save Chris. "Impe-" "Impello"

The three men that once stood over Theo were now sprawled away from him. Theo glanced around, then up to where Chris was, now in the arms of Lance while the man who hurt her was on the ground, Leon holding Theo's spear to his throat. "Tell me, Who sent you?" Leon asked as he stared down at the men, the other bodies and slowly began to fade away as ashes would disappear within the wind. Theo tried to stand once more to feel the pain of is wound, the blood bound to his hand.

Lance let Chris from his arms as he glared down at the man, waiting for a answer. "Thanks for saving me Lance." Chris smiled, though he ignored her. "Answer him!" he replied. Chris slightly flinched, but continued to stare at Lance, there was a cut along his face, a small line of blood trailing from it, as well as a cut over his shoulder, his shirt ripped as the blood was there. "We were sent to kill the girl. The second child of Leon, the successor." Leon pressed the spear down into his shoulder, drawing blood. It groaned out in pain.

Chris backed away from Lance, glancing around for Theo, he had been putting his weight on another gravestone while his blood dripped lightly between his fingers. He didn't complain about the pain, she almost wanted to slap him again for his stupidity, of not telling her he was in pain. "Idiot." she knelt down beside him, moving his hand aside. "Easy!" he winced. Her hands were held out over his wound, as her eyes turned fully pink, her hands glowing of the same color. "Sanare" she began to heal his wound. Though she wasn't fully focused, she was still thinking of Lance, he always ignored her.

"If they are sending men after her, we need to stay near by to make sure she's safe." Lance claimed as his eyes glared at the man on the ground. "He's not going to tell us who sent him, maybe you should let me kill him and get it over with." Lance hissed, but his father rested his hand on his shoulder. "If he tries anything, burn him." Leon ordered as he pulled a glove from his pocket.

Leon placed the gloved hand upon the head of the man. "Memoria" Leon spoke as he closed his eyes. The man under his grasp gasped loudly as his eyes rolled back. "What's he doing?" Theo asked as he stood, his wound fully healed by Chris. "It's the Memory spell" Lance answered. "He's trying to find out who sent them to kill Leai." Lance spoke as he watched, making sure the man didn't do anything, his eye's as fierce as those of a hawk.

"I see." Leon withdrew his hand from the man, his eye's opening as he stood. "Collen is behind it all." Chris gasped. "You cant be serious, Why would Collen want your daughter dead?" She asked. "Because Leon is the rightful ruler." Surprisingly, it was Theo who spoke. "Lance is the rightful prince, while the girl, his daughter, is the rightful princess. The Successor." Theo spoke again.

"Your right Theo." Leon spoke. "Collen's lead will surely fall once I get my powers back fully. He betrayed my family long enough, and I will not stand by while he targets the life of my daughter." He spoke. The man on the ground had shifted to move, reaching for a dagger within it's boot. "Ignis! " the flame consumed the body as the man screeched. "When did you learn that spell?" Leon questioned towards Theo, who smiled and scratched the back of his head. "I've been training myself, to get better so I can help you." He said with a soft laugh.