Chapter 4

My new room was quiet again. I was packing a bag to take with me. After my father and aunt argued for a hour and a half about taking me, she realized she wouldn't be able to win the fight. Besides, they seemed to be some sort of magical freaks that could throw her across the room if she tried to argue again. It was a scary thought, but by the way Lance was looking at her, I'm sure he wouldn't think twice about doing it. It was obvious that he had some sort of hatred for my mother, and since my aunt held the same face, he probably wanted revenge.

Everyone was down in the living room again. Giving me my space to get what I wanted. I wasn't sure, I wasn't fully unpacked yet. So of course it shouldn't be taking me too long. I didn't even know where he was going to try and take me. Maybe if I ran away, he wouldn't find me. I could go stay at Monica's house for a little bit if she'd let me. I could hitchhike back home and stay with Mike or Alice. They could hide me, they would probably laugh about this silly thing with me. My backpack was sitting by the window, I knelt down beside it and pulled out my books and binders. Stuffing in cloths, my newly fixed ipod compliments of Lance, and anything else I felt would be important.

I slipped on a jacket and grabbed a hat. My sunglasses would be good as well. I'd seen many shows where people ran away, they had to hide their appearance to make an escape. The last thing I grabbed was my purse. It had my cell phone, and money in it. Going down through the front door would get me caught quickly, the only other exit was out a window. My room faced the backside of the house, to the left of the living room. So if I could get to the ground from the second floor, I wouldn't be seen. Before going to the window, I walked back to my door and pushed in the lock. They'd probably blow it up easily but it would give me a few seconds head start. I took a few steps back away from the door and unlocked the window, pushing it up. I had to remove my backpack and throw it out first before I crawled through after.

The room was lilted a little, I crawled towards the edge until I made it to the end. I was about as high up as being in my old tree house. I wasn't really scared of falling off, I was more cautious about falling and making too much noise. I glanced back at my window from where I sat, no one was there yet, good. I pulled myself over the edge carefully, using the gutter pipe to move slowly down. It made a creaking sound and I froze. I thought it was going to wiggle and fall but it didn't. The stupid thing was just making noise because I was crawling down it. The closer I got to the bottom the more sound it made, so instead of risking getting caught, I jumped the rest of the way. I landed on my feet and stumbled back until I fell on my butt.

"What are you doing?" I jumped up quickly to look around, it was Malcom. Malcom was my aunts second child, he wasn't able to attend the funeral due to his sickness. He was twelve, and as annoying as any other twelve year olds. I was told he cried a lot upon finding out about my mothers death. He used to come visit whenever Molly did when we were younger. He looked more like his father than the rest. His hair was long and curly on his head as glasses rested over his eyes. He and Molly didn't get along that much. Sibling love, that's how it was in most cases. "Playing hide and seek with Monica." I lied with a grin. "Don't tell her which way I went." Malcom gave me a confused look before rolling his eyes.

I grabbed Malcom into a hug, he protested by pushing me and stating 'gross'. He hated when we gave him hugs, he was trying to be macho and mainly now a days. I turned and ran to the gate in the backyard that led to the front. I was on the left side of the house, still facing away from the living room where everyone else was. I opened it and ran through quickly. I didn't know my way around town that much yet, but I did know how to get to the park. I kept my feet moving as I crossed to the other side of the street, going to the path that led to the park. I hated the park, it was full of tree's and people were always there walking their pets.

Some people never cleaned up after their pets so it could be a land mind of dog poo if you go on the days before the community service crew gets there to clean. Molly had to do it once for getting caught shop lifting. I remember her complaining about the smell of dog poo and how a big down jumped on her and licked her face. She hated animals sometimes because they took attention away from herself. She complained most about the outfit she had to wear, and she wasn't allowed to put on a ounce of makeup. That would have been a scene I'd love to see. A frustrated Molly ready to attack and kill anyone that walked by her if they said anything about her appearance.

The park was empty at this time, it was getting dark out. The park was pretty big, though walking through it would get me to the bus station faster than walking around it. I was going to make it, a smile crossed my face. I was gonna go back home and be safe away from all this crazy nonsense. I wouldn't have to see that creepy man and his son and those two others that followed him around like lab rats. I rolled my eyes myself at what he'd told me. I was a 'successor'. I didn't want to have to get admitted to the looney bin because of them. Though trying to wrap my brain around what happened in my room kind of made me want to ask questions about it. It was cool, like Monca had said. It was right up in the things I liked, paranormal situations.

I kept walking, my phone was ringing. I didn't turn it off, I probably should have. I reached into my purse to grab my phone. I looked at it, a picture of my aunt was there and her name above it. I pushed the cancel button to stop the call. I heard a noise behind me and looked, there was no one at all. I turned around fully to look again and no one was there still. I was a little creeped out, when my phone rang again I kind of jumped. This time Alice's picture and name was there. I smiled as I answered. "Alice!, im on my way to you, can you come pick me up at the bus station tomorrow?" Alice was kind of sad that I had to leave, so I expected her to yell with excitement and agree to pick me up, but she didn't. "Leai." She said through the other end of the phone. "Go back." Go back? Why would I go back, I was running away. "Alice, I don't want to be there my father is there." I stressed. She knew all about my disappointment for not being able to see my father, how I sometimes hated him for never showing up on my birthday. "I know." She knew what? "It's not safe for you to be out alone Leai, you need to get back to your father."

I was confused again, did he have my aunt call and turn my friends against me? Maybe my plan wasn't as smart as I thought if they were able to get ahold of my friends that fast. I stayed silent, I could still here Alice on the other end. "Leai?" I didn't know what to say. What was he going to do next, go to the police and track my phone. It was plausible, I hung up on Alice and ripped the back of my phone off. I removed the battery and took the sim card out. As long it wasn't inside, they couldn't find me. I heard another noise and looked behind me again, standing still wasn't going to get me anywhere, so I turned and walked in the direction of the bus stations.

There was a man standing not far from me, watching me. I didn't hear him come up, he couldn't have made the noise I heard because that came from behind me. It was another factor to add to the creepy scale. I put the pieces of my phone back into my purse, zipped it up and pulled my hands to my backpack straps, holding them. The two things I forgot to grab were my flashlight and can of mass. It would be helpful now if this stranger wanted to try something funny. For now he was just standing there. I didn't move, maybe Alice was right. I could always formulate a plan to run away again. Maybe take someone will me, like an attack dog. I turned around, facing the opposite way and walked back towards the direction of my aunt's house. I looked behind me to see the man gone. Where did he go that fast?

This was getting ridiculous, I was still going to go back to my aunts house, so I walked and stopped, running into the man. I froze like a deer in headlights. He looked down at me, I couldn't clearly see his face, it was dark and seemed to get darker the closer he was. "Adflicto Affligo" I couldn't tell you where the pain came from at first, but it felt like everything inside me was on fire. My muscles tightened like a bad leg cramp. I wanted to scream but I couldn't do anything but crumble to the ground, I was suffocating. . The pain left my body and I was able to breath again, I grasped for air. The man looked down at me, even though the pain was still gone, I was still hurting. This man was just like them, my father and those with him. Using words and making things happen. "Arcessere Coadunatio" I braced myself for what was going to happen next.

Five circles appeared around the man spaced out evenly. Four other men appeared within those circles. "Is this the girl were seeking?" One asked. Another nodded. "I say we should kill her now, save us the trouble of doing it later." I was afraid they'd actually do it. I tried to get up, I managed to make it to my knee's and hands before one knocked me back over with his foot. "Please don't." I said quickly.

"You have no authority to speak." One hissed. "She's his daughter, there is no doubt he will train her. with his blood she'll be strong, but if Collen gets her first, we can use her against Leon." The first man that attacked her spoke. Collen, that's what her father had said. A man named Collen was the reason he couldn't come see her. Why it wasn't safe. Now these men wanted her to be used by this Collen? Leai flinched when one of them reached down at her. "Don't worry, we are not going to harm you, we need you in once peace if your going to be any worth to us." The way he spoke made her feel unsure about her safety. He could attack her again the way he did before, that was painful. She didn't want that to happen.

"Your too late, my father taught me already. And if you don't leave, I'll …" It was a lie, but maybe she could out smart them. They all watched her, neither moved forward or backward. Probably waiting for her to prove that she was telling the truth. It wouldn't hurt to try? She thought back to her room, what had they said. Three words were said…It started with a I. Impetos..Impetas…No, she was close. She closed her eyes and let it reply in her mind. She could see herself, Lance and Theo fighting. Impetus. She opened her eyes and took a big breath "Impetus!" the man standing in the middle flew forward, Leai ducked to not get it.

She felt amazed with herself? Did she really just do that. The other four quickly became offensive, one moved to kick her but he was stabbed. Leai watched the blade slide in, and then out of the man. He cringed, grunted and fell down beside her. His body started to turn into ashes and then he was gone. Standing a few steps away was Lance. He gazed down at me before turning to fight another. "Leai, are you ok?" Chris and Theo appeared beside me helping me up. I winced as they helped me to my feet, grunted a little. "Oh no she's hurt." Chris gave a small from. "Here, help me set her so I can heal her." Theo nodded as they set me back down. So much for standing.

There was a small explosion to the side of us, dirt and rocks flew at us. "While I heal her, put up a barrier." Chris gave stated. It was nice to see them not arguing for once. Ha, I say that like I'd known them for a while. A few hours was all. Theo sat beside me and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. "Defendo Tego Texi Tectum" The dirt and dubree that was coming at us seemed to bounce off something invisible there. I assume that was the barrier Chris spoke about. I looked passed Chris to see Lance fighting off four of the men. "Defaeco" Chris smiled as her hands glowed as they were pressed to my chest. I could feel that lingering pain slowly simmer out. I was feeling better now. "There, all done." Chris stood up and held out a hand to help me up as well. "Thank you…" I gave her a small smile.

Theo stood as well, the barrier he was holding dropped. He was looking tired, it must have been taking a lot out of him. My father and brother approached and for that brief moment of fear I had forgotten that I was in trouble. My father's expression was hard to determine, he looked mad, but when he got close he grabbed me for a hug. "Why did you turn Alice against me?" I was quiet with my question. I was trotting thin ice as it was. "Leai, Alice isn't and never will be against you. She is your Vigil, your guardian." Leon spoke. "Guardian?" I questioned him, I was surpised I'd let him hug me for so long as he did. "Everyone born with royal blood is appointed a guardian, while they create their second." Lance spoke up, he didn't speak much. Unless giving her a play by play on this life. "Alice was chosen and trained by me, to ensure your safety." Leon stated. I felt a little betrayed, this whole time she endured my whines of how much I missed, wanted, and hated my father. Yet she was able to see him freely. "There's a lot you have to learn." Leon patted the top of my head. Clearly, there was.