Death can bring you close to someone.

I realized that as I found myself telling my life story to a complete stranger as the plane went down.

I'm not really sure how it happened.

One minute my whole family was going on a happy vacation.

The next minute I was separated I dropped my ticket picked up the wrong one and got sent on a one way trip to certain doom.

Certain doom is by the way called New Jersey.

I'd already called my parents and I knew soon they would save me from my New Jersey nightmare.

I was actually enjoying my first ever flight.

I mean, the movie was good (A Disney classic) and the food was okay.

And the person who sat beside me was pretty agreeable, a teenage girl named Violet.

She was also SERIOUSLY pretty.

I would be fine, until I got to NJ and had nowhere to go...

But that didn't seem to be a problem.

Because we were going to crash.

Well that's not a downer at all.

It will get better, I promise! I PROMISE!

Rapunzel: And when I promise...

Oh you know the next part. (And if you don't don't ask me because I forgot...)