I am optimistically quiet as a card game is played and chocolate is eaten and soda is being drank and I'm not a part of any of that. I have plunged myself deeply into the world of fiction and trying to get me out would be bad for your health. Anyway, it's an adult game with bouts of adult humor, I'm better of. I still want a soda though... Like the occasionally ADD me needs caffeine...

Jason's POV:

I'd already regretted telling Violet my nickname.

The one that referred to daydreaming me.

The boy with his heads ever in the clouds.

My parents hoped, assumed it would clear up as I go older.

My fantasies and obsessions over books.

Literature was a fine pursuit in my family, but my daydreams were just too much for my parents.

I was always getting detention for not paying attention.

I got excellent grades but my popularity suffered greatly.

Hence the tormentors.

Three obnoxious teenage boys were my main ones.

They liked to tease me because I was always in my own fantasy land more than the real world.

But who wants to dwell in the real world?

It's just plain boring.

Unless you get stuck in a plane crash, like SOME people.

Taylor swift is totally awesome. Totally.