Cloud and Starr B.f.f.l's

She was crazy, or at least that was what everyone thought of the delinquent, Cloud, that Starr hung out with. They were quite the pair, no one could tell if they were the rulers of the school or just bottom feeders with attitudes. People always took then the wrong way, they assumed Starr was a dumb blonde and that Cloud was all brawn and no brains but, both of the girls were as sharp as whips. Nothing ever got by them and when they did catch something bad about the two of them, they just ignored it. The entire school knew that they were as tight as best friends could be to the point of almost being siblings. No one could break that up and they would be crazy to try.

No one in their right mind would try to pick on Starr; that was how over protective of her Cloud could be. People assumed she was mean based upon the way she alienated the people around her, but it wasn't even a little bit true. She just didn't trust people. You could see many interesting portions of her personality in her mode of dress. But in actuality she was the kind of person that would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. This was obvious in the way that peoples whispers affected Starr but Cloud yearned for Starr's attention. People bullied the pair behind their backs and rumors about the pair flourished. People assumed that they were dating just because they were always together and didn't ever associate with any other people outside of their families.

They both loved one another for who the other was, despite the others downfalls no matter what. The one downfall of their relationship was jealousy. Starr was intensely jealous of Cloud's family's money. That was something that her family didn't have much of. The only reason she was jealous was because she didn't know the circumstances of Cloud's living situation. Cloud was jealous of Starr's family because she in fact didn't really have one. When they were seven Cloud was forced to give her little sister , Jamie, up for adoption. Really it was Cloud that did all of the giving too. Her father was never around and didn't really care either. It was Starr's family that adopted the girl thanks to much begging on Cloud's part for her father to pull strings and pay Starr's family to adopt the three year old child.

Starr was beautiful, pretty, smart, funny, and knew how to dress in a way that was actually becoming of her in a girly manner. Starr was able to become a happy go-lucky teenager whenever she wanted to. A luxury that wasn't allowed to Cloud. She was forced to make adult decisions and handle them maturely and with grace. Starr knew many of the details of Cloud's life and what became her early career as an almost Olympic gymnast. And people wondered why she was so cynical.

Starr found out early on that Cloud could sometimes get into these kinds of moods that were odd to other people and often made a point of trying to cheer her up. This was often one of Cloud's favorite attributes of her friend, her only friend in fact. They were the kind of friends that could walk down a hallway arm in arm and successfully ignore the stares that they attracted. Most of the time. On one such occasion when Starr's ability to ignore the perpetrators was apparently broken cloud shot them dirty looks and led her sobbing best friend into the bathroom to try and clean her up. Starr pulled Cloud's brown bomber jacket more tightly around her thin shoulders as she sobbed into Cloud's own shoulder.

Cloud jumped from her sitting position as agilely as the gymnast she was and held out her hand for her friend. "come on." she nodded to the sinks behind them. "let's get you cleaned up." Starr seemed to ignore her, she swiped the back of her hand against the tears running down her face.

"Come on, Starr, get up, we need to get to class, I need your help with the math homework I didn't do!" Starr glared at her from her spot on the floor, not making a move to get up.

"Is what they say about us true Cloud?" she asked suddenly with a desperate look on her face. Cloud t us doesn't matter. all that matters is what we think about ourselves." she jumped up dragging Starr with her. " come to my house tonight and we can talk more." Even though Starr didnt have the same kind of balance that Cloud did, she trusted the other girl to catch her.

Cloud sat on a sink as Starr washed her face and made all of the necessary adjustments to her makeup. Eventually Cloud lost her patience and dragged her unwilling friend around the corner and down the freshly painted red and tan hallway to Mrs. Murphy's Pre-Algebra class. Cloud grabbed her chair from the other side of the room and as she removed its occupant she set it next to Starr's chair. The teacher didn't pause in her lecture or even turn back around towards the class to see what the fuss was about. no one at the school could touch Cloud for fear of irritating her father, a billionare who owned half of the county.

Generally Cloud preferred to handle such matters on her own. She was not only an accomplished gymnast with Olympic but also an infamous street-fighter. She enjoyed this almost as much as gymnastics. Much later, after a successful one-on-one practice with Olympic gymnasts such as Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson, Cloud was throwing darts at a life-size cutout of Gabby Douglas when a small tap came on her door and someone yelled at her to open it. She hit the open button on the panel next to the light switch and let a yelling and cursing Starr into the house.

"Dang, girl! Have I ever told you how friggin huge your house is?" she asked.

"No!" Cloud chuckled at her silly friend.

"and you live here on your own? in this huge house?" she asked with genuine concern as she gestured to the large house. "Don't you get lonely?" she asked. Cloud violently ripped the red flagged and extremely pointy darts from the Olympian's cardboard face and returned to her starting position.

"No." she answered curtly as two darts vanished from one hand and buried themselves in Gabby's eyes. Starr's brow creased in worry. She put one hand on Cloud's shoulder. She could feel her friend's pulse through her t-shirt and her skin was extremely hot to the touch. Starr freaked out a little an ordered the obviously sick girl to lay down on the futon style couch.

Cloud grumbled but did as Starr said her face flushed. Starr knelt beside her head. " When was the last time you ate?" she asked sweetly. "Not since yesterday." she answered her expression betraying her embarassment. "And I ate a little at lunch but I wasn't really hungry. She squinted against the fluorescent light shining directly into her eyes. Starr came back with a cold cloth that she laid over Cloud's eyes and forehead and a glass of water and a Tylenol that she set beside Cloud on the corner table. Cloud drifted off into a deep sleep; falling into a sense of nothingness that both smothered and seemingly comforted her.

" Cloud! Cloud!? CLOUD! " cried a voice with steadily increasing fear, anxiety, and desperation. Cloud shot up waking up then fell back down against the soft pillows that Starr had arranged behind her head. Cloud moaned against the fluorescent lights before Starr replaced the cloth with another cooler cloth across Cloud's eyes. "What's that smell?" she asked noticing for the first time how hungry she was.

" I made dinner for you. That's why I woke you up. Your fever broke a while back." Cloud winced causing Starr to start in worry " I'm a horrible host i am so sorry i fell asleep on ya." her unnecessary worry made Starr grin unto herself. Cloud often worried about things she didn't need to. Starr returned with a bowl of steaming soup. She put the food on the coffee table and knelt by Cloud's head again.

As the two talked Starr absently messed with Cloud's hair. " What did you do while I swept? " asked Cloud. " I set the water to boil and I wandered around aimlessly and spoke with some of the staff" she answered honestly though she left a few things out. Cloud tried to force herself into a sitting position again but, Starr held her down with an amount of force Cloud didn't know her friend had. "No, Cloud. You need to rest." Starr firmly while spooning hot soup into Cloud's mouth. " Did they say anything ineresting?" Cloud asked with not a little mischief in her eyes. "Not really. Just that you can be a little had to handle but, in actuality you have a kind heart and a stubborn head. Nothing I didn't already know."

Cloud covered her face with her hand, poorly disguising the blush that overcame her at her own staffs kind words. They were the only people besides her to live in the giant house. On breaks when Starr went away they were the only people she would see for days on end. Was it any wonder how socially awkward she could be, thought Starr.

Cloud noticed the look in Starr's eyes and sat up with a great shove. Cloud's eyes were harsh with a slight fire. "I don't want your pity." Starr hardened her heart to Cloud's words. "I'm not giving it to you. I'm not giving it to you. I'm just trying to think of a way to make sure that this doesn't happen again. You need to eat healthy meals at set times. Otherwise I'm going to have to a long talk with your father."

Cloud sank back down into the couch. "Please don't bring him into this." she half pleaded. " He doesn't need to be bothered with me." Cloud's father was a wealthy businessman who paid for Cloud's schooling and training and any other amenities she might want. He was the reason her house was so posh. This wasn't the house her father even came to stay in when he came to a meeting in the states. Cloud's father bought his daughter her own house two years ago, on her tenth birthday. It was her present for hitting her double digits. Starr could remember standing to the left of and standing slightly behind her friend abd watching Cloud choke back tears. At the time she hadn't understood why she was sad. It was her birthday; shouldn't she be happy?

Starr could see now how lonely living alone must be for her friend in this big house. On the day of Cloud's tenth birthday, Starr had before her own parents and Cloud's father pledged aloud her loyalty to the young heiress.