Cast of Characters:

Kerri Matthews – 20, Jake's girlfriend, trying to save her relationship with Jake, drawn to Eric, works at Bella's Floral

Laurie Matthews – 40, Kerri's mom, hair designer at Great Clips, doesn't really like Jake

Larry Matthews – 41, Kerri's dad, always working, works out of town on business a lot

Jake Stevens – 21, likes to party, always likes to get into trouble, works at Harvey's Motors

Marie Stevens – 44, single parent to Jake, waitress at Claire's Cafe

Emma Rae Hodges – 20, Kerri's friend, can't believe Kerri's going out with Jake, thinks she should go out with Eric, waitress at Jensen's Family Restaurant

Eric Masterson – 21, rich, sweet, likes Kerri, estranged from brother Cole b/c Cole put the moves on Eric's ex girlfriend, Amber Marshall, and she didn't seem to mind it

Erin Masterson – 19, Eric's sister, rich, becomes great friends with Emma Rae & Kerri

Cole Masterson – 22, Eric & Erin's older brother who likes to cause trouble, put the moves on Eric's ex

James Masterson – 45, Lawyer, thinks he's always right about everything

Claudia Masterson– 43, accountant, is trying to repair the relationship between Cole & Eric after what happened with Amber

Connor Johnson – 20, always putting the moves on Kerri, full of himself

Savannah Morgan – 19½, eventually gets involved with Jake

Amber Marshall – 20, Ex girlfriend of Eric Masterson, Eric's brother, Cole, put the moves on her and didn't seem to mind it


Kerri secretly knows what people tell her, that Jake is bad news. But she feels she should try making their relationship work. When she witnesses something Jake does, her world is shattered. What she doesn't know is Eric is secretly in love with her. How will she react when she finally finds out, when the truth is, she's felt the same way all along without realizing it?

Chapter 1

(Kerri is working at Bella's Floral, when Emma Rae comes in)

Emma Rae: "Why, hello, Miss Matthews."

Kerri: "Hey. What are you doing here?"

Emma Rae: "Oh, I saw Jake working. He looked like he's beating up inside of the hood of the car."

Kerri: (sighs) "Again? You know something? If he keeps this up, he's gonna get fired."

Emma Rae: (scoffs) "I'm surprised Harvey hasn't done it already."

Kerri: sighs (sighs & tilts her head sideways) "Emma Rae, please!"

Emma Rae: (throws her hands in the air) "I'm sorry. Just look how Jake treats you & you still put up with him!"

Kerri: (sighs loudly) "Emma Rae –. "

Emma Rae: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You know I'm only trying to help."

Kerri: "I know you are & I appreciate that. But I don't like it when you complain about Jake."

Emma Rae: "Ok. From now on, I promise I won't do it anymore."

Kerri: (looks at her & tilts her head) "You promise?"

Emma Rae: "Unless…" (trailing off)

Kerri: "Emma Rae!"

(Emma Rae & Kerri then smile at each other and start laughing. Just then Eric comes in)

Kerri: "Hey, Eric!"

Eric: "Hey, Kerri. Hey, Emma Rae."

Emma Rae: (whispers) "Hello, sweet lips."

Kerri: (nudges Emma Rae) "So, what can I do for you?"

Eric: "Well, I thought about getting my mom & Erin some roses."

Kerri: (smiles) "Aw, that sounds so sweet!"

Eric: "What do you two suggest?"

Emma Rae: "How about a dozen red roses with one white rose in the middle. In my mind, it always tells someone you love them."

Eric: (smiles and chuckles) "Perfect! Can I get that then?"

Kerri: "Sure! Just give me a second!"

(Kerri is busily getting the roses all together. Emma Rae then goes to Eric)

Eric: "So, what have you been up to?"

Emma Rae: "Torturing Kerri."

Eric: (chuckles) "Sounds exciting."

Emma Rae: "Oh, it is. But sometimes Kerri doesn't like it."

Eric: "Gee, I wonder why?" (Chuckles)

Emma Rae: "Come here."

(Emma Rae brings him a little away from Kerri. Eric looks at Emma Rae weirdly)

Eric: "What?"

Emma Rae: "Why don't you tell her?"

Eric: (puzzled) "Tell who what?"

Emma Rae: "Kerri… that you like her more than a friend."

Eric: (sighs) "Emma Rae…"

Emma Rae: "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me." (Walking back to Kerri)

(Kerri goes to the counter & wraps the roses in plastic so the flower tops are sticking out)

Kerri: "Here you go."

(When Kerri gives Eric the roses, their hands touch. They look at each other, and then she quickly looks at the register and adds up the price on the cash register. She presses buttons on the register before finishing)

Kerri: "Okay! Comes to $34.48."

Eric: "Okay."

(He digs into his back pocket & gets his wallet. He gives her a $50 dollar bill)

Eric: "Here you go."

Kerri: "Okay."

(She takes the money, touching his hand again. She adds up the money, and then she gives him his change)

Kerri: "Here's your change. $15.52."

Eric: (looks at Emma Rae, then back at Kerri) "So, what are your plans for later?"

Kerri: (looks at him) "Oh, Emma Rae & I were thinking about going to a movie."

Eric: "What movie?"

Kerri: "I don't know. What movie were we thinking about seeing?"

Emma Rae: "Sweet Home Alabama."

Eric: "Hey, I saw the previews for the movie. It looks really good."

Emma Rae: "Wanna come with us?"

Kerri: (stunned) "Emma Rae!"

Eric: "No, it's ok."

Kerri: (stutters a little) "Well…would you want to come?"

Eric: (surprised) "You mean it? What…what about Jake?"

Kerri: "He works till 7pm, then he was gonna go to a party with your brother, Cole, he mentioned."

Eric: (puzzled) "Wait. Cole told him about a party?"

Kerri: "Yeah. Why? Something wrong?"

Eric: "Oh, nothing."

Kerri: "You sure? If you want to talk after I get off of work or something sometime…"

Eric: (smiles a little) "I'd like that."

Kerri: "Great." (Remembering the roses) "Oh! Here you go! Sorry!" (chuckling)

Eric: "Nothing to be sorry about."

Emma Rae: "So, what do you think about the movie, Eric?"

Eric: "It-It's ok. I mean, you two already made plans –."

Kerri: (interrupting) "You can come if you want to. You want to invite anyone?"

Eric: "I could bring my sister since she doesn't get out much."

Kerri: "Cool!"

Eric: "What time?"

Emma Rae: "How about we all meet at Kerri's house at 7 since the movie starts at 7:30."

Eric: (chuckles softly) "Umm…about that…"

Kerri: (worried) "Eric, are you ok?"

Eric: "No, I'm…I'm fine."

Emma Rae: "Kerri, he probably doesn't know where you live. Do you, Eric?"

Eric: "Actually, no I don't."

Emma Rae: "How about I come & get you before I go to Kerri's house. Would that be okay?"

Eric: "Yeah, that's fine."

Kerri: (scoffs)

Emma Rae: "What? Bad idea?"

Eric: "I'm sorry if I –"

Kerri: (puts her hands up a little) "Oh, no! It's not that! I'm sorry. Look who just walked in."

Emma Rae: (looking at the door) "Ugh! Why does he always come here?"

(Connor comes in full of cockily smiles. He bows a little while walking toward them)

Connor: "Ladies."

Emma Rae: "What do you want, Connor?"

Kerri: "You can leave."

Connor: "No, I think I want to stay a while, if that's ok?"

(Eric takes it upon himself and grabs Connor by the arms & throws him out. He goes back to Kerri and Emma Rae)

Eric: "I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. But I hate the way he acts!"

Kerri: "No, it's ok." (touches his hand) "I'm…I'm sorry." (Takes her hand off)

Eric: "No, it's ok. Anyway, I should go. So, uh, Emma Rae, you, uh, gonna pick me up before you go to Kerri's?"

Emma Rae: (nods) "Yep!"

Eric: "See you guys tonight!"

(Eric leaves)

Emma Rae: (nudges Kerri) "Gosh, Kerri! I swear sometimes!"

Kerri: (scoffs) "Now what?"

Emma Rae: "You know, sometimes I don't know what the heck you're doing with Jake!"

Kerri: (scoffs) "Emma Rae, don't start this again!"

Emma Rae: "Kerri, why do you put up with Jake when you can see how Eric feels about you?!"

Kerri: "This isn't about how Eric feels about me. I'm already with someone!"

Emma Rae: "Yeah! Who treats you like dirt! I know you like Eric!"

Kerri: "Emma Rae!"

(Kerri puts her hands through her hair, then faces Emma Rae)

Kerri: (scoffs) "Fine! I like Eric Masterson! There! I said it! Are you happy?!"

Emma Rae: (sighs softly) "No, I'm not. You admitted you liked Eric. What is the harm in that?"

Kerri: "Because I'm already with someone, that's why. I'm not gonna cheat on him."

Emma Rae: "I know you wouldn't."

Kerri: "Good."

Emma Rae: "What time do you get off?"

Kerri: "6:00."

Emma Rae: "I'll pick Eric up at 6:45, that way he & his sister can meet your parents & chat with all of us."

Kerri: "Well, you better go. I still have a lot of work to do here."

Emma Rae: (nods) "Okay. Talk to you later."

(Emma Rae leaves. She's outside the store, looking thru the window at Kerri)

Emma Rae: (thinking to herself) "You may not want to admit it, Kerri, but I know you want to be with Eric. I wish I could talk some sense into you! Oh well."

(Inside the store, Kerri helps other customers. Three hours later, Kerri is at home busy getting ready. Laurie knocks, and then goes into Kerri's room. Kerri sees her mom)

Kerri: "Hey, mom."

Laurie: "Hey. I was wondering. Do you need any money?"

Kerri: "Thank you for offering, but I have some."

Laurie: "Your father called from San Diego. He'll be gone another week."

Kerri: (sighs) "Dad's always gone."

Laurie: "I know. But remember honey, his job requires him to travel a lot. But look at the bright side. I'm here!"

Kerri: "And I'm so glad for that."

(Laurie leaves. Then, there's a knock at the front door. Laurie goes to answer it, opening the door, revealing Eric, Emma Rae, & Erin)

Laurie: (smiles) "Hey, Emma Rae. Hello, Eric. Hi, Erin."

(Eric, Erin, & Emms Rae all say 'hi' to Mrs. Matthews)

Emma Rae: (yelling from downstairs) "Kerri! You ready?!"

Laurie: (laughs) "You certainly have a good set of lungs!"

Emma Rae: "Gotta use them for something!"

Kerri: (coming downstairs) "Coming!"

(Kerri comes down the stairs. Eric stares at her, then pretends that he's not looking at her)

Kerri: "So, how do I look?"

Emma Rae: "Great, as usual."

(Kerri, Eric, Emma Rae, & Erin leave the house & get into Emma Rae's black jeep. They head to the movies. While they're in the jeep listening to music, Eric can't help but stare at Kerri. Kerri then looks at him while she's checking her make-up. They then get to the movies. Emma Rae lets Eric & Erin out while Kerri grabs her purse)

Emma Rae: "Are we ready?"

Kerri: "Sure!"

Eric: "I like Reese Witherspoon. But I've seen prettier girls."

(Eric grabs the door & lets Emma Rae & Erin in. Before Kerri goes in, she & Eric stare at each other. After Kerri goes in, Eric does)

Chapter One Done

Chapter Two Preview: "Kerri & Eric talk about their personal relationships"